Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4747


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Later, Lu Ming and the others looked carefully.

As for the corpses of the gods, Lu Ming not at all plans to take them away.

The main reason is that the corpses of many gods are too big. For example, the corpses of some primordial Spiritual Gods are as big as planets. Although the area of ​​the Great Desolate ring of Lu Ming is not small, it can’t take so much.

Just stay here, but the Divine Weapon is a little broken, and Lu Ming put it away.

Of course, most of these broken Divine Weapons are main-level Divine Weapon, almost impossible to have broken source-level Divine Weapon, because of the broken source-level Divine Weapon, the devas will not let them stay here.

After turning around, they came to those black hole regions.

Here, there are some cosmic black holes.

At the beginning, the third Demon Sword was imprisoned in a cosmic black hole.

The one who can be imprisoned in the black hole of the universe is definitely the powerhouse.

“With the power of a seal, self-styled?”

Lu Ming They passed a black hole. From a distance, they could see a sarcophagus in the center of the black hole with some rune formations on the sarcophagus.

They speculated that the sarcophagus was probably a Highest Origin Realm, but it was self-appointed because of the Great Tribulation of Origin.

Then they turned around again.

There are a lot of black holes here, but in fact, only a few black holes seem to contain creatures.

In most black holes, there may be things, such as sarcophagi, but they may be empty.

Because the power of the cosmic black hole is so amazing, Divine God Realm is difficult to cross and will be torn apart.

Even Lu Ming and their current strength feel difficult to enter, and even if they barely enter, it may be difficult to get out.

At the beginning, Lu Ming was able to get in and out completely because of the third Demon Sword.

“In these black holes, it is very likely that the prisoners are Highest Origin Realm.”

Zixuan sighed.

Lu Ming also sighed in his heart.

He estimated that there are as many as a dozen Highest Origin Realms in these black holes.

Unfortunately, it’s the Origin Tribulation. Those Highest Origin Realms, even if they are not dead, have used their remaining power to proclaim themselves.

If you change to what you used to do, you can find a way to rescue these people.

“This Heavenly Prison, it seems that there is no Divine God Realm, except for the corpse, nothing else.”

Xie Nianqing frowns saying.

“Maybe, there are other Heavenly Prison.”

Lu Ming said.

Because something is wrong, did the Celestial Race kill all the existence of Divine God Realm?

According to the practice of the Celestial Clan, It shouldn’t be, and perhaps, there is also the Heavenly Prison dedicated to imprisoning the gods.

Maybe, these Heavenly Prisons are all connected.

“Let’s look around again, look carefully.”

Lu Ming said.

Everyone continued to search again, not letting go of every inch.

In this way, they searched for days and finally found out.

Dandan found an abnormality in one place, which seems to have fluctuations in Formation.

Dandan used his methods, and sure enough, a huge vortex appeared in the sky.

vortex, sealed by chains.

It is still the chain of the power of destruction.

Lu Ming and the others’ eyes lit up.

This is likely to be the gateway to another Heavenly Prison, which was previously covered by hidden Formation. If Dandan is not proficient in Formation, I am afraid it will be difficult to find.

Then Lu Ming shot and broke the chain of Netherworld with the strength of Taboo, and then they entered the vortex.

Through vortex, they really entered a strange Heaven and Earth.

This place doesn’t have a heart of fire and magic fire. It’s just Heaven and Earth air, a bit dry, and looking up, it is desolate.

“Look, there is a tower there!”

Dandan called.

Other people have seen it too. In the distance, there is a tower with a hundred zhang in high energy.

“Go and see!”

Lu Ming said, everyone flew towards the tower.

“This is…”

It’s approaching, everyone’s heart is shaken.

This is a metal tower. The tower is hollow. It can be seen that there is a silhouette inside, suspended in the air. The body is wrapped by a metal chain, and the other end of the metal chain is connected to the metal tower.

The bottom of the metal tower is empty. It is a bottomless cave. There is a kind of flame that constantly rushes out from the bottom to cover the silhouette of the metal tower.

Heart flame magic fire!

Lu Ming saw at a glance that the flames rushing out of the bottom of the metal tower were heart flames.

It’s just that the density is many times stronger than Heavenly Prison where the Tianxin Clan is located.

With so many times the intensity of the heart flames, the formidable power must be much stronger, even the existence of Divine God Realm is hard to resist.

It seemed to sense Lu Ming and them. In the metal tower, that silhouette opened his eyes, his eyes were blood red, full of tyrannical emotions, and they struggled madly.

clang dong clang dong …

Those chains vibrated endlessly and clashed.

“Heavenly Palace’s chores, kill me if they have the ability, kill me if they have the ability, the base and shameless guy…”

The silhouette in the metal tower roars, long hair flying upwards, madly angry.

This is a middle aged big man. What shocked Lu Ming was that this big man came from Battle Saint Race, one of the top ten races.

Isn’t the Battle Saint Race now dependent on the Celestial Race? Heavenly Palace actually imprisoned the powerhouse of the Battle Saint Race here.

Obviously, the Celestial Race imprisoned this person in a metal tower, causing him to suffer from the flames of the heart all the time.

This method is ruthless.

“We are not from Heavenly Palace.”

Lu Ming said.

“Fart, don’t think you can lie to me, the Heavenly Jade butterfly has been taken away by you. Whenever you want to hold me, kill me and kill me if you have the ability.”

The big guys of Battle Saint Race roared more and more, obviously they were tortured here and wanted to die.

“I said, we are not from Heavenly Palace, but from the Exterminating Army…”

Speaking, Lu Ming took out the War God gun, swept it out, and swept toward the metal tower.


War God’s gun swept on the metal tower, causing the metal tower to burst directly.

Many of the chains wrapped around that big man’s body also burst open.


The chain broke, and the big man of Battle Saint Race, like a tiger out of the cage, exploded with a powerful aura. His body swelled, and the violent power rushed out of his body, breaking the remaining chains around him. .


The opponent rose into the sky, and then rushed towards Lu Ming and the others.

“If it is from Heavenly Palace, I will know if I took the Soul Search myself.”

The other party spoke indifferently, obviously affected by the flames of the heart, full of tyrannical emotions, and when he got out of trouble, he wanted to fight wildly and vent.

“Divine God Realm, and is an expert of God Lord Peak.”

Lu Ming is not surprised but happy.

The breath revealed by the other party is actually a powerhouse of God Lord Peak.

So, this place is indeed the Heavenly Prison where the Divine God Realm exists.

“Leave it to me!”

Gu Mo said, his figure rushed out like a bolt of lightning, and he slapped it out, colliding with the opponent.


Where is the opponent of Gu Mo’s opponent, just a move, the body shook wildly, retreated violently, and vomited blood in his mouth.

Gu Mo’s battle strength is equivalent to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, and the opponent is trapped here, the battle strength is not in Peak state at all, which is far from Gu Mo.

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