Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4694


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Xi, the power of control is extremely strong. His primordial divine force has mutated, and it is more terrifying than the primordial divine force controlled by other primordial Spiritual Gods. Whether it is explosive power or purity, it has reached an astonishing level.


Xi shouted, his body grew rapidly, emitting a dazzling brilliance, like a big sun, with an unmatched momentum, he slammed into the Heavenly Monarch.

Pantian Heavenly Monarch fell to the wind with one move, but did not panic. His face was calm, surrounded by the three strongest strengths of Heaven, and he responded calmly.

Two figures, jumping up and down on the battle stage, fighting wildly.

At first, Xi did have the upper hand, with a strong force, he took the initiative.

Out of an average of ten moves, Xi has six offenses and four defenses.

And Pantian Heavenly Monarch has only four attacks and six defenses.

However, as the two continued to fight, Heavenly Monarch in the sky slowly recovered the disadvantage, the more fights the more brave is, and became evenly matched.

“Xi’s experience is far inferior to Pantian Heavenly Monarch. Pantian Heavenly Monarch has begun to regain the disadvantage with its strong battle experience.”

Tang Jun said in a low voice, his face a bit solemn.

Lu Ming also saw some eyebrows.

Pantian Heavenly Monarch, after all, is the existence of God Lord Peak, with many years of cultivation and extremely rich experience in warfare, while Xi has only the cultivation base of God Lord Eightfold, and war experience, far less than Pantian Heavenly Monarch.

Xi’s power is stronger than Pantian Heavenly Monarch, but Pantian Heavenly Monarch, forcibly, has a tie with Xi with experience.

One is stronger and the other has more experience. The battle between the two is inextricably difficult to distinguish. On the battle stage, they are all the shadows of the two, and they can quickly confront more than ten moves.

In the end, both of them exhausted their strength, their movements became slower and slower, and finally ended in a tie with the previous “Lion” and the extinct Heavenly Monarch.

“The other party also has three top experts.”

On the side of the Exterminating Army, many people have serious faces.

Heavenly Palace Four Heavenly Monarch, and one.

There are also Naye Immortal and Ye Qiuxian.

Maybe there are other experts who haven’t been on stage.

But on the side of the Extinguishing Army, only Tang Jun and Lu Ming are left. The situation is a bit unfavorable.

“Lu Ming, the last Heavenly Monarch, give it to me, and the immortality, I will consume a part of his power, and leave the rest to you, you should be fine.”

Tang Jundao.

The gazes of other people also looked towards Lu Ming.

At the same level, Lu Ming must be above Ye Qiuxian.

I’m afraid that Lu Ming will be consumed in advance.

Naya is immortal, if Tang Jun consumes part of his power, Lu Ming should not use much power to defeat the opponent, and then use the remaining power to defeat Ye Qiuxian, it may not be impossible.


Lu Ming nodded.

At this time, he can only be nodded, there is no retreat, there is only one battle.

“Maybe, I can defeat the last strongest Heavenly Monarch and Ye Immortal together.”

Tang Jun smiled slightly, then stepped out and stepped onto the battle stage, floating like an immortal.

However, Lu Ming is not so confident.

Naya is immortal, always giving him a feeling of great pressure, feeling enveloped by a layer of mysterious power, deep and unmeasurable.

Also, if you want to get Fleshy body, their opponent is not only Heavenly Palace, but also Sub Immortal Clan.

“Perhaps, we still have to use the power of Sub Immortal Clan.”

Lu Ming whispered in his heart.

Sure enough, as they expected, Tang Jun faced one of the last and strongest Heavenly Monarch in the Heavenly Palace, the Heavenly Monarch in all battles.

The battle strength of this Heavenly Monarch is extremely terrifying, and the experience of the battle is extremely rich. The battle strength is not inferior to the first three strongest Heavenly Monarch.

Unfortunately, he met Tang Jun.

Tang Jun’s innate talent was originally the best in the universe, two lives as a person, let her innate talent bring it up a level, stronger than the previous life.

Furthermore, her previous life was the existence of Highest Origin Realm. In terms of experience, Heavenly Monarch, how can it be mentioned on equal terms with the existence of Highest Origin Realm?

So, the two battled more than a hundred moves, and in the end, it was Tang Jun who was even better, knocking the Heavenly Monarch off the battle stage.


There was cheering from the Exterminating Army.

Tang Jun’s strength is beyond imagination, saying that he can’t get another person to defeat Naye Immortal and pave a good way for Lu Ming.

“This person…is that Tang Feng’s daughter?”

Ye Immortal’s eyes filled with light, staring at Tang Jun.

Finally, Tang Jun sighed, shaped like a lightning bolt, and rushed out of the battle stage.

She did her best, she was hit hard, and it was very dangerous to continue the fight.

Tang Jun was defeated, and many people’s eyes fell on Lu Ming.

Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian’s Peak duel, is it going to be staged again?

“Lu Ming, let’s fight!”

Ye Qiuxian shouted.

He confronted Lu Ming. Although there is no bottom, there is still immortality behind him.

There is immortal, this time, Heavenly Palace is determined to win, even if there is still a Sub Immortal Clan.

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