Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4695


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Ye Qiuxian firmly believes that as long as he consumes a part of Lu Ming’s power, Ye Immortal can sweep the audience and win the final victory.

However, Lu Ming means not at all.

To be honest, now playing, Lu Ming is not at all.

A Ye Qiuxian, Lu Ming is naturally fearless.

However, there is another immortal behind, and the young man of Sub Immortal Clan is also very powerful.

When he first entered the continent in the halo, Ye Qiuxian once matched the sky, and Lu Ming saw it.

There are that many expert behind, it’s too difficult to defeat one by one.

“Lu Ming, won’t you make a move?”

The lion asked Lu Ming in a low voice.

“No hurry, there are still people in Sub Immortal Clan who haven’t taken a shot, let them take the shot first.”

Lu Ming replied.

“This…not bad too!”

Lion is nodded.

But what they worry about is that they are afraid that the time will be too long and Ye Qiuxian will have time to recover. Then Tang Jun’s efforts will be wasted. When the time comes, Lu Ming’s situation is even worse.

Most people still believe that Ye Qiuxian is the strongest opponent.

After all, since the endless years of Human Race, there have only been three people who control the perfect strength of Heaven.

Each one is an incomparably terrifying existence, with an innate talent that dominates the universe, and can eventually become a Legendary, invincible forever.

It is a miracle that such a character can appear casually, and it is a miracle that there will be a Lu Ming against it.

No matter how strong other people are, they are definitely not as good as Ye Qiuxian.

So most people think that as long as Lu Ming defeats Ye Qiuxian, and then retains a portion of his power, other people are not afraid to sweep.

Lu Ming looked at Ye Qiuxian lightly, not at all coming onto the stage.

“Then Lu Ming, why hasn’t he been on stage yet? Ye Qiuxian will recover if he doesn’t come on stage.”

Sub Immortal Clan someone is upset.

“Then Lu Ming wants us to shoot.”

The sky smiled.

“Let us take action? He wants to be beautiful, he wants us to suffer from both sides of Heavenly Palace. Will he sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits?”

Sub Immortal Clan A big man sneered.

“No, we are going to do it, and I do it.”

Sky Road.

“What, Young Master, if you want to make a move, wouldn’t it be cheaper to destroy the heavenly army.”

Sub Immortal Clan The others were shocked.

They all know that the sky is very strong, very strong, and is one of the few geniuses in Sub Immortal Clan history.

However, Cang Qiong is now on stage. Even if he can defeat Ye Qiuxian, it will consume a lot of money. Is there any chance of winning against Lu Ming later?

“Don’t worry, I have a drop of Yan Xian Dew on my body. After defeating Ye Qiuxian, as long as I take Yan Xian Dew, the cultivation base will be restored to Peak instantly!”

Sky Road.

“Young Master actually carries Yanxianlu on his body, but Yanxianlu is very precious.”

Some people from Sub Immortal Clan sigh.

Yanxianlu, a Supreme Treasure in Sub Immortal Clan, can instantly restore Sub Immortal Clan’s cultivation base to Peak after taking it.

It’s just that, it’s a waste of it, it’s really a shame. It’s better to wait until Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian fight, before the sky will take action.

“Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian are the strongest in the younger generation of the Great Desolate Universe today, standing in the Peak of the younger generation, this time, I want to defeat them in one fell swoop, let the world know who is the real best in the universe Strong.”

The radiance of burning heat in the eyes of the sky, and the thick fighting intent.

The people at Sub Immortal Clan didn’t say much.

They all understand that their Young Master is usually the most combative.

In the younger generation of Sub Immortal Clan, no one is an opponent of the sky for a long time. He now focuses his attention on Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian.

He wants to defeat Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian and become the real Peak.

This is the obsession of the sky, and, the sky has a drop of Yanxianlu, it may not be able to defeat Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian consecutively.

“Well, in that case, Cangqiang Young Master, you can take action. We still have a few players to play. As long as you defeat Ye Qiuxian and Lu Ming, we will take care of the rest.”

A Sub Immortal Clan old man said.

The sky is no longer talking, stepping out, stepping on the battle stage.

“Ye Qiuxian, your opponent is me.”

Qian Qi opened his mouth, very decisive, and shot directly.

As soon as the sky shot, the fiery-red mark on the center of his eyebrows radiated a brilliant brilliance. He was covered with a layer of fiery-red rays of light, full of terrifying heat.

With a palm, a fiery-red bird flew out from the palm of the sky, like Phoenix, but with a little difference, the imposing manner was more terrifying than Phoenix.

“Four Juetian sword array!”

Ye Qiuxian drank lightly, the perfect strength of Heaven erupted, four war swords formed a sword array, thousands of sword energy, formed a wave of sword energy, and rushed to the sky.

bang! bang! bang!

The attacks of the two parties rushed together, and there was a shocking collision, but in the end, they were evenly divided.


At the scene, many people couldn’t help but stare, unbelievably.

The sky can actually compete with Ye Qiuxian, which is really incredible.

Sub Immortal Clan, how could such a powerful genius, unheard-of?


One move did not gain the upper hand, Ye Qiuxian roared, killing intent shot into the sky, sword energy was stronger, and he madly killed towards the sky.

He was unhappy, extremely unhappy.

He controls the existence of perfect strength of Heaven. Originally, he thought that after he took control of perfect strength of Heaven, there would be no opponents in the universe.

I can look down on the common people, invincible forever, and even those Old Antique in the future will not be his opponent.

Unfortunately, after he took control of the perfect strength of Heaven, he played for the first time, and he met Lu Ming and was defeated by Lu Ming.

It was a huge blow to him.

Behind, I met Ye Immortal again, and was defeated by several moves.

Being defeated by Ye Immortal, that’s okay. After all, Ye Immortal is the Legendary in the history of Tian Human Race, known as the strongest Old Ancestor samsara reincarnation of Tian Human Race.

But now, Sub Immortal Clan has a young man who can actually fight him. This makes him extremely unhappy, very unhappy, he must defeat or even kill the sky, let the world know his strength.

He tried hard to attack, but unfortunately, the sky was really strong and easily blocked his attack. The two fought dozens of moves in a row, and there was no winner.

Site, absolute silence.

Everyone was really shocked.

Blocking one move doesn’t mean anything, but now dozens of consecutive moves have not been determined. It is enough to prove that the battle strength of the sky is really not under Ye Qiuxian.

“Damn, kill, kill, kill!”

Ye Qiuxian Changxiao, four strong strengths of Heaven, there is a trend of integration, the formidable power becomes stronger.

“Ye Qiuxian, we will lose!”

Under the battle stage, Ye Immortal shook his head.

Ye Qiuxian’s mentality is already unstable, some seeking instant benefit, and the previous battle with Tang Jun has consumed a lot of strength. If this continues, he will lose.

Sure enough, the sky responded calmly, and after blocking Ye Qiuxian’s attack, he launched a counterattack.


The roar of the beast came out, and the firmament waved both palms, and a total of four birds and beasts of different shapes flew out.

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