Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4752


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Everyone began to search for divine medicine, and while waving their hands, a large piece of divine medicine rose from the ground and was put away by Lu Ming.

Lu Ming collected all divine medicine into the Great Desolate ring.

Most of these divine medicines are Jun-level divine medicine, Sovereign level divine medicine, or Emperor-level divine medicine, Lu Ming. They don’t use it now. When they are free, they plan to plant on the mainland fragments of the Great Desolate Ring. .

“Hey, this is…the main level divine medicine.”

Suddenly, Lu Ming eyes shined.

He saw a plant of divine medicine, the medicinal scent is tangy, the medicinal power is strong and powerful, and the Life Essence Qi is very strong.

“haha, main divine medicine, I found a main divine medicine.”

On the other side, Dandan also laughed.

Next moment, Gu Mo also spoke, and he also found a master-level divine medicine.

“In the past, Great Desolate Universe was fundamentally impossible to give birth to main-level divine medicine. It seems that the universe has changed dramatically and the impact is really great. Great Desolate Universe has begun to appear main-level divine medicine. In the future, the birth of source-level divine medicine is not impossible. .”

“Is it really like what others said, the universe is going to return to the glory of Desolate Flood Continent in the last era?”

Lu Ming thought, his heart was ups and downs, and it was difficult to calm down.

This is very possible.

Since the Desolate Flood Continent broke in the last era, this universe has almost dried up.

Most of the territory has become ruins, and the rules of Profound Truth are chaotic and dead.

The new Great Desolate Universe, the Universe Starry Sky, only occupies a small part of the territory, and it can’t give birth to treasures above the main level.

The entire universe is simply Dharma End Era. The number of powerhouses is completely incomparable with Desolate Flood Continent.

Now that there is an opportunity to return to the glory of the last era, it is not impossible.

“The great world has come, and the Heaven Extinguishing Army cannot be destroyed, otherwise, then this universe is really the world of Human Race.”

Lu Ming had a thought in his mind.

But I didn’t stop in my hand, and between the waves, he collected the main divine medicine into the Great Desolate ring.

Under their aggressive curbing, this Medicine Garden was quickly swept away. Almost all the divine medicines were wiped out, not even the lowest divine medicine.

“hahaha, great, we hurried to other places, I really look forward to the treasure house of Heavenly Palace.”

Dandan grinned openly.

They quickly chose a direction and continued searching along a passage.

Not long after, they found the expert of Human Race for a few days, took it down, and asked about the location of the Heavenly Palace treasure house.

Unfortunately, Human Race didn’t even know these few days. Their level is too low. The Heavenly Palace treasure place is not something ordinary people can know. Only the top of Heavenly Palace can know where the treasure is.

Don’t talk about them, even many Divine God Realm Human Races don’t know where the Heavenly Palace treasure house is.

Later, Lu Ming and the others won several batches of Human Race interrogation, and the result was the same.

The level is too low to know at all.

“This is also a good thing. These people don’t know. Then, those demons don’t know. Later, it depends on whose good luck.”

Lu Ming said.

Don’t even think about it. Those demons must also be looking for the treasure house of Heavenly Palace.

Heavenly Palace treasure house, there must be a lot of treasures, who can not be moved?

They searched the inside of Heavenly Palace constantly, and when they saw the high value, they took it away, and when they saw Human Race, they also killed them easily.

In this way, they stayed inside the Heavenly Palace for seven days, but still did not find the treasure house of Heavenly Palace.

“If we haven’t found it in a few days, we will leave.”

Dandan said, itchy.

They made an appointment with Zixuan, Silver Space and the others in advance.

The time to enter the Heavenly Palace is ten days.

After ten days, we will retreat.

Wait any longer, I am afraid that the powerhouse of Heavenly Palace will come back. If Heavenly Palace sends 78,000 god masters to come back, they will definitely not be opponents.

“Go on, if we haven’t found it in three days, we will retreat.”

Lu Ming said.

One day later, there is still no gain.

Two days later, there was still no gain.

Seen, ten days are approaching.

“I found out…”

At this moment, Dandan’s surprise voice rang in Lu Ming and the others’ ears.

Lu Ming and the others were happy, body flashed, and came to Dandan’s side.

“On this ground, there is Formation, an extremely secret array. Even Formation is not easy to detect the array.”

Dandan stared at a ground with fiery eyes.

They are in a yard at this time, the yard is full of flowers, Dandan is staring at a place where the flowers bloom.


Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Gu Mo and Wanshen all looked carefully, and even tried it out, but they didn’t find any trace of Formation.

“Let’s talk about it, it’s very secretive, but unfortunately I met me. I just got a form of Formation in the ruins of Myriad Transformations, which was engraved on my back and can sense various forms. I can’t escape my induction.”

Dandan said, after speaking, both of his hands began to wave, runes, diffused out, and sank to the ground.

After a while, runes appeared on those flowers.

“There really is Formation!”

Lu Ming and the others are eyes shined.

“Watch me break him open.”

Dandan said proudly.

“Dandan, don’t make too much movement, but keep it quiet. It’s better not to leave a trace.”

Lu Ming reminded.

He was afraid of making too much noise and attracting demons.

Heavenly Palace treasure house, they just divide it.

“Don’t worry, I am better at this than you.”

Dandan laughed, his hand moves faster and faster, endless rune, overflowing.

About ten minutes later, the flowers disappeared, and a small vortex appeared on the ground.

“Let’s go in. This is a small passage I opened. After we go in, this passage will automatically disappear. Those demons can’t find it.”

Dandan said.


There is no hesitation, Lu Ming rushed into vortex first, followed by Xie Nianqing, Gu Mo and Wanshen, and finally Dandan.

After they rushed into the vortex, the vortex disappeared automatically.

Lu Ming found out that they came to a stone chamber. The stone chamber was very small and there was nothing empty.

However, there is a stone gate on the side of the stone chamber, and the stone gate is also covered by a layer of Formation.

“It seems that I haven’t reached the treasure house yet. There are multiple levels, but it’s no use when I meet me.”

Dandan laughed, walked to the stone gate to observe for a while, and then started breaking the formation.

After ten minutes, the stone gate made a sound of ‘ka ka’ and then it opened automatically.

Behind the stone gate, there is a diagonally downward passage. At the end of the passage, there is a stone gate, which is still covered by Formation.

Each stone gate array is different, and the powerhouse of Heavenly Palace also requires a specific key to open these doors.

But when I met Dandan, these were useless.

Dandan’s understanding of the Formation Way has undoubtedly improved a lot during the ruins of Myriad Transformations.

Soon, this stone gate was opened by Dandan.

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