Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4696


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The four birds and beasts shot by the sky are of different shapes, one is the fire bird like Phoenix before, and the other is dragon-like like a god, with nine claws, and the whole body is red.

The other one is a fiery-red tiger, and the other is a flame-filled turtle.

This seems to correspond to Azure Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger, Black Tortoise in the “Four Elephants”.

However, the four birds and beasts, all filled with red flames, have amazingly high attack power, and Ye Qiuxian hit back again and again.

“Ye Qiuxian is going to be defeated, and there will be no success!”

Lu Ming whispered.

Ye Qiuxian used to consume a lot of strength. Just now, he hastily attacked and consumed even more strength. Now he has no support, being suppressed by the sky and defeated. Sooner or later.

However, Ye Qiuxian does not want to lose.

He has lost to Lu Ming. If he loses again, his perfect strength of Heaven will become a joke.

He roared, he roared, fighting with all his strength.

But, after all, the ending cannot be changed.

His power is consumed more and more, and the sky’s attack is getting stronger and stronger.

Reluctantly supported a hundred moves.


He was hit by the fiery-red dragon, coughing up blood and retreating, the sky took advantage of the momentum to pursue, bursting out to strong attacks, knocking Ye Qiuxian out of the battle stage.


Ye Qiuxian continued to spit a mouthful of blood, face deathly pale, but his eyes stared at the sky firmly, wishing to swallow the sky away.

He lost.

First defeated by Lu Ming, now defeated by Sky.

He became the worst perfect strength of Heaven in the history of Human Race.

The sky no longer looked at Ye Qiuxian, he thought move, a drop of Yanxianlu melted into his body in his thoughts move, and turned into extremely pure energy.

Almost instantly, the battle strength of the sky has returned to Peak.

“Lu Ming, let’s fight!”

The gaze of the sky, looked towards Lu Ming.

“Lu Ming, this guy, let me come, you keep your strength to deal with the people of Heavenly Palace.”

Qiuqiu gave Lu Ming sound transmission.

“No, you are not his opponent. Although he has consumed a lot just now, I feel that he has recovered. It is estimated that he has used rare treasure!”

Lu Ming gave Qiuqiu sound transmission.

Qiuqiu is strong, but it is definitely not an opponent of the sky, and there is a big gap.

There is also Gu Mo who can also play, but it is definitely not an opponent of the sky, and the gap is even greater.

Gu Mo is in Peak, although he can deal with two or three Heavenly Monarch at the same time.

But like the sky and the others, if the cultivation base is in the god Lord Peak, it can more than deal with two or three Heavenly Monarch.

Lu Ming estimated that Sub Immortal Clan or Tian Human Race, there are still a few others who have not been on stage, when the time comes, Qiuqiu and Gu Mo may be required to take action.

“Lu Ming, don’t you dare to join?”

The sky looked towards Lu Ming again, the fighting intent is extremely strong.

“It seems that there is only one battle!”

Lu Ming whispered in his heart.

By this time, he had to take action.

As long as he defeated the sky, he still has a strong opponent left, that is Ya Immortal.

“Hope is just my illusion, yeah, immortal, not at all as powerful as I thought.”

Lu Ming thought, his body has moved, stepped out, along the stairs, stepped onto the battle stage.

Although there is pressure on the ladder, it is nothing to him.

“Come on, forbidden body, defeat you, and I will be number one in the universe.”

Qianqiu’s eyes showed strong fighting intent, and the breath on his body exploded, strong to a fixed point.

battle strength, in Peak state.

This makes the eyes of the people who destroy the heavens dignified.

Everyone can also guess that Cang Qiong must have taken some rare treasure to put itself in Peak state.

Otherwise, the battle with Ye Qiuxian is so fierce, impossible to lose.

“Want to beat me, I am afraid I will disappoint you!”

Lu Ming spoke faintly, grabbing a volley with his palm, and a long spear condensed.

At the same time, Battle Art’s eight-fold battle strength has also been triggered.

“Really, let me see how strong the Taboo Body is.”

There was a long roar from the sky, and the palms shot out continuously. Four fiery-red birds and beasts rushed out, rushing towards Lu Ming with a hot and violent breath.


Long spear vibrated, Lu Ming directly displayed the sky-breaking, gorgeous spear glow, which pierced the space and pierced the sky.

At the same time, Lu Ming’s left palm was shot, and a continent was condensed and pressed down towards the sky.

There is nothing to be tempted. When the two of them make a move, it is spare no effort.

bang! bang!

The attacks of the two collided, and there was a shocking roar.

The violent energy swept all directions, and in the wave of violent energy, a silhouette retreated again and again.

It’s the sky!

The sky is retreating!

The people who killed the heavenly army, their eyes lit up.

Lu Ming’s battle strength is really strong, and once it fights, it suppresses the sky.

However, Sub Immortal Clan and the others were shocked.

In their eyes, the innate talent Unparalleled, the unparalleled firmament of the same generation, actually fell under the wind when confronted, which is incredible.

“There is such a powerful person in the universe…terrifying…”

An old man from Sub Immortal Clan spoke, his voice trembling.

“Ah, I won’t lose…”

The sky roars, long hair flying upwards, and his black hair becomes fiery-red, as if flames are burning.

The red mark on his eyebrows makes the rays of light even more eye-catching.

Finally, the mark on his eyebrows actually formed a silhouette.

This silhouette is an illusory shadow, but it exudes a terrifying breath, and a palm is slapped towards Lu Ming.

The sky urged the battle strength to the extreme.

However, he still lost to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming will take turns to break out of the Desolate and Great Desolate, and continue to attack to fight this illusory shadow.

After dozens of moves, with a touch, this silhouette was defeated.


Lu Ming Human and Spear Unity, pierced the void, pierced the eyebrows of the sky, the gun like a hot knife through butter, broke the sky 33rd-layer defense.

Seeing that Lu Ming’s spear glow is about to pierce the eyebrows of the sky.

Everyone’s hearts are raised, and the people in Sub Immortal Clan are extremely nervous.

At this moment, the mark on the eyebrows of the sky seemed to come alive, flying out of his eyebrows, turning into a blade of light, and cutting it on Lu Ming’s spear glow.

With a bang, Lu Ming felt a terrifying force rushing, unmatched, his spear glow instantly collapsed, his body retreated violently, and he retreated to the edge of the battle stage, almost being blasted out of the battle stage .

“Really strong attack!”

Lu Ming is inwardly shocked, the strength of the sky is beyond his imagination.

In this battle, he discovered that the battle strength of the sky is not weaker than Ye Qiuxian.

If both of them are in Peak state, it is hard to say who is strong and weak.

However, the last mark on the eyebrows of the sky flew out, and the attack of this move was definitely above Ye Qiuxian.

“Unfortunately, being suppressed in the First Heavy, I can’t even use Source Power. Otherwise, it will be easy to defeat him.”

Lu Ming thinks.

Source Power can’t be used, which is normal, because of the existence of those gods Peak, Source Power can’t be used either.

Lu Ming was about to continue his shot, defeating the sky in a spurt of energy, but seeing the sky suddenly spit a mouthful of blood, staggering, almost fell to the ground, face deathly pale, and aspiration.

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