Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4690


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“There are too many people at Heavenly Palace, at least there are more than a hundred people who can participate in the war, especially Ye Qiuxian, and the young man who is immortal and absolutely powerful. In addition, there are the four strongest of Heavenly Palace. Sky Monarch.”

Another old man, from the Moko family, is also a Peak expert.

“Keep on fighting, we will lose. Maybe we can use other helpers to consume the power of Heavenly Palace.”

At this time, Tang Jun spoke.

“Other helpers?”

The others are a little confused.

Destroying the Heavenly Army, where are other helpers.

“Yes, that is Sub Immortal Clan!”

Tang Jundao.

“Sub Immortal Clan, Sub Immortal Clan dare to help us? They dare to fight Heavenly Palace?”

Others are more confused.

“Through the events of this time, we can see that Sub Immortal Clan is obviously not the same as Heavenly Palace. Before attacking us, Sub Immortal Clan did not take action. Before, Sub Immortal Clan also brought the head of the human king. Obviously, Sub Immortal Clan is very ambitious and wants to swallow the human king’s body.”

Tang Jundao.

“But, how can Sub Immortal Clan have the courage to fight against Heavenly Palace? Although they have been firmly in the top ten races, they are only the top ten races.”

That powerhouse of the Moke tribe.

“I once heard my father mentioned that Sub Immortal Clan is not simple, and the hidden power behind it is absolutely beyond everyone’s imagination. They have been very low-key, may have big plans, and may not be afraid of Heavenly Palace.”

Tang Jundao.


Lu Ming, ‘xi’, ‘lion’ and the others were all shocked.

In their impression, Sub Immortal Clan is just one of the top ten races. Now according to Tang Jun, Sub Immortal Clan dares to be tough with Heavenly Palace?

Sub Immortal Clan actually has such strength?

However, Tang Feng’s strength is deep and unmeasurable, and he knows a lot of unknown secrets. What he said, It shouldn’t be wrong.

It seems that the complexity of the universe is beyond everyone’s imagination.

“What should we do to get Sub Immortal Clan to take action?”

Xi asked.

“It’s very simple. Next, we won’t send anyone to take action.”

Tang Jundao.

“Don’t send someone to take action?”

Xi showed doubts.

However, Lu Ming and the others are already clear.

“If Sub Immortal Clan is determined to win the human body, then they will never let Heavenly Human Race get the human body. We will not send people up, then the people of Sub Immortal Clan will definitely be unable to sit still and will send People do it.”

The Lion explained.

Everyone has negotiated, and no one will be dispatched later.

On the battle stage, it is now an expert of Human Race. After defeating one of the Heaven Exterminator, he is ready to meet the challenge of the next expert.

But after a while, no one came to the stage.


The people at Heavenly Palace are all suspicious.

Why didn’t the people who destroyed the heavenly army come to power?

Is there no one available?

No, Lu Ming, Tang Jun, Xi, Shi and other top experts are not on it.

Yeh Immortal’s eyes flickered, and he glanced at Sub Immortal Clan, looking thoughtful.

On the day of Human Race on the battle stage, I was not surprised but rather happy, and hurry up to recover.

Soon, ten minutes passed, and the heavenly army was destroyed, but no one went up.

“If no one is on stage for half an hour, it is determined that the person on the battle stage will win the final victory.”

At this time, a sentence appeared on the bronze box.

Everyone was shocked.

No one will go up to challenge for half an hour. The winner will belong to the side on the battle stage.

“What’s the matter? Why aren’t the people who destroyed the heavenly army still on?”

On the contrary, the people of Sub Immortal Clan are a little anxious.

Their original plan was to let Heavenly Palace and the Exterminating Army go to war first, and when both sides suffer, they can clean up the mess, and easily take the human body into their hands.

Originally, everything was done according to their plan, but now, the people who destroy the Heavenly Army actually took action.

Ten minutes have passed, and in another ten minutes, if no one takes the stage to challenge, the human body will be owned by Human Race.

This is not the result they wanted.

So, many people at Sub Immortal Clan are very upset.

“Young Master, what should I do?”

Someone asked the young man headed by Sub Immortal Clan.


The young man headed by Sub Immortal Clan, his name is Cang Qiong.

Time, one minute and one second passed.

Soon, ten minutes passed.

From the 30-minute deadline, there are only two minutes left.

The people at Heavenly Palace are smiling more and more.

In the Celestial Destruction Army, many people are already a little anxious.

However, Lu Ming, Tang Jun, Lion and the others are still calm.

The most anxious one is Sub Immortal Clan.

“Damn, the people who destroy the heavenly army have not taken action yet, do they not want the human body?”

“If this continues, the human body will fall into the hands of Tian Human Race.”

Sub Immortal Clan Some people talked anxiously and were very upset with those who killed the Celestial Army.

“They want to force us to take action to consume the power of Heavenly Palace.”

Sky indifferently said, his face still calm.

“They are dreaming, but it is a good calculation.”

Sub Immortal Clan shouted all by himself.

“Then let the king’s body fall into the hands of Tian Human Race?” The other person sneered.


The man had nothing to say before.

“Young Master, what shall we do now?”

Finally, everyone’s eyes looked towards the sky.

“It is natural to shoot!”

Sky Road.

“We took action, didn’t we help the Exterminating Army?”

Other humanity.

“Among the three parties, we and the Heavenly Extinguish Army are in a weak position, and the Heavenly Extinguishing Army is also very aware of this. If we do not join forces, we will not be able to compete with Heavenly Palace!”

“So, we want to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, but the other party is not so stupid. We must do it, but it’s okay. In the end, I will throw this problem back. From the Celestial Army.”

The sky said with a smile, and then ordered people to take action.

“Then I will come!”

Sub Immortal Clan, a middle aged big man said, saying, stepping forward, stepping up the stairs, and reaching the battle stage.

The people of Sub Immortal Clan came to the stage, making the people of Human Race for many days startled, then furious.

“What are you doing? Are you going to fight against our human race?”

“Bold Sub Immortal Clan, you are the following crime.”

Some people at Human Race drank it.

However, the people of Sub Immortal Clan just laughed casually and ignored them.

The Sub Immortal Clan on the battle stage directly attacked.

Sub Immortal Clan’s expert, the red mark on the center of the eyebrow glows, with terrifying energy diffused out, it is extremely hot, and it is many times hotter than the temperature of the center of the star.

Every one of his moves contains terrifying temperature, as if to destroy everything.

The expert of Tian Human Race didn’t dare to care at all, because his strongest strength of Heaven actually had a tendency to be defeated by the opponent’s hot power.

He shot with all his strength to resist the opponent’s attack.

The two sides fought hundreds of moves. In the end, it was the expert from Tian Human Race who fell in the wind, was defeated by the people of Sub Immortal Clan, and flew out of the battle stage.

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