Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4753


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Behind, Lu Ming and the others passed several levels in succession, and finally came to the end.

At the end, there is a huge stone chamber with a very wide range.

After arriving here, Lu Ming and the others were stunned.

I opened my mouth and my tongue burst out brightly.

treasure, all treasures.

The first thing that catches your eyes is piles of metal materials like hills.

Hundreds of various metal materials, each in a pile, just pile on the ground at will.

Then there are many shelves on both sides of the stone chamber. On the shelves, there are large boxes.

Don’t even think about it. When in the box, it must be treasure.

There are also a lot of Divine Weapon on some shelves, filled with a powerful atmosphere.

Of course, the Divine Weapon placed randomly like this will not be too high in level. Most of them are Emperor Divine Weapon, and there are some main Divine Weapon.

But the number is huge, piled up like a mountain.

The treasure house, the real treasure house.

Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Dandan know that they have found the right place. This is definitely the treasure house of the dreamy Heavenly Palace.

“Go ahead and move!”

Lu Ming yelled and waved his hand, and the metal material mountain that was piled up in front of him disappeared, and was directly taken into the Great Desolate ring by Lu Ming.


Immediately afterwards, Dandan, Xie Nianqing, Wanshen and Gu Mo also took out, took out the storage ring, and started collecting these metal materials frantically.

Most of these metal materials are only materials that can refine Divine Weapon of Emperor Divine Weapon, or Divine Weapon of Major Divine, not at all, but they cannot hold up a large amount.

With so many materials, I don’t know how many kilograms there are, and the value is immeasurable.

Soon, hundreds of piles of metal materials were evacuated, and then everyone looked at the large boxes on the shelves.

Lu Ming walked directly to the nearest shelf, opened the box, and found that there was a jade bottle inside, neat and tidy arranged.

There are twelve in total.

Lu Ming took out a jade bottle, opened the cap, and suddenly an extremely strong medicinal fragrance spread out.

Suddenly, the entire stone chamber was filled with a strong fragrance of medicine.

Inside, it is Divine Pill.

Lu Ming poured it out and saw that there were twelve Divine Pills in green.

“This is the main level Divine Pill, refined with main level divine medicine, which can strengthen the cultivation base of the Divine God Realm.”

Xie Nianqing recognized this Divine Pill at a glance.

It can improve the cultivation base of the god master.

This kind of Divine Pill, can be said to be invaluable, and spreading out will make the existence of Divine God Realm break the head.

In the past, the Universe Starry Sky did not have any major treasures. If the existence of Divine God Realm wanted to increase cultivation base, they had to go to the ruins of the universe to find Great Desolate crystals or major divine medicine.

But in the past, the Profound Truth rules of the ruins of the universe were chaotic, and the main-level divine medicine was also very rare, so the number of this main-level Divine Pill is naturally extremely rare.

“This Divine Pill is very powerful, and one can be worth thousands of Great Desolate crystals.”

Lu Ming looked carefully and judged the medicine efficacy of Divine Pill.

“This box is also the main Divine Pill.”

Dandan called at this time.

He couldn’t stand it for a long time, and opened the second box.

The second box contains the main Divine Pill, which, like Lu Ming, is also used for increasing cultivation base.

Next, Xie Nianqing, Wanshen and Gu Mo also opened other boxes one after another.

It is found that most of them are the main Divine Pill.

The increasing cultivation base is the most, and there are also some other uses, such as restoring strength, detoxification, auxiliary class Divine Pill, and so on.

“The Divine Pill of the increasing cultivation base is useless to me, you can divide it up.”

Xie Nianqing said.

Xie Nianqing’s cultivation base has reached the 9th layer of the gods, and the universe bridge penetrates the universe. Her next cultivation is to transform Source Power and enhance Source Power.

The main Divine Pill of increasing cultivation base or Great Desolate crystal is no longer needed.

“I don’t need to enhance the Divine Pill of the cultivation base, you three will be divided.”

Gu Mo followed.

Lu Ming, Dandan and Wanshen are not polite. Divine Pill, which strengthens the cultivation base, is divided equally.

Other medicine pill, I gave some more Xie Nianqing and Gu Mo.

In the end, everyone evenly divided hundreds of boxes of Divine Pill.

What other main-level Divine Weapon and Emperor-level Divine Weapon are also divided by them.

“The highest level is also the main level, and there is no source level treasure.”

Dandan muttered, a little unhappy.

“The source treasure, the many Highest Origin Realm of Heavenly Palace are not enough points, it is normal if there is none.”

Lu Ming a said with a smile.

But I was also a little lost, the main treasure, for them, is not particularly useful.

Those obtained before, those that have the greatest effect on Lu Ming, are those treasures that enhance the cultivation base.

“Here, there is a stone gate!”

When they emptied this stone chamber, in the deepest part of the stone chamber, they found another division gate, which was shrouded in rune formation.

Lu Ming and the others are a joy.

Is there more than one treasure house, there are more important treasure houses?

In there, are there more precious treasures?

“Leave it to me!”

Dandan has already stepped up to study the impatient.

This time array is obviously a lot more complicated. Even Dandan took several hours to penetrate the Formation and crack it.

Opened the stone gate and walked in. It turned out to be another stone chamber, but it was much smaller than the previous one.

The first thing that catches your eye is a storage ring.

This storage ring is suspended in midair and is shrouded in a light mask.

Lu Ming directly reached out and grabbed it, his palm covered with the strength of Taboo.

Without any hindrance, Lu Ming grabbed the storage ring in his hand.

Sweeping the Spiritual Consciousness, you can perfectly clear the things in the storage ring.

Great Desolate crystals are a lot of Great Desolate crystals piled up into a mountain.

Lu Ming has extremely bright eyes.

The number of Great Desolate crystals in this pile is absolutely amazing. Lu Ming estimates that it is definitely over 7,800 million.

Because Fei Huang gave Lu Ming 200 million Great Desolate crystals before, the piled volume is far less than the volume of this pile of Great Desolate crystals.

“Lu Ming, what is it?”

Seeing the light in Lu Ming’s eyes, Dandan asked curiously.

“Great Desolate crystals, and a lot of them.”

Lu Ming, then show the storage ring to Dandan.

Dandan’s eyes lit up after watching it, and then Xie Nianqing and the others watched it again.

“This pile of Great Desolate crystals, I estimate that there are about 1 billion.”

Gu Mo said.

1 billion!

Lu Ming and the others are all excited.

Although for a Heavenly Palace, 1 billion Great Desolate crystals are very few.

You know, this is the treasure house of the dreamy Heavenly Palace, 1 billion Great Desolate crystals, really nothing.

But Lu Ming, they are already very satisfied.

Know that this thing about Great Desolate crystals is completely consumable, and it consumes very fast. 1 billion Great Desolate crystals are shared among the gods of Heavenly Palace. If one person does not share much, it will soon be Refining is over.

This kind of extremely fast-consuming treasure, Heavenly Palace still saves about 1 billion here, which is already very good.

It is estimated to be used to reward subordinates.

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