Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4697


“The body of taboo, really not simple, interesting!”

Ye immortal chuckles, step by step step forward.

“Old Ancestor is going to shoot!”

The existence of Human Race who knows Ye’s immortal identity, their hearts are trembling, and their eyes burst out with bright light. It is expectation, worship, and awe.

The strongest Old Ancestor in Human Race history is about to make a shot, which is rarely seen.

Yeh Immortal stepped forward, and the pressure on the battle stage had no effect on Ya Immortal. Soon, Ya Immortal stepped onto the battle stage and stood opposite Lu Ming.

Lu Ming stood with a gun, staring cautiously at Ye Immortal, within the body’s strength of Taboo, turning to the extreme.

He doesn’t dare to despise Ye immortal.

Somehow, he always felt that Ye Immortal was very strong, invisibly, giving him a strong pressure.

This pressure is stronger than Ye Qiuxian and the sky.

Don’t say that he is not in Peak state now, even if he is in Peak state, he dare not despise him.

Others think that after Ye Qiuxian and Cang Qiong are out, Lu Ming should be able to sweep and take down Fleshy body.

But Lu Ming knew in his heart that this yeah immortal might be the real enemy.

“In the previous battle, you should consume a lot. I don’t take advantage of you. I will give you half an hour to recover. Half an hour is enough for you to return to Peak status.”

Yeh Immortal opened his mouth, and instead of attacking, he sat cross-legged on the side, looking like Lu Ming recovered.


Whether it is the Celestial Destruction Army, Sub Immortal Clan, or a part of Heavenly Palace, they are all dumbfounded.

Yeah Immortal, he didn’t attack immediately, but gave Lu Ming time to return to Peak to fight again.


Yeah immortal is crazy!

Many people shouted in their hearts.

This is too arrogant. You must know that he is facing Lu Ming, the invincible character of the Great Desolate Universe younger generation and the taboo body Lu Ming.

He thought he had won Lu Ming?

“This person is so conceited, very good!”

All the people who killed the heavenly army were ecstatic.

Even Lu Ming himself was taken aback.

However, this makes Lu Ming even more intangible and immortal.

He doesn’t think that Ye Immortal is too arrogant, and he may be confident.

“He is sure, and so do I. I won’t lose in a battle at the same level!”

Lu Ming pupil light is shining, and he also has his invincible belief.

Since Ye Immortal wants to wait for him to recover and fight again, he naturally won’t waste this opportunity.

He ran the strength of Taboo at full capacity and began to recover.

Of course, when he recovered, he always stared at Ye Immortal, for fear that Ye Immortal would suddenly attack.


“Immortal Young Master, attack now, wait for Lu Ming to recover, it’s hard to deal with!”

“Immortal Young Master…”

Instead, many people at Heavenly Palace are anxious.

“Shut up, Immortal Young Master has his own opinion.”

Those Heavenly Monarch scolded those people to shut up.

Anyone who knows the true identity of Ye Immortal has full confidence in Ye Immortal.

Yeah, the immortal grade may not seem big, but he can no longer be considered a younger generation, but the strongest Old Ancestor in the history of Human Race.

Even if the cultivation base is suppressed in the first heavy, but his combat experience, some mysterious methods, is it comparable to the younger generation?

Everyone talked about it, and soon calmed down, waiting quietly.

Half an hour passed in a flash.

Lu Ming’s aura is getting stronger and stronger, and he has completely recovered to Peak state.

At this moment, Ye Immortal got up and stepped out towards Lu Ming.

“Your state has been restored to Peak. Let me see what you can do.”

Yeh Immortal speaks indifferently, looking down at Lu Ming with a condescending attitude.

Lu Ming eyes slightly narrowed, he felt a huge pressure from Ye Immortal.


Lu Ming’s hand is shaking with the long spear condensed by the strength of Taboo, and every pore of his body emits spear glow.

The whole person seems to be turned into a long spear.


The spear glow speared out of the sky, piercing the void and piercing the immortality.

Quick, accurate, ruthless!

This spear, Lu Ming almost used all his strength.

Yeah, I am immortal and not hurried. I grabbed the palm of my hand, and the four-color rays of light diffused, entangled and turned into a war sword.

“This is… the perfect strength of Heaven!”

Looking at Ye Immortal’s shot, Lu Ming’s heart shook.

He recognized at a glance that the power that Ye Immortal uses is the perfect strength of Heaven.

He absolutely didn’t expect, Ye Immortal actually controlled the perfect strength of Heaven.

His hunch is correct, Ye Immortal is a great enemy.

Although Lu Ming was shocked, he was mentally prepared for it. Those who watched the game all around were truly shocked.

The people who killed the Heavenly Army, Sub Immortal Clan, and a part of the Heavenly Palace people, their eyes widened and their faces were incredible.

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