Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4816


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After halfway through the distance, zombie sensed Lu Ming and the others, sent a roar, and charged towards Lu Ming and them.

“Speed ​​up!”

Lu Ming shouted, everyone increased their speed to the extreme, rushed forward with all their strength, and launched an attack at the same time, blasting a few zombies rushing forward.

roar roar roar …

The zombie roars, attracting more zombies, rushing to Lu Ming and them.

However, Lu Ming and the others played long needles and shuttles cut from blue rock, smashed a wave of zombie, and kept approaching the ancient city.

“They are Cangling!”

“And Lu Ming them!”

On the city wall, the sky and the others, I also found Lu Ming and Cangling.

“Prepare to leave the city to help Cangling and the others enter the city.”

The sky ordered.


Suddenly, there were hundreds of Sub Immortal Clan’s experts flying up in the sky, rushing towards them.

When they approached the zombie, one after another blue rays of light flew out between the waves.

These blue rays of light are all made of that kind of blue rock, which keeps those zombie hits back.

Hundreds of Sub Immortal Clan quickly approached Lu Ming and the others and cleared away the zombie in front of Lu Ming and the others. The two people merged. There was no accident. Soon Lu Ming and the others came to the ancient city.

For a certain distance close to the ancient city, those zombies dare not approach, they can only wander far away.

Boarding on the ancient city, Lu Ming, they are absolutely sure that this city wall is indeed made of blue rock, covered with some rune formations to consolidate the city wall. Even after endless years, Formation is still There are energy fluctuations.

“Lu Ming, didn’t expect you are here too…”

The sky greeted with a smile.

Lu Ming glanced away, and his heart sank slightly.

The silhouette flashes on the city wall of the ancient city, as well as inside the ancient city.

However, he hasn’t seen a silhouette of an exterminating army or a demon.

Among the ancient city, there is Sub Immortal Clan, and there is also Human Race, which means that the heavenly army and demons will not be destroyed.

Lu Ming gave a rough estimate. In this ancient city, there are nearly two thousand Human Races, and there are many people in Sub Immortal Clan, and there are nearly two thousand people.

“Brother Cangqiong, how do you see Heaven Extinguishing Army or demons here?”

Lu Ming asked.

“Heavenly Paradise is very large and the territory is very wide. When we came in, it was likely to be distributed in different areas. The Heavenly Annihilation Army or the Demon should be in other areas. We, Sub Immortal Clan, had thousands of people here. The area is only more than two thousand.”

An explanation of the smile of the sky.

Lu Ming nodded, I know what Cangqiang said makes sense.

Annihilation of the heavenly army or the demon, maybe in other areas, but he is very worried, whether other areas are also this kind of zombie, if there is no such blue rock, it is really very dangerous.

“Brother Cangqiong, do you know, what is going on with this zombie?”

Lu Ming asked the question in his mind.

“According to my guess, this kind of zombie should be a deadly corpse!”

Sky Road.

“Absolutely Yin Corpse?”

Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Tang Jun, Gu Mo and the others all showed doubts.

Because they have never heard of it.

“I don’t know the details, I just saw records in my clan’s ancient books. In the Desolate Flood Continent of the last era, there was a’corpse disaster’, and a large number of dead corpses appeared somewhere. The body is filled with black energy, and the body is comparable to a magic weapon, impervious to sword and spear, impervious to sword and spear, indestructible, strong in battle strength, and can strengthen itself by consuming the blood of other creatures, and can also transform other creatures into deadly corpses.”

“Later, it was human race Supreme who took action to suppress the corpse plague.”

Sky Road.

Lu Ming and the others moved in their hearts. What Cang Qiong said was really similar to the zombie they met.

Perhaps, it is a dead body.

“How did the deadly corpse come about?”

Lu Ming asked again.

“I don’t know, my clan’s ancient book does not record much about it. It’s just a brief introduction. I only know that Jueyin’s corpse is very difficult to deal with. We are also good luck. In this purple sky cave, There is a blue flame stone that can restrain the corpse.”

Sky Road.

“Zixiao Dongtian? Blue Flame Stone?”

Lu Ming and the others show confusion again.

Is this Heavenly Paradise, named Zixiao Dongtian, blue flame stone, does it mean that kind of blue rock?

“We found records in this ancient city. This Heavenly Paradise is named Zixiao Dongtian. As for the blue flame stone, it is the kind of blue rock that can restrain the zombie. The name is what I choose. /p>

Cang Qiong explained with a smile.

With Cangqiang’s explanation, Lu Ming also understood that this Heavenly Paradise, named Zixiaodongtian, Cangqiang and the others, entered Zixiaodongtian ten days earlier than Lu Ming. Was attacked by Jue Yin Corpse.

At first, many people fell.

Moreover, in Zixiao Cave, there are not ancient cities or ancient buildings. The city walls are all made of blue flame stones. In fact, there are very few. They are also good luck. They discovered that this ancient city can restrain the overcast. corpse.

Otherwise, it would be dangerous.

After listening to it, Lu Ming and the others felt even heavier. This blue flame stone can restrain the corpse, which is completely coincidental.

The sky and the others good luck, I found this ancient city.

The other people, if they didn’t find the blue flame stone, wouldn’t they be dangerous?

“Brother Cangqiong, what are your plans next? Don’t you stick to this city forever?”

Lu Ming asked.

“Of course not, but there are too many Absolute Yin corpses out there now. Once charge ahead, more Absolute Yin corpses may be attracted. When the time is surrounded by an army of Absolute Yin corpses, even if we have a blue flame stone, I am afraid It’s also difficult to deal with, you know, some of them are absolutely terrifying, and the blue flame stone is limited in its restraint.”

Sky Road.

Lu Ming nodded, he also understands this.

Although they have long needles and shuttles cut from the blue flame stone, they have limited lethality against the deadly corpse, and hitting the deadly corpse can only reduce the opponent’s strength and cannot kill them in one fell swoop.

It’s good to say that the number of Jue Yin corpses is small. Once there are too many and surrounded, even if there are weapons polished by the blue flame stone, it may be dangerous.

Furthermore, once you leave this ancient city, you have to face the siege of the deadly corpse at all times, and no matter how much blue flame stone you have, you will run out.

“However, we have been impossible to guard this city. In this ancient city, there is a mine with this kind of blue flame stone. On top of the pawn, as long as we succeed, we can easily break through the corpse’s defense and kill it…”

Cang Qiong explained.

Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing and the others’ eyes suddenly lit up.

Not bad, this is definitely a good way.

The material of the blue flame stone itself is not hard. Even if they are attached to it with divine force, they will easily collapse after hitting the corpse of the dead, and it is difficult to cause a fatal blow to the corpse of the dead.

However, if they attach the characteristics of the blue flame stone to their magic weapon, they can easily break through the defenses of Jue Yin Corpse and thwart Jue Yin Corpse into ashes.

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