Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4755


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After searching for so many days, I couldn’t find the treasure house of the dreamy Heavenly Palace, which made Zixuan and the others very upset.

If there is not enough time, they all want to keep looking.

But they have to leave. So many days have passed. I believe Heavenly Palace has already received the news. It is estimated that they have sent an expert to attack them.

If you don’t leave quickly, it is estimated that you will be besieged by the experts of Heavenly Palace.

Actually, a few days after they entered the dreamy Heavenly Palace, Ye Immortal and the others, they received the news.

Most of the powerhouses in Heavenly Palace were all around the extermination army station, besieging the extermination army station, and immediately exploded upon hearing the news.

“What? The criminals of Heavenly Prison, all escaped, why is this?”

“What happened? More than nine hundred gods have escaped and are attacking the key points of my Heavenly Palace everywhere. Damn it, damn it?”

“What happened in Heavenly Prison?”

Many Heavenly Monarch roared.

Even a person like Ye Immortal has a gloomy expression on his face.

“My lord, it is said that someone broke into Heavenly Prison and released the criminals of Heavenly Prison.”

A man of Human Race who came to spread the news.

“Who broke into Heavenly Prison, it was crime deserving ten thousand deaths.”

A Heavenly Monarch roared.

“According to the screen feedback from the monitoring Formation in Heavenly Prison, these are the people…”

The big man at Human Race took out a piece of jade talisman, urged the jade talisman, and several silhouettes appeared immediately.

“It’s Lu Ming, it’s the little bastard of Lu Ming!”

“Damn, no, there are demons!”

The scene is noisy.

In Heavenly Prison, there are naturally many places where there are monitoring forms, and it is natural that Lu Ming can hardly avoid all monitoring forms.

“Lu Ming, that little bastard, how did he get mixed up with the devil?”

Someone is confused.

“Not good, could it be that Lu Ming entered the dark universe and cooperated with the devil?”

Someone’s guess that complexion changed.

“Cooperating with the devil? How is it possible? Now that the devil is attacked by the Demon Ancestor Insect, powerless to defend himself, he will soon become a puppet of our clan. How can Lu Ming cooperate with the devil?”

“The devil left the dark universe?”


The Human Race expert at the scene, the controversy is inevitable.


At this moment, another Human Race flew quickly. At this time, a Human Race old man was full of horror, and he looked like lose one’s head out of fear.

“What’s the matter?” A Heavenly Monarch complexion sank asked.

“Masters, the major event is not good. I just got the news that the dreamy Heavenly Palace was breached.”

Tian Human Race old man answered with a trembling voice.


boom~ boom~ …

The breath of one after another terrifying burst out, and the expert of Human Race for countless days burst into endless anger.

Their eyes are very wide, with murderous intention in their eyes, and they are incredible.

The dreamy Heavenly Palace was actually breached?

Who did it?

In the Great Desolate Universe nowadays, the Heavenly Desolate Army is besieged here, and the demons are eroded by the Demon Ancestor Insects. Their Heavenly Palace has no rivals. Who else can break through the fantasy Heavenly Palace?

Is it Sub Immortal Clan?

“Who did it?”

Yeh Immortal asked indifferently, the cold murderous intention in the voice, anyone could hear it.

“It’s Lu Ming, there are demons, a lot of demons.”

Tian Human Race old man answered with a trembling voice.

“Lu Ming again.”

“There are demons, where are the many demons?”

Many Heavenly Monarch-level existence roars.

“It’s true, everyone, please see.”

Tian Human Race old man also took out a piece of jade talisman to inspire jade talisman, and immediately a picture emerged.

In the screen, it is Lu Ming and the others and thousands of demons attacking the fantasy Heavenly Palace.

Everyone at Human Race was stunned.

It took a long time to react.

“Silver-winged demon and purple-eyed demon of the four demon kings, why can they appear in the Great Desolate Universe?”

“They were also eroded by the Demon Ancestor Insects. They just rely on a little Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal powder struggling on whilst at death’s door. They can’t hold on for much time and don’t dare to leave the dark universe. How could they attack the dreamy Heavenly Palace?

Many Heavenly Monarch roared, it was hard to believe what they saw before them.


Suddenly, Ye Immortal’s voice sounded, and everyone was quiet.

“It is useless to complain now. Now it seems that the Demon Ancestor Worms of the Purple Eye and Silver Wing races have been suppressed or eliminated, so they can leave the dark universe.”

Yeah Immortal Road.

“The Devil’s Ancestor Worm was eliminated? How is this possible?”

For many days, Human Race is still unbelievable.

“No matter how incredible it is, but now it is the case, we have to estimate it like this.”

Yeah Immortal Road.

“Ancestor, what shall we do now?”

“What else can I do, Patriarch, I propose to send an expert immediately to wipe out those demons and Lu Ming completely.”

“Yes, there are also people who escaped from Heavenly Prison. You can’t ignore them, you have to send someone to kill them.”

Some Heavenly Monarch, everyone talking at once.

“It seems that Lu Ming wants to use this method to relieve the pressure on the extinction army station and disperse our strength. Fortunately, Lu Ming, I underestimate you.”

Yeh Immortal whispers, his voice is extremely cold, murderous intention is cold as a knife.

However, he can’t ignore Lu Ming.

The people who escaped from Heavenly Prison are destroying everywhere, attacking the important place of Heavenly Palace, and the Human Race of Killing Heaven. They absolutely cannot ignore them.

Also, Lu Ming and those demons have entered the dreamy Heavenly Palace, and they can’t ignore it.

Even if you know Lu Ming’s purpose, you still have to send someone there.

“My ancestor, I propose to send an army immediately to wipe out Lu Ming and those demons in one fell swoop.”

A Heavenly Monarch proposed.

“How many people are sent, we don’t know how many Demon Lord-level characters the demon has.”

Another Heavenly Monarch said.

“Silver Wing and Purple Eyes are all combined, and about 5,000 Demon Lords can be dispatched. We must prepare for them all to go. Therefore, I decided to send about 5,000 Lords to Dreamy Heavenly Palace, don’t fight with the opponent first, test the opponent’s strength, if the opponent is really a god of about five thousand, send the news back, and then decide other countermeasures.

“In addition, send two thousand god masters to siege and kill those who escaped from Heavenly Prison.”

“The others are still attacking and destroying the garrison of the Celestial Army with all their strength. No matter what, the Fleshy body of the King is the top priority.”

Yeh Immortal began to give orders.


Others take orders.

Soon after, two thousand gods set off to siege and kill the expert who escaped from Heavenly Prison.

The Five Thousand God Lords are killing the dreamy Heavenly Palace.

As a result, the expert who besieged and destroyed the garrison of the heavenly army was lost by seven thousand.

Originally, Heavenly Palace dispatched a total of about 16,000 divine lords, plus nearly 7,000 divine lords, for a total of nearly 23,000 divine masters.

Now I have left seven thousand at once, and there are still about 16,000 god masters left.

This has eased the pressure on the Heaven Extinguishing Army a little bit, and the time it can support has become longer.

“The devil, how did you suppress or get rid of the Demon Ancestor Worm?”

“Could it be… the blood crystal of the demon ancestor?”

Ye Immortal’s eyes suddenly brightened.

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