Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4820


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“To deal with these deadly corpses, use long spear to suffer.”

Lu Ming’s heart moved.

Using long spear, even if the corpse of Jueyin is pierced out of a hole, the corpse of Jueyin will not die. It is only hurt by the blue flame.

If you split Jue Yin corpse in half, you can lose battle strength in a short time.

It will be much easier to kill it completely.

Thinking of this, Lu Ming’s spear position changed. Instead of focusing on stabs, he changed to slash and stroke.

xiū xiū xiū …

The tip of the gun made a one after another arc, just like one after another blade light, and it hit a dead corpse.

puff puff puff …

These absolutely Yin corpses were directly split in half, losing their battle strength.

Then War God’s spear shook, and terrifying power broke out, crushing the deadly corpses that had been split in half, and blasted them all into pieces.

Lu Ming, ten of them, surrounded the city in a circle.

Lu Ming, Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Xie Nianqing and Qiu Yue have the strongest Heavenly Monarch battle strength, standing on the outermost periphery.

The gods, Ling Yuwei, Tang Jun, PaoPao are in the inner layer.

And Dandan is in the middle.

Among the ten, Dandan was the only one who did not take action against Jue Yin Corpse, because he had been engraving Formation.

In a blink of an eye, there were hundreds of Jue Yin corpses who were bombarded and killed by Lu Ming.

With the blue flame stone attached to the magic weapon, it is much easier to deal with the deadly corpse than before.

Before cutting off the corpse, it was like an ordinary person holding a kitchen knife and cutting it on steel. Now it is like an ordinary person holding a kitchen knife and cutting it on Chinese cabbage.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Besides, Jueyin Corpse has a natural fear of Blue Flame Stone. Facing the Blue Flame Stone, his strength cannot be fully exploded. It is naturally easier to deal with it.


Finally, the terrifying dead body approached Lu Ming and the others.

It is a deadly corpse comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, there are ten in total.


Lu Ming shouted, slapped it with a palm, and burst out in a prehistoric manner, condensing a continent, suppressing the two deadly corpses.

Two dead-yin corpses rose to the sky, tearing the mainland apart, but Lu Ming’s subsequent attack arrived.

Out of the sky-breaking style, Human and Spear Unity turned into a bright spear glow, stabbing one of the deadly corpses and piercing its body.

The blue flame on the blue flame stone immediately diffused out. This deadly corpse roared and retreated violently, urging black energy to fight the blue flame with all its strength.

Then, Lu Ming turned around, and then slew the second corpse.

shua~ shua~ shua~ …

This absolutely Yin corpse kept grabbing both claws, bursting out terrifying claws, and confronted Lu Ming.

hong long long!

The two confronted more than a dozen moves in a row. In the end, Lu Ming defeated these claws, and the War God gun pierced the palm of the corpse, easily breaking through the opponent’s defense and piercing the opponent’s palm. , And the War God gun kept moving forward, piercing the chest of Jue Yin corpse.

Jueyin’s corpse was severely injured, and his body retreated sharply.

However, Lu Ming will not let the opponent leave easily, and the spear is changed from stabbing to chopping.


I was directly injured by the blue flame stone. Naturally, he was not Lu Ming’s opponent, and was immediately split in half.

However, these absolute Yin corpses are really very powerful, and the body that has been split in half is still filled with black energy and wants to recover.

But Lu Ming kept shooting, and the War God gun continuously stabbed the Jue Yin corpse. The blue flame on the blue rock continued to diffuse out, completely covering the Jue Yin corpse and consuming the opponent’s black energy.

Then War God shot, and the opponent’s body was completely broken into pieces.

A deadly corpse comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, was completely killed.

Gu Mo, Xie Nianqing, Qiu Yue, Qiuqiu, with the cooperation of the blue flame stone, achieved brilliant results. At this time, they also killed a deadly corpse comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch level.

There are only five of the ten strongest corpses left.


Finally, the silver-eyed corpse couldn’t hold back and finally shot, it roared and rushed towards Lu Ming and the others.

“Be careful, defend!”

Lu Ming shouted, his stature retreated sharply and returned to the circle.

Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Xie Nianqing, and Qiu Yue also retreated, joined the crowd, and regrouped in a circle with the weaker ones in the middle.

The silver-eyed corpse, after rushing for a certain distance, stopped several dozen li away from Lu Ming and the others, and did not continue to rush forward, but waved two sharp claws and grabbed them continuously.

chi chi chi …

Sharp claw caught it, the void was torn apart, and several terrifying claws caught Lu Ming at an astonishing speed.

“Block it!”

Lu Ming drank low, restored the War God gun, swept it out continuously, and hit several claws.


The War God gun vibrated violently. Lu Ming felt a terrifying force. It rushed from the War God gun and rushed into Lu Ming’s body. Lu Ming shook violently, his body retreated involuntarily, his feet touching the ground Two pits slipped out.

Lu Ming’s arms were trembling slightly, and within the body the blood surged, almost a mouthful of blood spurted.

Too strong, the attack power of this silver-eyed corpse is too strong, far surpassing the strongest Heavenly Monarch, Lu Ming wants to block it, very reluctant.

This is just a claw mang. The opponent’s body is not close, and the attack power cannot be fully utilized. Otherwise, Lu Ming may be directly injured.

This is definitely comparable to Gu Changfeng’s battle strength.

However, the opponent’s spiritual wisdom is not low, and he is obviously very jealous of the blue flame stone, and he dare not approach it, but only dare to launch a long-range attack from a distance.


The silver-eyed corpse uttered another roar, and violently grabbed it out with two claws, and the two claws flew out through the air, continuing to grab Lu Ming.

Obviously, the silver-eyed corpse wanted to keep attacking one point, breaking it, and then completely defeating Lu Ming and the others.

“I will block his attack.”

Gu Mo’s voice came out, and his body flashed, and he appeared in front of Lu Ming, regardless of his own defense, letting his claws attack him.

With two roars of’Dangdang’, Gu Mo retreated violently, but nothing happened.

Gu Mo’s body is too hard. In terms of defensive power, it is stronger than the silver-eyed corpse. The attack of the silver-eyed corpse can’t break Gu Mo’s defense at all and can only repel Gu Mo.

After Gu Mo was repulsed, his power exploded, and he rushed to the silver-eyed corpse again, to fight the silver-eyed corpse.

The silver-eyed corpse roared, and the two claws were caught in succession. The terrifying claws once again struck Gu Mo, knocking Gu Mo into the air, but Gu Mo was still fine.

“hahaha, come, come again…”

Gu Mo laughed and continued to charge forward.

This silver-eyed corpse, obviously will not soul attack, will not hurt Gu Mo’s soul, and will not threaten Gu Mo at all.

Gu Mo continued to rush towards the silver-eyed corpse.

This time, the silver-eyed Yin corpse has become smarter. Instead of attacking Gu Mo, his figure shook, disappearing in place like a bolt of lightning, appearing in another direction, grabbing two claws, and grabbing To Qiu Yue.

“Nine orifices in one yuan cut!”

Qiu Yue made the strongest move, a sabre light cut horizontally and collided with two claws.

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