Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4756


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Yeh Immortal thought of the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal at once.

Because he knows that only the blood crystal of the Demon Ancestor can restrain the Demon Ancestor Insect.

Moreover, it was he originally designed to use the blood crystal of the Demon Ancestor to lead the demons into the dark universe and block the demons in the dark universe forever.

But he also knows very well that on the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal, there is a Formation under the cloth of a king, and the Demon Clan is basically impossible to approach. Then how did the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal be obtained?

He naturally thought of Lu Ming and the others, but he knew more about Formation of the King of Humans than the demons.

Because the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal was obtained by Ye Immortal unintentionally. When he got the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal, the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal also had an introduction, which mentioned Human King Formation.

Human King Formation, although it is mainly aimed at the demons, it also has a strong restraint on the servants of Human Race.

Not only that, any creature, including Human Race itself, can hardly pass through the Formation, and it will form extreme pressure.

If you want to go through Formation and get the blood crystal of the demon ancestor, you can only do it unless you are detached.

But, in the Great Desolate Universe today, are there any detachers?

Obviously impossible.

“Even if Lu Ming is a forbidden body, it is absolutely impossible to pass through the King Formation and get the blood crystal of the demon ancestor, but did not get the blood crystal of the demon ancestor, how did the demon suppress or get rid of the demon ancestor within the body What about the bug?”

Yeh Immortal fell into deep contemplation.

He doesn’t think that Lu Ming and the others can get the Demon Ancestor Blood Crystal, because that is almost impossible.

Lu Ming, no matter how strong the is innate talent, is impossible to pass through the King Formation.

This idea was denied by him, but it made him even more puzzled.

“Send someone to investigate!”

Yeh Immortal whispered, and then sent someone to the dark universe to check if the King Formation was still there.

The people he sent have responded quickly.

The King Formation is still there, safe and sound.

As for the blood crystals of the Demon Ancestor, they are hidden in the box. They cannot pass through the Formation, and naturally they cannot see whether the blood crystal of the Demon Ancestor has been taken away.

This makes Ye Immortal even more puzzled.


After Lu Ming and the others left the dreamy Heavenly Palace, they took the Yin Ruins Demon Fort and planned to leave.

Yin Ruins Demon Fort smashing void, enter Dark Space and move forward.

However, it didn’t take long before it started shaking violently.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack!”

There was a roar of demons, which shocked everyone.

“The people at Heavenly Palace came so fast.”

Lu Ming eyes flashed.

Obviously, they must have been attacked by the Heavenly Palace powerhouse.

Lu Ming, Zixuan, Yinkong and the others are gathered in a hall. There is a huge copper mirror on the hall. This copper mirror can reflect the outside scene.

Beyond the Yin Ruins Demon Fort, the void is shattered, and the violent aura swept all directions.

In front of the Yin Ruins Demon Fort, there is a large number of silhouettes standing in the void.

All are the powerhouses of Heavenly Palace, and they are all the existence of Divine God Realm.

There are five thousand people.

“Sure enough, it is the Human Race of Heaven. Now the rule of the ruins of the universe, Profound Truth, has become stable. It seems that the people of Heavenly Palace have a way to arrange wormholes.”

Lu Ming thinks.

In the past, there was no way to open a wormhole in the ruins of the universe because the rules of Profound Truth were chaotic.

But now, the situation has changed.

Just like the last time in the battlefield of Qianqiu, the halo world competed for the fleshy body of the king of humans, the space-time spirit rat family, opened a wormhole there, and the powerhouse of the extermination army, is relying on the wormhole to return to the extermination army station.

Nowadays, the god of Heavenly Palace exists and can get here in just a few days. It is impossible without a wormhole.

“Human Race, good, go, go out and fight with them, kill all Human Race these days.”

“Kill, kill all these offal.”

Many demons roared.

The devil and the Tian Human Race were originally feuds. In addition to the demon ancestors, the devil’s hatred for the Tian Human Race is deeper. Most demons hate the Tian Human Race. Now I see the Tian Human Race. , Many demons want to charge ahead and fight with Tian Human Race.

“Wait a minute, now I don’t know how many experts Tian Human Race has sent. Maybe there are still ambushes in secret. Let’s retreat for a while and test the opponent’s strength.”

Zixuan said.

“Zixuan is right. Let’s test how many people have been sent by Human Race, and if there is an ambush, it will not be too late.”

Yin Kong also followed.

The demon not at all immediately went out to fight with the expert of Tian Human Race, but controlled the Yin Ruins Demon Fort and retreated violently.

“Don’t let the devil go, chase it!”

“Exterminate the devil!”

Many experts in Heavenly Palace shouted towards the Yin Ruins Demon Fort, and various attacks continued to blast toward the Yin Ruins Demon Fort.

However, under the blessing of many demons, the defensive power of the Yin Ruin Demon Fort is amazing. It is not so easy for the experts of Heavenly Palace to break the Yin Ruin Demon Fort.

The two sides chased and fled, spanning a long distance in a blink of an eye.

After such a long distance, there were no other expert ambushes in Heavenly Palace. From start to finish, there were only 5,000 people.

Obviously, Tian Human Race has no expert ambush.

At this time, Zixuan, Yinkong and the others plan to charge ahead and fight with Tian Human Race.

“Lu Ming, if you don’t stop them, go out and fight with the Tian Human Race. The devil’s expertise is not enough, and the strength is lost. The restraint on Heavenly Palace will weaken.”

Gu Mo gave Lu Ming sound transmission.

“No, I just want them to fight.”

Lu Ming responded with sound transmission.

“Do you already have any strategy?”

The soul fire in Gu Mo’s eyes throbbed.

He knows Lu Ming very well. Lu Ming must have a plan to say so.

“Yes, but I don’t know if I can succeed.”

Next, Lu Ming talked about his strategy with Gu Mo, Xie Nianqing, Dandan, and the four gods.

The eyes of the four people lit up.

“Don’t worry, your plan can only be successful. Here, I promise that there is no problem, hehe.”

Dandan laughed, very proud.

Dandan will play a vital role because of Lu Ming’s strategy.

“That’s good, I hope to succeed. Once successful, the battle will be completely overturned.”

Lu Ming whispered, and then said: “Let’s go, let’s kill with the devil, and try to kill Human Race for a few more days.”

“Go, kill it, kill it, I can’t hold it anymore.”

The gods grinned, and his eyes were full of cold murderous intention.

After that, they followed the devil’s expert and killed them.


“Kill the offspring of Human Race!”

About five thousand demon, Demon Lord roar, with demonic energy soaring to the sky, rushed out from the Yin Ruins Demon Fort, and slew towards the expert of Tian Human Race.

There are five thousand Divine God Realms on both sides, and terrifying attacks collide together. The void in this area is in chaos.

The wave of terrifying energy swept across all directions, and the entire Star River outside the void was instantly blown up.

Countless stars burst, stars extinguished, and the endless void was torn into terrifying cracks.

Countless creatures fell in the battle between the two sides.

This is the terrifying of the Great Army of Gods and Lords. It takes place in the Universe Starry Sky and will destroy heaven and extinguishing earth.

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