Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4823


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Lu Ming directly threw the War God gun out, and the War God gun pierced the silver-eyed corpse like a bolt of lightning.

The silver-eyed corpse at this time is hard to escape.

pu’ sound, the chest of the silver-eyed corpse was pierced by the War God gun, but it didn’t penetrate, only half way in.

Half is enough, the blue flame spread out, almost covering the upper body of the silver-eyed corpse in the blue flame.

And Lu Ming was holding a war sword in his hand and slashed towards the silver-eyed corpse. )

This war sword is also a source-level magic weapon, with blue flame stone attached to it.

Lu Ming’s war sword almost fought against Gu Mo’s Purple Gold, and at the same time it struck the silver-eyed corpse.

After several weakenings, the defensive power of the silver-eyed corpse has been reduced. In addition, Lu Ming and Gu Mo took full action, finally completely broke the defense of the silver-eyed corpse, and cut the silver-eyed corpse into Three yuan.

The raging blue flame completely shrouded the silver-eyed corpse.

Next, Ten Thousand Gods and Jun Tang’s attack also arrived, and the strikes beat the corpse of the silver eye to dozens of pieces.

Lu Ming and the others did not stop, but continued to attack.

bang bang bang!

After another wave of attacks, the silver-eyed corpse was completely branded into powder and could no longer be resurrected.

The silver-eyed corpse was finally wiped out under Lu Ming and their series of elaborate plots.


Lu Ming grabbed the War God gun and stabbed it to the right. He stabbed a deadly corpse comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, pierced it, and then the left and right sword power split out, and this Jue Yin corpse split in half.

Although the deadly corpses were killed, the war was not over. The remaining deadly corpses were irrational. When the silver-eyed corpses died, they rushed towards Lu Ming.

However, there are no silver-eyed corpses. These absolutely corpses have not caused much threat to Lu Ming and the others.

This scene was seen by Human Race in the distance.

“Damn it, the silver-eyed corpse was killed by them.”

Heavenly Monarch roared, very upset.

“A brilliant plot against, this Lu Ming is really deep-minded. A series of arrangements that perfectly combined their powers to kill the silver-eyed corpse, but this also shows that Something.”

Destroying Heavenly Monarch Dao, but not as angry as Heavenly Monarch.

“What’s the matter?”

Heavenly Monarch asked.

“When they were attacked by the silver-eyed corpse just now, surrounded by perils, the two women of Lu Ming were injured, but Lu Ming has not used any stronger power for a long time. It seems that the ancestors Good guess…”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch coldly said, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, most of the fear in Lu Ming disappeared.

“You mean, Lu Ming’s power to kill the three strongest Heavenly Monarch back then can no longer be used.”

Heavenly Monarch eyes shined, remembered.

“Most likely, it can’t be used anymore. Otherwise, it’s impossible to sit back and watch your woman get hurt, but in order to guard against the unexpected, you’d better observe and observe. If you can’t use that power, Lu Ming is fine To deal with more…”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch Road.

He was mainly afraid of the kind of power that Lu Ming used at the Exterminating Army’s garrison. It was too strong. Killing the strongest Heavenly Monarch was like cutting melons and vegetables.

If there is no such power, Lu Ming is only comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch. He himself is the strongest Heavenly Monarch. What is there to fear?

However, he is still afraid to take action against Lu Ming.

First, there are five strongest Heavenly Monarchs on Lu Ming’s side. Although they have six, the two primordial Spiritual God puppets have been hit hard, and now they are shot.

There is one more, not afraid of accidents, but just in case, he is afraid that Lu Ming can still use that power in case.

“Go, let’s leave first.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch Dao, and left here with the people of Tian Human Race.

Besides the ancient city, only Lu Ming and the others are still fighting with the dead corpse.

However, the remaining Jue Yin corpses were not enough to threaten Lu Ming and the others. With the blessing of the blue flame stone, a large number of Jue Yin corpses were killed. Soon, the strongest batch of Jue Yin corpses was killed by Lu. Ming they killed them all, and then rushed out of the encirclement, throwing away the weaker corpses.

“Lu Ming, where do you go next?”

Gu Mo asked.

“When we went to ancient city with the people from Sub Immortal Clan before, we saw a ‘Qi Vessel’ was about to collapse. Let’s go there.”

Lu Ming said.

It is not easy to find the Qi pulse. The Qi pulse collapses, and the treasure below the Qi pulse will fly out. This is an opportunity and should not be missed.

Others naturally had no objections, and the entire group flew in the direction of that vitality.

On the way, although occasionally a small number of corpses may be encountered, they are not a threat to them and they are easily killed.

Shortly afterwards, Lu Ming and the others came to the vicinity of that vitality again.

Last time, when they passed this vital energy channel, there were many Absolute Yin corpses around it, but when they came this time, they did not see any Absolute Yin corpse.

Because, they were all killed.

I was killed by Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race.

Lu Ming narrowed his gaze slightly. Not far in front, there were a lot of silhouettes, including Sub Immortal Clan led by the sky, and the Heavenly Human Race led by the extinct Heavenly Monarch and the Heavenly Monarch.

Apparently, after they left ancient city, they also came here.

hong long long!

There was a dull roar, coming from underground.

The air veins, on the outside, seem to be the mountain range, which is very magnificent. At this time, there are huge cracks in this magnificent mountain range, spreading towards all directions.

In the cracks, the purple-golden glow rushes out from time to time, which is extremely dazzling.

Sub Immortal Clan, Tian Human Race, stood on the periphery of the mountain range and did not approach.

Lu Ming entire group flew directly over.

Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race naturally discovered Lu Ming immediately.

Qianqiang’s eyes flashed slightly, as if he was a little surprised after seeing Lu Ming entire group.

At this time, Lu Ming and their injuries have almost recovered.

Cang Qiong did not expect that Lu Ming entire group would have solved Jue Yin corpse unscathed and arrived here.

“Brother Lu, you are all very good!”

Cang Qiong walked over and greeted Lu Ming with a smile.

“hmph, hypocritical.”

Dandan was unhappy coldly snorted, but the voice did not come out, it just rang in Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing and the others’ ears, but the sky did not hear it.

Lu Ming naturally knows why Dandan is not cool.

In Sub Immortal Clan, there is a powerful peerless expert. They have solved the silver-eyed corpse a long time ago, but left alone, without any intention of helping.

What about the good alliance?

And Lu Ming they also saved Sub Immortal Clan’s people before.

Obviously, the surface of the sky looks mild, but it is insidious.

However, Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Qiu Yue, Wanshen and the others are all old worlds, and the control of expressions is still in place. Although the heart is upset, the surface is calm.

After all, this is not the time to offend Sub Immortal Clan.

Only forbidden land creatures and Heaven Human Race, Heaven Extinguishing Army is very difficult to deal with, and there is no need to fight Sub Immortal Clan.

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