Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4691


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Sub Immortal Clan defeated the expert of Tian Human Race, which made the face of Human Race very ugly for many days.

In the eyes of the people of Human Race, Sub Immortal Clan is no different from the other top ten races. They are all ants, and they are slaves they can instruct at will.

However, now the slave dares to resist them and defeat them, which makes them unbearable.

“It’s reversed, it’s really reversed, these Sub Immortal Clan, this is to rebel.”

“It’s a sin worthy of death, it should be suppressed, Ling Chi put to death!”

“In my opinion, the Sub Immortal Clan race does not need to exist anymore. After leaving here, I will send an army to destroy Sub Immortal Clan!”

For many days, Human Race growled low and looked towards Sub Immortal Clan with cold eyes.

However, the people of Sub Immortal Clan calm expression and seem to be unafraid of the threat of Human Race.


Yeah Immortal, coldly shouted, the people of Human Race shut their mouths.

“It seems that you, Sub Immortal Clan, are also committed to the human body?”

Yeh Immortal spoke lightly, looking at the sky of the young man, the head of Sub Immortal Clan.

“The treasures of the human body like the human body will be touched by everyone. We, Sub Immortal Clan, also want to research and study to see what is wonderful.”

The sky said with a slight smile.

“In this case, you Sub Immortal Clan, you must bear the consequences.”

Ye Immortal’s voice fell slightly.

“You don’t have to threaten me. You guys, the details of Human Race, I know very well, you can scare others, scare me, it may be useless.”

The sky is faintly smiled.

Yeh Immortal’s eyes flashed with a cold light, not to say too much, to the humanity of Human Race: “Who is going up!”

“I will kill Sub Immortal Clan’s crap!”

One day, the human race man stepped forward, up the stairs, and stepped onto the battle stage.

Many people recognize that this is an extremely powerful Sky Monarch in Tian Human Race. Although not as strong as the strongest Sky Monarch in Tian Human Race, it is similar.

Even if it is now suppressed in the First Heavy, the battle strength is absolutely strong.

This Sky Monarch is named Yechu Qinglong.

bang bang!

Yechu Qinglong’s body burst out with an incomparably powerful aura. Two strong strengths of Heaven surrounded and entangled his body, filled with terrifying coercion.

He stepped out, shaped like a bolt of lightning, and slew towards the expert of Sub Immortal Clan.

The expert of Sub Immortal Clan, with a solemn face, responded intently, fighting with Yechu Qinglong.

However, it is obvious that Yechu Qinglong’s battle strength is stronger, and it is completely crushed.

After only a few dozen moves, the expert of Sub Immortal Clan was killed by Yechu Qinglong, blood-stained battle stage, and even escaped from the battle stage.

“Dare to offend my Human Race, this is the end.”

The cold voice of Yechu Qinglong spread throughout the audience.

This time, the people of Sub Immortal Clan, the complexion is gloomy down.

“Damn, give them the face of Human Race, they are unsatisfied.”

“Do you really think we are deceiving? My Sub Immortal Clan is low-key. Don’t really think we are weak.”

“This hatred, must be reported!”

Sub Immortal Clan Many people are angry. A Sub Immortal Clan middle aged big man couldn’t help but rushed to the battle stage and fought fiercely with Yechu Qinglong.

I have to say that Yechu Qinglong is really strong. Killing the Sub Immortal Clan expert just now seemed to cost him very little. The battle strength was still extremely strong, suppressing the big man of Sub Immortal Clan.

Finally, the big man of Sub Immortal Clan was seriously injured. In desperation, he tried his best to rush down the battle stage and saved his life.

“I am coming!”

Sub Immortal Clan has another person on the stage. This is an old man who was originally the existence of God Lord Peak. His battle strength is very strong, and he actually got a tie with Yechu Qinglong.

The two sides fought a thousand moves, and finally ended in a tie because of exhaustion.

However, Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race have already played True Fire. The two sides continue to send experts to the stage, and the battle becomes more and more intense.

Sometimes someone gets killed.

Although the number of Sub Immortal Clan is small, only 300 people, they are all 6th-layer and above, and there are many innate talents.

Even if they are suppressed in the First Heavy, there are hundreds of people who can enter the battle stage.

They are constantly fighting against the Tian Human Race, and they consume a lot of the Tian Human Race. There are fewer and fewer people who can set foot on the battle stage in the Tian Human Race.

“Young Master of the sky, when will we stop, we will be able to set foot on the battle stage, there are only more than ten people.”

A Sub Immortal Clan old man asked the sky.

“No hurry, continue!”

Sky Road.

Sub Immortal Clan, there are still experts coming up.

“What are these Sub Immortal Clan doing, crazy, want to suffer from both sides with us, do you want to destroy the Celestial Army?”

One day the people of Human Race shouted.

But, there is no way, they can only fight.

No one goes up to fight, the human body is about to be obtained by the people of Sub Immortal Clan.

That’s it. After Sub Immortal Clan’s people were left talking about a few people, Cang Qiong said, letting Sub Immortal Clan stop the war.

On the battle stage, there is an expert of Human Race, standing there, waiting for the challenge of others.

However, time passed, and there was still no one to fight.

“It seems that the people of Sub Immortal Clan are trying to force us to fight!”

Lion Road.

“They are also very smart. Now there are not many people who can fight in Human Race. If we have hope, we will definitely not give up fighting for the human body. He expected that we will send people to fight.”

Tang Jun also opened the mouth and said.

This is not a conspiracy, it is a conspiracy, and it is easy for all parties to guess.

Like before, the Celestial Extinguish Army did not send anyone on the field because their remaining strength is too far from the Tian Human Race. Even if they go up, they will definitely fail. Therefore, they have the confidence to never send people up.

At that time, Sub Immortal Clan had the hope of getting the body of the King of Humans. Naturally, he couldn’t let the body of Kings fall into the hands of Human Race.

So, the Exterminating Army will not send people, they will definitely not be able to sit still, they will send people up.

Now the situation is the opposite.

Now there are only a few people left in Sub Immortal Clan who can participate in the battle. The strength is very different from that of Tian Human Race. Even if it is all up, it is definitely not the opponent of Tian Human Race.

But there are more than 20 people on the side of the Exterminating Army. They have the hope of winning the final victory. Naturally, it is impossible to let Rentian Human Race get the body of the King of Humans.

So, they must send someone on.

The sky had already expected this scene.

“You guys, who will do it!”

The lion looked towards the remaining twenty-odd existences of the Exterminating Army who can still play.

“Let me come!”

An expert from the Spirit Insect family stepped out, stepped onto the battle stage, and fought with the Human Race that day.

The two sides staying at the present are almost all top experts. The battle strength is extremely strong, but the battle strength between each other is also very close, and no one can crush them.

The two sides fought fiercely for a long time, and the expert of the Ten Thousand Spirit Insect clan barely won the victory, but he himself almost ran out of strength.

So, before the next expert of Human Race came on stage, he took the initiative to retreat from the battle stage.

He knew very well in his heart that his power was almost exhausted. If he waited for the opponent’s expert to come on stage, he might not even be able to escape the battle stage.

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