Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4692


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In this way, you come and go, the two sides continue to fight, each has failures, and each has success.

Almost all the top experts who play in the back are not very different in battle strength. Almost no one can win two games in a row. Each battle consumes a lot of strength.

Slowly, there are only six or seven people who can go to the Extinction Army.

Lu Ming, Tang Jun, Xi, Shi, and a powerhouse from the Heaven and Earth clan, plus two other experts.

On the Human Race side of the sky, it’s the same, there are only six or seven people left to fight.

This battle has reached its final juncture.


On the battle stage, there was a shocking roar, and the two experts broke out the strongest move, and then both violently retreated and exited the battle stage together.


“The next battle, leave it to me!”

The expert from the Heaven and Earth clan stepped forward and stepped onto the battle stage.

This person is called Rong Jin. He was originally the existence of a god Lord Peak, and in the god Lord Peak, it is also extremely powerful.

Even if it is suppressed in the First Heavy of the Divine Lord, not many people can fight at the same level.

“Rong Ban, I will meet you.”

Heavenly Human Race, there was a grim voice.

Next, a stunning woman stepped onto the battle stage.

“The Big Dream Sky Monarch, is the Big Dream Sky Monarch!”

Many people sucked in a breath of cold air in the Exterminating Army.

“It’s her!”

Lu Ming was also shocked.

Sky Monarch, he has not only heard of it, but also seen it.

This person, known as one of the strongest Sky Monarchs in Heavenly Palace, stood at the Peak of Divine God Realm. It is said that he once had a trick to plunge all the creatures of a Star River into a dream, which is terrifying.

“Heavenly Palace’s strongest Sky Monarch is finally coming out!”

Tang Jun whispered, his face solemn.

“Heavenly Palace’s strongest Sky Monarch, is it strong?”

Lu Ming asked.

“Very strong, very strong, Heavenly Palace, the four major Heavenly Palaces, can be called the strongest Sky Monarch, there are only four in total, every one of them is a stunning and brilliant Heaven’s Chosen when he was young , They are all Peak characters of that era, suppressing an era, and they are all emperor and goddess.”

Tang Jun explained.

Lu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly.

When this kind of character is young, although it is impossible to be as strong as Ye Qiuxian, it is probably not weaker than Yechu Tianji and Yeling Hongye.

This kind of character, even if suppressed in the First Heavy, is absolutely powerful.

“Big dream!”

Rong Jin whispers, his eyes are very solemn.

“Rong Ban, are you sure you want to fight me? You are not my opponent.”

The big dream Sky Monarch spoke indifferently, with strong confidence in himself in his voice.

“I haven’t played against each other for so long, now and then, now, I may not lose.”

Rong Jin sneered, two different brilliance filled his two heads, and finally, his body quickly separated and split into two.

One Yin One Yang, two completely opposite energy bursts, rushing towards the big dream Sky Monarch.

However, Dameng Sky Monarch stood there, motionless, with no intention of evading or resisting. Ren Rongjin’s attack strikes on his body.

When Rongban attacked, strikes on the body of Sky Monarch, his body shattered like a phantom and dissipated in the air.

“This is…”

Rong Jin suddenly changed, and the two bodies exploded with strong energy, rushing outwards frantically.

“What’s the matter?”

Many people who killed the Celestial Army were stunned.

In their eyes, the Big Dream Sky Monarch is step by step, slowly moving from one side to the forbidden city, but the attack from the Forbidden City is blasted toward the up ahead air, for the slowly approaching Big Dream Sky Monarch does not seem to see it in general.

Finally, the military forbidden erupted with full force, and the energy rushed towards all around, causing the big dream Sky Monarch to step back.

“It’s a dreamland, a terrifying dreamland. Rong Jin was unexpectedly recruited unconsciously.”

The lion spoke, his face very solemn.

“Did you fall into a dream?”

Other people are also trembling, including Lu Ming.

This big dream, Sky Monarch, is really terrifying, and it can make people unconsciously fall into a dream. You can’t guard against it.

The key point is that the target is still banning top experts, and it is inevitable to get hit.

However, Rong ban is a top expert after all, and is not that absolutely does not have room for resistance. If he misses a hit, he knows that he has been recruited. He bursts out and launches an indiscriminate attack, just to buy time for himself. .

His two bodies, exerting two completely different energies, collide with each other to produce devastating energy, rushing all around, and at the same time, they are also trying their best to crack, wanting to break out of the dream of Sky Monarch. .

“hmph, it’s superfluous!”

Da Meng Sky Monarch spoke indifferently. Her body was enveloped by a mysterious glow, and at the same time there were layers of mysterious fluctuations, constantly rushing towards Rong Jin.

This kind of fluctuation can aggravate dreams.

Faced with this kind of attack, Rongban could only break out indiscriminate attacks to prevent Sky Monarch from approaching.

But this method consumes divine force very much. After a while, Rong Jin sweats profusely and he breathes heavily. Obviously, his strength is consumed very seriously.


At this moment, the Sky Monarch suddenly accelerated, shaped like a sharp sword, and rushed towards the military forbidden.

“Not good, the attack of Rongban has weakened, and Sky Monarch is about to start the final attack.”

The lion cried out in surprise.

Before the lion’s voice fell, Dameng Sky Monarch’s attack approached the imprisonment. In her hand, three strong strengths of Heaven suddenly burst out.

Yes, Sky Monarch, the big dream, controls three strong strengths of Heaven, and three strong strengths of Heaven, converging into a sharp sword, stabs Rongjin, like a hot knife through butter, constantly breaking open Rong’s defense pierced his forehead.

On the side of the Extinguishing Army, everyone’s hearts were raised involuntarily.

This really pierces the eyebrows, but it’s dangerous.

At the critical moment, the forbidden army was loudly roared, and the body suddenly moved out, finally avoiding the critical point, but the Sky Monarch sword light was cut diagonally, almost splitting the forbidden body in half.

In the end, Rongjian evaded the key, but suffered a severe blow.

However, this attack awakened Rong Ban.

“Time, space!”

Rong ban roared, and the two bodies spun quickly, turning into two vortex, rushing towards the big dream Sky Monarch.

“It’s actually Time and Space Strength.”

Lu Ming startled.

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