Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4750


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Dandan was very confident, and after speaking, looked towards and flew forward.

The others did not go out and stayed in the Yin Ruin Demon Fort. The Yin Ruin Demon Fort was shrunk and hidden behind a meteorite.

Now, before they show up, it is enough for Dandan to show up.

Dandan flew to the edge of the big formation and began to observe.

“Who? This is the place of Heavenly Palace, courting death is not a success.”

In the Heavenly Palace, there was a loud roar, and then a celestial troops and generals flew out. The one who roared just now was a Heavenly Human Race general, the cultivation base of the God Emperor Realm.

Dandan disinclined to pay attention to them, continue to observe Formation.

“Bold, really courting death, go out and kill him.”

A heavenly general yelled, and they rushed outside.

Obviously, Formation did not hinder the celestial troops and generals in the slightest. They quickly rushed out of the scope of Formation and rushed towards Dandan.

“You are the one who is courting death!”

Dandan coldly shouted, waved his hand, and a large formation appeared in the sky, and the sword light burst out, killing these gods and soldiers.

“No, God Lord, God Lord, retreat!”

A god will yell in horror.

But it is too late, how can their speed catch up with Dandan.

Sword light swept across, all of these heavenly soldiers and gods were beheaded, none left.

“Damn it!”

In the Heavenly Palace, there is a roar.

This scene was naturally seen by the people in Heavenly Palace.

“The other party is the powerhouse of Divine God Realm, what should I do?”

“Let’s inform Master Yechu Xiaochuan that he is now the most powerhouse in Heavenly Palace.”

Some gods will discuss, and then immediately sound transmission out.

In the dreamy Heavenly Palace, there are still gods in charge, although there are only a few people.

Soon, a burly silhouette came out.

This popularity is strong, and there is a cultivation base of the 9th layer of the god master.

He rushed directly to Dandan, yelling: “Those who dare to break into Heavenly Palace, die!”


Dandan yelled, backing quickly.

The opponent quickly rushed out of the range of Formation and rushed towards Dandan.

“This person, leave it to me!”

Gu Mo said, leaving the Yin Ruins Demon Fort, stepping out in one step, the void automatically splits, he enters the void crack, disappeared.

next moment, on the head of the Tian Human Race powerhouse, suddenly a black bone claw stretched out like a magic knife, and it smashed into the head of the Tian Human Race powerhouse.

The other party also found out in time, furiously shouted, resisted with all his strength, and slashed at Gu Mo’s bone claws.

With a sound, the battle sword of the Tian Human Race powerhouse was directly shattered, and the palm of the bones kept slashing on the head of the Tian Human Race powerhouse.

pu’ sound, Heaven Human Race, the powerhouse of the 9th layer of the god, fell!


In Heavenly Palace, those heavenly soldiers and gods look pale in fright.

“The other party also hid the expert secretly, come prepared, hurry, send the news, send the news, let people pass the news to the adults in the ruins of the universe.”

A powerhouse of Divine God Realm roars.

Someone started spreading news immediately.

Of course, the station of the Heaven Extinguishing Army is too far away from this person, and it is in the depths of the ruins of the universe. They are impossible to send the news directly to the ruins of the universe.

They can only spread the news to other places first, and people from other places will spread the news to the powerhouses in the ruins of the universe.

Lu Ming and the others, their faces are calm, this scene is what they expected.

Exposure, sooner or later.

Since he came to attack the dreamy Heavenly Palace, it must be exposed.

However, the garrison of the Heaven Extinguishing Army is extremely far away. When the powerhouse of the Heavenly Palace receives the news and sends people back, they have probably succeeded.

Dandan continues to study Formation with no distractions.

In the past three days, Dandan finally found the weakness of Formation.


Lu Ming They were dispatched, and the Yin Ruins Demon Fort flew out and grew rapidly.

At the same time, Lu Ming and the others, as well as a large number of evil Demon God main powerhouses, also flew out. The terrifying breath made the starry sky shake.

The heavenly soldiers and generals in the Heavenly Palace were almost scared to death.

“ahhhh, it is the devil, the powerhouse of the devil.”

“There are so many demon powerhouses, aren’t the demon being controlled by us, why are there so many demon powerhouses here?”

“What happened?”

“Quickly, send the news quickly, quickly, prompt Formation.”

In Heavenly Palace, many people roared wildly, shocked.

And Dandan, he has already begun to take action. He has turned into the body of the world turtle, and the turtle shell on the back has a densely packed rune formation.

At this moment, Dandan’s turtle shell glows, endless rune formation glows, and then endless rune flies out and flies to the star formation of Heavenly Palace.

Soon, an area was covered with rune.

“Here is the weak point, attack here with all your strength, you can break it open.”

Dandan shouted.


Zixuan, Silver Space, etc. shouted.

This time, the devil’s expert not at all was dispatched, but 3,000 were dispatched.

According to Dandan, three thousand gods are enough.

It’s better not to expose all the strength.

bang! bang! bang!

Three thousand evil Demon God masters shot together, demonic energy is monstrous, and blasted towards the star array.

The entire seat formed a large array and vibrated violently.

As usual, the existence of Divine God Realm spurs the big formation. Even if a weak point is found, most of the 3,000 Demon Lords will not be able to break.

But it’s different now. It’s the Divine Emperor who motivated Formation.

The violent vibration caused some Divine Emperors who spurred Formation to scream, and their bodies burst directly and fell on the spot.

In this way, other Divine Emperors, how dare they continue to control Formation.

About an hour, Formation was forcibly torn into a crack, and the crack continued to expand.

Finally, there was a huge gap.

“One thousand of you, work together to prevent the closure of the Formation gap, and another two thousand enter the Heavenly Palace with us…”

Zixuan and Silver Space, give orders.

Five thousand Demon Lords, one thousand Demon Lords are used to maintain the gap of the great formation, two thousand Demon Lords, follow them into the Heavenly Palace.

The other two thousand control the Yin Ruins Demon Fort and guard the outside of Formation. Once they find something is wrong, they will be informed in time.

“Go in!”

Zixuan, Silver Space gave an order and led two thousand Demon Lords into Heavenly Palace.

Of course, Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Dandan, Gu Mo and Wanshen also followed in.

“Rewind, rewind, retreat quickly.”


In Heavenly Palace, those heavenly soldiers and gods, who were terrified, retreated in a panic and fled.

It’s not that these people are greedy for life and fear of death, and dare not fight.

Mainly, the gap is too big.

A total of two thousand Demon Lords, what do they use to fight? No matter how many of them they have, a few hundred thousand and millions of experts are useless. Facing two thousand Demon Lords, they will be destroyed instantly.

Going up for a battle, it is clear to die, naturally no one is so stupid.


The two thousand Demon Lords of the devil slammed into the Heavenly Palace, and some of the slow-running heavenly soldiers and gods were directly killed.

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