Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4822


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Qiuqiu’s illusion light beam is useful for the silver-eyed corpse, which shows that this silver-eyed corpse contains soul and is affected by the illusion light beam.

However, it was only slightly affected. The black qi on the silver-eyed corpse soared, and it immediately smashed the illusion light beam and rushed towards Lu Ming and the others.

At this time, Xie Nianqing and Qiu Yue shot one after another.

Xie Nianqing took out the illusory shadow of the immeasurable demon stele, exuding overflowing Heavenly Demon Qi, and suppressed the corpse with silver eyes.

And Qiu Yue, cut out the strongest one.

bang! bang!

The sharp claw of the silver-eyed corpse was captured continuously, defeating the attacks of Xie Nianqing and Qiu Yue.

However, Qiu Yue’s battle knife also had a blue flame stone attached to it. This blow also successfully cut off a nail of the silver-eyed corpse.

Previous style!

Breaking style!

Lu Ming also shot, first hit with a palm, and then Human and Spear Unity, a spear thrust to the Yinyan Yin corpse.

But the silver-eyed corpse just grabbed it with one claw and tore the continent to pieces, and then grabbed the tip of the War God gun with one claw.

Tzzzzzzz …

The tip of the War God gun pierced the palm of the silver-eyed corpse, making a Tzzzzzzz sound, sparks radiate all around, and the body of the War God gun bends, and at the same time, Lu Ming felt a terrifying The power of matchless came frantically from the War God gun.

Ka-cha said, Lu Ming’s hand bones broke open immediately, he retreated violently, and he retreated to the side of Ling Yuwei and the others before stopping.

“No piercing!”

Lu Ming eyes slightly shrink.

He clearly saw that the palm of the silver-eyed corpse, not at all, was pierced by him, only about half of it was pierced. There was a blue flame that diffused from the wound on the palm of the silver-eyed corpse, covering the whole Only the palm of the hand, and quickly spread upward along the arm.


The silver-eyed corpse let out a terrifying roar, and the trembling world roared endlessly. The black energy on his body soared, and the rich black energy rushed to his arm, forcibly suppressing the blue flame.

Then, the silver-eyed corpse, killed Lu Ming and the others.

Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing and Qiu Yue can only join forces again to resist.

This time, Lu Ming waved his hand and shot out hundreds of needles and shuttles cut from blue flame stones, rushing towards the silver-eyed corpse.

However, it is not attached to the magic weapon, without the formidable power blessing of the magic weapon, without the blessing of their own power, the blue flame stone is too fragile, the silver-eyed corpse sharp claw is waved in succession, and it is powerful, The blue flame stone long needle and shuttle were all defeated.

However, Lu Ming and the others had expected that with a wave of hands, a large group of blue flame stone powder flew out, covering a large area.

This somewhat affected the silver-eyed corpse. The blue flame stone powder covered him and made a chi chi chi sound, which had some influence on the speed and power of the silver-eyed corpse.

Then the five people of Lu Ming went all out, barely blocking the attack of the silver-eyed corpse, but they also retreated steadily.

Gu Mo and Qiuqiu are okay. Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing and Qiu Yue are all injured, with blood hanging on the corners of their mouths.

Under the premise that there is a blue flame stone, although the silver-eyed corpse has a strong resistance to the blue flame stone, the blue flame stone can affect him to some extent, especially if it is attached to the gods, the formidable power Surprisingly, if the silver-eyed corpse was hit, it would be damaged. Otherwise, it would be difficult to compete with such a powerhouse with the five people of Lu Ming.

For example, the five of Lu Ming and Gu Changfeng, or the battle with Ye Immortal, were quickly defeated, and they would never last for so long.

The five people of Lu Ming, who used all kinds of methods, cooperated with the blue flame stone, and entangled with the silver-eyed corpse for over ten minutes.

“It’s done, I got it…”

Finally, Dandan’s silhouette sounded in everyone’s ears.

Everyone was refreshed.

They are just waiting for this moment.

“Follow the plan and take action!”

Lu Ming sound transmission to everyone.

“Stop me!”

Qiuqiu shouted, the first to shoot, shot a beam of illusion light, and enveloped the silver-eyed corpse.

Qiuqiu’s illusion light beam has an effect on the silver-eyed corpse, but the effect is very small. Under normal circumstances, the silver-eyed corpse can break free at once.

But now, what they need is just that all at once, that’s enough.

“Time Marsh!”

PaoPao followed the shot, eyebrows glowed, two original ancient characters flew out, Time and Space Strength erupted, and the silver-eyed corpse was enveloped in Time and Space Strength.


The silver-eyed corpse roared, and the black energy burst out. As soon as he struggled, he broke free of the illusion beam, and a powerful force burst out, trying to defeat PaoPao’s time and space swamp.

PaoPao’s Time and Space Strength is very strong, but unfortunately her cultivation base is weaker, only the Divine Lord Seventh Layer, which is too far away from the silver eye corpse, and can only affect a little at most, which can cause big interference.

But a little influence is enough.

“Heavenly demon realm!”

Xie Nianqing shot almost at the same time as PaoPao, hitting the heavenly demon field.

With the cultivation base of Xie Nianqing, coupled with the blessing of the immeasurable demon monument, the formidable power of the heavenly demon domain has been upgraded to Peak, and with PaoPao’s Time and Space Strength, the speed of the silver-eyed corpse has dropped a lot. The figure is like being trapped in a swamp.

“inescapable net, block me!”

Dandan shouting loudly, press the volley with both hands, the void is full of runes, and countless runes are intertwined to form a Formation.

This Formation condense inescapable net, above and below, is surrounded by two nets at the same time, towards the silver-eyed corpse.

The silver-eyed corpse was successively affected by the illusion light beam, the time-space swamp, and the heavenly demon realm. It was too late to escape the scope of the Formation, and was directly enveloped by two large nets.


The silver-eyed corpse roared, struggling frantically.

However, this Formation was obtained by Dandan from the ruins of Myriad Transformations, and it took a lot of time to arrange it. The formidable power is extremely strong. It is not easy for the silver-eyed corpse to break free in a short time.

Lu Ming and the others will not give him time to break free.

Lu Ming, Qiu Yue, Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Wanshen, Ling Yuwei, Tang Jun and the others have all shot together.

xiū xiū xiū …

Ling Yuwei bend bow and place arrow, shooting nine arrows in a row.

This arrow is not composed of energy, but an entity, a solid magic weapon. The arrow of each arrow is attached to a blue flame stone.

Nine arrows, breaking through the ruins, the first one was near the silver-eyed corpse. Although six of them were shot by the silver-eyed corpse, there were still three arrows that hit the silver-eyed corpse. Three small pits were shot out from the corpse, and the blue flame on them immediately spread all around along the small pits.

Later, Lu Ming, Qiu Yue and the others attacked.

Qiu Yue slashed out with all his strength and slashed towards the head of the Yin-eye Yin corpse, blocked by the silver-eye Yin corpse’s waving arm, and the sword slashed on the silver-eye corpse’s arm.

The other arm of the silver-eyed corpse blocked Qiuqiu’s attack.

However, although he blocked Qiu Yue and Qiuqiu’s attacks with his arms, his arms were also chopped. The blue flames filled the air and quickly consumed the black energy of the silver-eyed corpse.

The attacks of Lu Ming and Gu Mo have also arrived.

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