Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4821


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However, like Lu Ming, it is difficult for Qiu Yue to completely block the formidable power of the claw mang. There is still residual formidable power that hits Qiu Yue’s body, causing Qiu Yue to recede and his face flushed.

shua shua!

This silver-eyed corpse is really smart. Seeing that the attack is effective on Qiu Yue, he continues to attack.

“Your opponent is me.”

Gu Mo shouted and rushed towards Qiu Yue again, helping Qiu Yue block the 2nd move.

But the silver-eyed corpse flashed again and appeared in front of Lu Ming. The sharp claw broke through the air, and two claws attacked Lu Ming.

The speed of the silver-eyed corpse is too fast, Gu Mo alone can’t stop it.

Fortunately, Qiuqiu was well prepared.

In a flash, Qiuqiu appeared in Lu Ming divine spear, turned into a battle halberd, and slashed out.

However, Qiuqiu was also lost, and his body was knocked out.

But like Gu Mo, Qiuqiu was just knocked out, but nothing happened.

Qiuqiu is a metal life. Its life force and defensive power are very high.

even more how, Qiuqiu also swallowed the source-level Divine Weapon Level armor, and he has the defensive power of the source-level divine weapon armor, making his own defensive power more amazing, and the silver-eyed corpse is pure The defensive power of Qiuqiu can’t be broken by the claw mans.

“Gu Mo, we are alone, to block its attack.”

Qiuqiu gave Gu Mo sound transmission.


Gu Mo responded, and Qiuqiu was alone, staring at the silver-eyed corpse.

Next, the silver-eyed corpse continued to change its position and launched several attacks, all of which were blocked by Gu Mo and Qiuqiu.

Gu Mo and Qiuqiu joined forces and finally kept up with the rhythm of the silver-eyed corpse.


The silver-eyed corpse roared in anger, and the fierce light flashed in his eyes.

“This silver-eyed corpse is about to lose its sanity. It won’t be long before the horror is about to risk a close attack, Dandan, your array, how is the layout?”

Lu Ming gave sound transmission to everyone, and finally asked Dandan.

“Quickly, quickly, you guys hold on for a while…”

Dandan responded, he had already turned into a prototype, the rune on the tortoise shell was permeated, and a large amount of rune permeated out all the time, seeping into the void.

He has white smoke all over his body, apparently doing his best.

At this time, in other directions, Sub Immortal Clan had already solved the battle.

Among them, there was a peerless expert who surpassed the strongest Heavenly Monarch, coupled with the blue flame stone, there was basically no suspense in the battle, and it didn’t take much time to kill the silver-eyed corpse.

It was easier to kill the Silver Eyed corpse, and then deal with other Absolute Sins. Thousands of Absolute Sins were quickly solved by Sub Immortal Clan, and the ground was full of scraps of Absolute Sins.

They stand high in the sky, looking towards the battlefield of Tian Human Race and Lu Ming.

“Young Master, do we want to help them?”

A person from Sub Immortal Clan asked.

“Help them? Why do you want to help them? One person who agrees to solve one party, let them solve it by themselves, let’s go and go to the ‘Qi Vessel’ that is about to collapse.”

The sky said lightly.

Then, the people of Sub Immortal Clan left here quickly, disappear without a trace.

At this time, the battle between Tian Human Race and Jue Yin Corpse is at its final juncture.

Originally, although the Heavenly Human Race had six battle strengths of the strongest Heavenly Monarch, it was difficult to fight against a silver-eyed corpse, but they had a secret treasure.

This secret treasure is a one-time secret treasure. It is very precious and invaluable. Even if the Heavenly Monarch were exterminated, there would only be one.

This secret treasure is excavated by Human Race from a ruin in the ruins of the universe. Once activated, it can be transformed into thousands of powerful puppets, entwining the silver eye corpse.

In addition, the two primordial puppets desperately entangled the silver-eyed corpse. After paying a lot of money, they exterminated the Heavenly Monarch, and the Heavenly Monarch and the others seized the opportunity to attach the blue The flame stone’s magic weapon hit the silver eyed corpse, and finally successfully killed it.

However, in this battle, the Tian Human Race destroyed a valuable artifact. Two primordial Spiritual God puppets were also severely injured. One of them was almost torn in two.

The other one has a tattered body.

However, this primordial puppet has become very evil through the continuous experimentation of Human Race. It has incorporated dozens of top forces in the universe. Although it has been hit hard, it will quickly recover itself.

After slaying the Silver Eyed corpse, it’s easy to deal with other absolute corpses.

Tian Human Race quickly took control of the situation.

Then, their gazes looked towards Lu Ming and their battlefield.

“There are actually five experts comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, this Lu Ming…”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch, Heavenly Monarch and the others violently contracted pupils, revealing deep fear.

Lu Ming, there are only ten people, and they actually have five of the strongest Heavenly Monarch battle strengths, which is too terrifying.

“Extinct, shall we leave, or?”

Heavenly Monarch asked.

“No, I want to watch it here. Although Lu Ming has the five strongest Heavenly Monarch battle strengths, they are definitely not the opponents of the silver-eyed corpse. Sooner or later they will be defeated by the silver-eyed corpse. , I want to see with my own eyes how Lu Ming was killed.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch coldly said.

They look at the battlefield of Lu Ming and the others, wanting to see Lu Ming and the others being killed by the dead body.

At this time, the battle between Lu Ming and Jue Yin Corpse has also entered a critical moment.

The silver-eyed corpse finally couldn’t hold it back, and gradually lost its sanity, roared angrily, rushed towards Lu Ming and the others, intending to engage in close combat.

“Be careful!”

Lu Ming roared.

The battle strength of the silver-eyed corpse is very terrifying, and the most terrifying is undoubtedly close combat, which is very dangerous.

Lu Ming, Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Xie Nianqing, and Qiu Yue five people, raised the battle strength to the extreme, ready to fight with the silver-eyed corpse, delaying time.

“I am coming!”

Gu Mo roared, and rushed out first, rushing to the silver-eyed corpse, the Purple Gold battle yoke with blue flame stone attached, and slashed out.

The silver-eyed corpse roared, but didn’t evade, sharp claw grabbed Gu Mo directly.

With a sound, the Purple Gold waryue collided with the sharp claw of the silver-eyed corpse, and there was a terrible roar.

Next, Gu Mo’s body retreated violently, and was blown away by a powerful force.

The body of the Yinyan Yin corpse paused for a while, and rushed towards Lu Ming and the others.

“Only one nail was broken…”

Lu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly.

You should know that the Purple Gold battle yue in Gu Mo’s hand has already attached the blue flame stone, which can restrain the dead body and easily break through the opponent’s defense.

But in the collision just now, only one nail was cut off.

Obviously, the silver-eyed corpse is too strong, the body is sturdy and immortal, and it has a strong resistance to the blue flame stone.

Even if relying on the blue flame stone, it is not easy to break through the opponent’s defense.

“Set it for me!”

Qiuqiu shouted, a beam of illusion light shot out from his body, covering the silver-eyed corpse.

Silver-eyed Yin corpse, the body really stopped for a while.

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