Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4819


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With the talent of the sky and the cultivation base of the 9th layer of the gods, plus one attack and one defense two top source-level magic soldiers, the battle strength is absolutely amazing. Generally, the strongest Heavenly Monarch powerhouse is probably not his opponent.

The same as Ye Qiuxian back then.

Ye Qiuxian was also one attack and one defense two top-level source-level magic soldiers when attacking and destroying the garrison. The battle strength was amazing. At that time, when Lu Ming and Ye Qiuxian fought, at first still fell. Downwind.

It is better to rely on Qiuqiu to defeat the opponent.

The main reason is that Lu Ming lacks source-level defensive soldiers. In terms of defense, he is inferior to the opponent, and it is difficult to give full play to his strength.

Unfortunately, there are too few source-level defensive weapons. It is extremely difficult to get one, let alone the top-level source-level defensive weapons.


The sky shouted, taking the lead, rushing out of the ancient city.

Sub Immortal Clan’s other experts also followed the sky closely. There are several powerful experts on both sides of the sky, protecting the safety of the sky.

With the battle strength of the sky, you are not afraid of other deadly corpses, just afraid of the silver-eyed corpse.

More than two thousand experts of Sub Immortal Clan gathered together and rushed out like a sharp sword.

The silver-eyed corpse in this direction exudes a strong black air.


a violent roar, came from his mouth, and a terrifying sound wave came from his mouth, sweeping across all directions, making the sky and the earth tremble.

This seems to be giving orders. When the other Absolute Yin corpses heard it, they also screamed like a tide, rushing towards the people of Sub Immortal Clan.

The speed of both parties is very fast, and in a blink of an eye, they collided.


Sub Immortal Clan all the magical soldiers, attached to the blue flame stone, various weapons, attacked the dead Yin corpse.

Those Absolute Yin corpses, just like before, only know of offense, completely disregarding defense, and they were hit immediately.

pu! pu! …

Just like chopping melons and vegetables, the people of Sub Immortal Clan broke through the defense of Jue Yin corpse directly. Many Jue Yin corpses were chopped in half by a single blow. The corpse roared in pain.

“Useful, haha, die for me!”

“Kill me!”

The people of Sub Immortal Clan saw that the magical soldiers attached to the blue flame stone were useful, and they were overjoyed and their morale increased. What followed was a stormy offensive, and a large number of deadly corpses were shattered. .

The sky also met a dead-yin corpse.

This absolute corpse has a battle strength comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, very terrifying, impervious to sword and spear, neither water nor fire can approach, and is indestructible.


The sky was chopped out with a sword, and collided with the sharp claw of the corpse of the absolute Yin. Only a clang was heard, and the sharp claw of the corpse of the absolute Yin was cut off.

And the sword kept slashing towards the opponent.


The war sword slashed on the head of the dead Yin corpse, unexpectedly directly chopped off half of the opponent’s head, and strands of blue flame spread down from the opponent’s head, covering the opponent’s upper body. among them.

The opponent made a Tzzzzzzz sound, and white smoke came out.

Cang Qiong seized the opportunity and shot continuously, the densely packed sword light cut the opponent into pieces.

The people of other Sub Immortal Clan are the same, relying on the magic weapon attached to the blue flame stone to completely crush the dead body.


Finally, the silver-eyed corpse roared in anger, like a bolt of lightning, rushing to the sky and the others.

However, beside the sky, there is a mature man who has not taken any action before. At this time, he is like a sharp sword and flies to the silver-eyed corpse. Wherever his body passes, the space continues to explode, bursting with terror gas.


The Tian Human Race robust man, and the silver-eyed corpse, actually collided head-on, and burst out with a shocking roar. Then, he saw the burly figure of the silver-eyed corpse retreat violently, and a deep line appeared on him. In the deep wound, around the wound, blue flames flickered constantly.

“What a terrifying battle strength, this is the battle strength that surpasses the strongest Heavenly Monarch.”

Lu Ming and the others felt a sudden shock.

Sub Immortal Clan is really amazing, deep and unmeasurable, and actually owns a powerhouse with such battle strength.

Sub Immortal Clan is a robust man, even without the blue flame stone, it can compete head-on with the silver-eyed corpse. This battle strength is definitely not weaker than Gu Changfeng.

There is no more suspense.

Lu Ming They know that there is no suspense about the battle between Sub Immortal Clan and Jue Yin.

The battle strength of the Sub Immortal Clan robust man itself is not weaker than that of the silver-eyed corpse. With the magical weapon attached to the blue flame stone, the strength is completely above the opponent.

It’s only a matter of time before the opponent is defeated.

“You haven’t set out yet, you want to wait for us to defeat Jue Yin corpse, so you can pick up the bargain from behind, don’t you want to contribute?”

At this time, the extinction of Heavenly Monarch looked towards Lu Ming and the others, making a mockery.

“hmph, you yourself, don’t you have no action?”

Dandan fights back.

“We are going to make a move soon, but we didn’t make a move because we were afraid that you would follow to pick up the bargain.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch said with a sneer.

“Don’t worry, we won’t take advantage of you, let’s go.”

Lu Ming spoke, stopped talking, stepped out, and went in the other direction.

“Hehe, I hope you can break through smoothly.”

Exterminated Heavenly Monarch hypocritical and said, and then also took Tian Human Race, rushed out of the ancient city, and slew in the direction of another silver-eyed corpse.

The silver-eyed corpse roared and ordered the other dead corpses to rush towards the human race, and the two sides fought together.

“With our strength, if we want to deal with the silver-eyed corpse, we must have a plan. We will do this later…”

Lu Ming gave Xie Nianqing, Qiu Yue, Ling Yuwei and the others sound transmission.

Just now, Lu Ming has already figured out how to deal with the silver eye corpse.

With their strength, if you want to deal with the silver-eyed corpse, even if the blue flame stone is attached to the magic weapon, you must plan for a long time and plan carefully, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed.

“Okay, then do it!”

The others were nodded, and then they speeded up and rushed out of the ancient city.

When they saw Lu Ming rushing, the silver-eyed corpse in this direction let out a roar, and then, at least thousands of dead corpses rushed towards Lu Ming and them covering the mountains and plains.

Lu Ming and Qiuqiu, although there are only ten, they have no fear at all, and they directly collide with the army of corpses.

xiū xiū xiū …

Lu Ming brandished the War God gun, bursting out spear glows, dozens of spear glows, and stabbing dozens of corpses.

These absolutely defensive power corpses were originally attacked without the slightest defense against Lu Ming. They were easily pierced by the War God gun, and strands of blue flame enveloped these absolute corpses.

“haha, kill!”

Beside Lu Ming, Gu Mo exudes soul fluctuations. He holds Purple Gold and he keeps hacking, and every time he hacks, he splits the dead body in half.

In an instant, more than twenty dead-yin corpses have been split over by Gu Mo.

The others are not bad. With the magic weapon attached to the blue flame stone, dealing with these deadly corpses suddenly becomes very easy.

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