Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4693


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Rong Jin and Sky Monarch fought each other for about ten minutes.

Suddenly, the vortex of the military forbidden tremor violently, and then Time and Space Strength collapsed.

The two bodies of Rong Jin appeared, merged into one again, retreated violently, and flew out of the battle stage, vomiting blood.

Rong ban was defeated, he was hit hard and his face was pale.

“Rong Ban, are you okay!”

The lion rushed over to support Rong Jin.

“I’m fine, go up quickly, her consumption is also very serious, in a spurt of energy defeat him.”

Forbidden to drink.

“I am coming!”


The sound of sword cry sounded, and a man who looked very young stepped onto the battle stage.

“It’s Tang Jian!”

Someone whispered.

Tang Jian, Tang Xiao’s Direct Disciple, a very powerful sword dao genius, it is said that his real name is not Tang Jian, but later changed his name to Tang Jian.

After Tang Jian came to power, every pore of his body was filled with powerful sword light, so as not to be enveloped by the power of the big dream Sky Monarch.

At the same time, he did not hesitate at all. As soon as he took the stage, he launched a fierce attack, not giving the dream Sky Monarch the slightest chance to recover.

Sure enough, as Rong ban said, the Sky Monarch itself consumes a lot, and the power of the dream is not as strong as before.

Although Tang Jian’s battle strength is slightly worse than that of Rong Jin, the Sky Monarch of the Great Dream couldn’t help Tang Jian for a while, but was forced to retreat by Tang Jian.

However, Sky Monarch is worthy of being one of the strongest Sky Monarchs in Heavenly Palace. It is top-notch in every aspect. Even if it falls short, you can always find opportunities to fight back.

The two fiercely fought hundreds of moves. In the end, Tang Jian used the strongest blow to fly the Dream Sky Monarch out of the battle stage, but he himself was hit hard and was unable to fight anymore and retired from the battle stage.

This makes the people who destroy the heavenly army feel heavy.

One of the strongest Sky Monarch, just so powerful, there are still three people like this in Heavenly Palace.

In addition, there is the Ye Immortal, and Ye Qiuxian.

“Next, let me do it, Lu Ming, Ye Qiuxian leave it to you, others, we will try our best to solve it.”

The Lion said to Lu Ming.

In their view, the biggest threat to Human Race is Ye Qiuxian.

Ye Qiuxian, although the current cultivation base is not as good as them, but now everyone is suppressed by the first division of the gods, and they are at the same level. They think they are definitely not Ye Qiuxian’s opponents.

Among the Celestial Destruction Army, only Lu Ming can defeat Ye Qiuxian.

As long as they solve the rest of the Heavenly Palace and let Lu Ming face Ye Qiuxian, they will be able to win.

Although, that Ye Immortal also looks extraordinary. It can command the Heavenly Human Race and can also inspire the power of the human king’s flesh, which shows that Ye Immortal is also very powerful.

But they don’t think that Ye Immortal will be stronger than Ye Qiuxian.

Ye Qiuxian is the person who controls the perfect strength of Heaven. In the history of Human Race, only three have appeared. How could another one appear?

Maybe it’s just controlling a certain powerful force, such as’Xi’, which can also inspire the power of the human king’s flesh, but it does not mean that he can compete with Lu Ming.

Ye is immortal and may have a high status, but the battle strength is definitely not as good as Ye Qiuxian.

However, Lu Ming frowned and looked at Ye Immortal. I don’t know why, he always feels that this person is not simple, giving him an unusual pressure.

The lion stepped forward and stepped onto the battle stage.

“Lion, I will meet you!”

Heavenly Human Race, a big guy stepped out and stepped onto the battle stage.

Everyone recognizes that this is also a terrifying powerhouse, with the same name as Sky Monarch, and one of the four strongest Sky Monarchs in Heavenly Palace, exterminating Sky Monarch.

“Very good, extinct, it’s been a long time since there was a battle, let me see what you have made progress.”

The lion grinned, revealing a row of snow-white fangs. His body swelled up rapidly, turned into a body, and slew towards the extinction Sky Monarch.

The extermination of Sky Monarch also pervades the three strongest strengths of heaven.

Three kinds of strong strength of Heaven, condense three war knives, each of which exudes destructive power.

He grabbed one of them and slashed towards the lion.


The attacks of the two sides collided with each other, and the roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering broke out. The bodies of the two retreated slightly, and then they killed each other.

Completely fighting head-on, constant confrontation is a combination of speed and power, and the speed is terrifyingly fast.

Soon, the two clashed dozens of strokes, and there was no winner.

The strength of the two is comparable, and the styles are similar.

At the beginning, “Lion” played against Sky Monarch, but it was not the opponent of Sky Monarch. You need to join forces with others to fight Sky Monarch.

That is not a difference in strength, but restraint.

I was restrained by the power of the big dream, and I couldn’t fully display my strength.

Play against opponents like the Extinct Sky Monarch, so that the power of the lion can reach Peak.

The fight between the two is getting fiercer and fiercer, but the two are old opponents. They have faced each other more than once in the past, and they know each other very well, so it is difficult to tell the winner for a while.

Dozens of tricks, hundreds of tricks, two hundred tricks…

When the two fight each other, they will do a thousand tricks, and the speed is getting slower and slower. In the end, it often takes several minutes of brewing to attack a trick.

This is because the strength of the two is almost exhausted, and only after a long time can they be attacked.

The two stood on the battle stage, staring at each other fiercely, without giving up.

“Tie this round!”

Under the battle stage, Ye Immortal speaks.

“Okay, draw!”

On the side of the Exterminating Army, a silhouette spoke and answered for the lion.

“It seems that there is no difference at this time. The next time you return to your full strength, another fight will definitely take your life.”

Exterminate Sky Monarch coldly said.

“Take my life? Hey, whoever takes whoever takes it is not necessarily.”

The lion sneered.

After that, the two of them stopped talking, turned and walked off the battle stage.


Extinction Sky Monarch had just walked off the battle stage, and one person stepped onto the battle stage.

Still one of the four strongest Sky Monarchs in Heavenly Palace.

“This one, leave it to me!”

Xi spoke and stepped onto the battle stage.


Xi stepped forward, her body is burly, full of terrifying matchless power.

This imposing manner gives Lu Ming the illusion that he has seen all gods.

“Unfortunately, this time the gods, Xiaoqing and the others are not there, otherwise we will be able to take advantage.”

A single thought flashed through Lu Ming’s heart.

The gods are fighting a battle. If the gods, Xie Nianqing and the others are there, they will definitely be able to add several top experts, and they will definitely not be weaker than the opponent’s first Sky Monarch.

Touch! bump!

Xi stomped on the ground, very fast, rushed to the opponent, punched out, the void burst, the vast fist strength, crushed to the opponent.

The opponent didn’t have any fear, and swiped his fist.

After that, both of them drifted back.

The difference is that Xi retreats a shorter distance, while the opponent retreats a longer distance.

“Xi gained the upper hand, the strength is stronger than Pantian Sky Monarch.”

The people who destroyed the heavenly army are overjoyed.

The Sky Monarch of Tian Human Race, named Pan Tian Sky Monarch.

The move just now was in a head-on confrontation, which was obviously ‘Xi’ gained the upper hand.

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