Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4825


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Lu Ming and the others sneered. Of course, they knew who the “weak party” referred to by Extinguishing Heavenly Monarch refers to Lu Ming and the others.

Sub Immortal Clan, Tian Human Race, has more than two thousand experts, powerful.

As for Lu Ming and Qiuqiu, there are only ten people in total. When compared, their strength is too weak.

Obviously, the subtext of the extinction of Heavenly Monarch is that Lu Ming and the others are not worthy to cooperate with Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race.

The sky pondered for a while, and said: “Why don’t we, the three of us, act separately? So that we don’t get into the Qi, because the treasure hurts the harmony.”

Entering the Qi Vessel, once you find treasure, everyone will definitely want it, but it is inevitable to fight.

You can avoid this problem by acting separately.

Cang Qiong said it was a lot more polite, but the meaning is actually the same as the people of Tian Human Race, and they don’t want to act with Lu Ming.

With Lu Ming and their talents, how can they not be heard?

“These guys…”

Dandan is very upset.

“Okay, that’s right.”

Lu Ming said, who is honest, he still doesn’t want to cooperate with these people.

“Then let’s choose the direction to enter the Qi Channel. That direction will belong to us.”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch opened his mouth, pointing to the northeast direction.

“We were the first to come here, so let’s get into the Qi Vessel from here.”

The sky also opened the mouth and said.

“Why did you choose first? Why did you choose the two best places?”

Dandan finally couldn’t help but yell.

The gods, Ling Yuwei and others, also showed anger.

The position to enter the energy veins is also very particular. The two positions chosen by Human Race and Sub Immortal Clan have the largest cracks. The hole that overflowed before Heavenly God has the most light and richest light. The treasures inside are probably the most. .

Other directions, relatively speaking, are much worse.

“The two of us are first-come, first-come, first-served. Naturally, we choose first, and we have so many people, even if there is a treasure, there are very few of us, and you only have ten. , You can choose any direction.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch coldly said.

“Yes, besides these two positions, the other that many positions are up to you to choose. If you don’t thank us, it’s all, and you have to blame us. It’s too greedy.”

Heavenly Monarch continued.

“Wori, it’s all nonsense, what does this have to do with the number of people?”

This time it was all gods who cursed, he was furious and he looked like he was about to do something.

But one hand grabbed the shoulders of the gods and said: “Forget it, disinclined to pay attention to these shameless people, let’s choose another position.”

It was Dandan who stopped the gods.

“Dandan this guy…did he find something?”

Lu Ming knows Dandan too well. As soon as you look at Dandan’s eyes, you know what this guy has found. The previous rants were pretended.

Otherwise, with Dandan’s character, he definitely broke out with the gods, how could he stop the gods?

“Why? They clearly chose the best position.”

The gods still refuse.

“God, forget it, we don’t bother to fight with them, let’s go, let’s go to another position.”

Lu Ming stopped the gods and flew to other locations.

Lu Ming spoke, and the gods had no choice but to coldly snorted angrily and followed Lu Ming.

Xie Nianqing, Ling Yuwei and the others followed.

“Hehe, it seems that Lu Ming is really limited…”

Extinction of Heavenly Monarch is more assured.

He chose a good position just now for two purposes.

A purpose, a good location, naturally has a good treasure.

The second purpose is to test Lu Ming.

If Lu Ming is really strong, he will not submit to humiliation.

Extinction Heavenly Monarch has less scrupulousness towards Lu Ming, and brought the people from Tian Human Race to the position they chose.

Lu Ming, they also came to other directions.

“Lu Ming, and Dandan, why do you want to give up? It’s really a battle. Although they are crowded, we may not be afraid.”

Van Shen complained a little unhappy.

“This question is about to ask Dandan, Dandan, did you find anything?”

Lu Ming asked Dandan.

“haha, as expected to be Lu Ming, I have a bit of demeanor, yes, I did find that I felt the fluctuation of Formation in other positions.”

Dandan proudly said with a smile.

“Formation fluctuations? What do you mean?”

The gods still don’t understand.

“The Formation fluctuation is not on the mountain range, but under the Qi pulse.”

Dandan added.

At this moment, Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Tang Jun, and Gu Mo all reacted and their eyes suddenly brightened.

Under the Qi pulse, there are Formation fluctuations, which can explain many problems.

Be aware that there is no building above this vitality, and no Formation has been found, indicating that no one lived here in the last era.

Under an uninhabited vein, there are Formation fluctuations.

This is definitely not simple.

Could it be that a certain powerhouse in the last era opened up a Cave Mansion under the Qi Vessel?

According to some data obtained from the ruins of the universe, those great abilities of the last era like to open Cave Mansion in some remote places.

If you can find the Cave Mansion that this Yuan was able to develop in the last epoch, you may be able to gain a lot.

“What do you mean?”

The gods are still a little confused.

“Big guy, your head is not good. Learn more with me in the future. You see how smart Lu Ming is because I have been with me for a long time…”

Next, Dandan briefly recounted his speculation.

“so that’s how it is, no wonder I said how could you give in easily, haha, then we go quickly.”

Van God said with great happiness.


Dandan led the way and quickly arrived at his destination.

This is the other side of the Qi vein. It’s a little far away from the location chosen by Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race.

The cracks here are very small. The Heavenly God light from the hole that overflowed before is not rich. People from Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race will definitely not choose here.

“Dandan, is this here?”

Lu Ming asked.

After coming here, Lu Ming and others still did not feel any fluctuations in the Formation.

But they doubt Dandan’s words, Dandan is too keen on Formation now, It shouldn’t be wrong.

“Yes, it’s here, let’s wait, wait until the Heavenly God light in the hole below, overflow a little more, we will go in…”

Dandan said.

In a blink of an eye, another seven days passed.

At this time, the Heavenly God light in the hole in the energy veins has almost dissipated. Even if there are leftovers, it is very thin. Lu Ming and the others are enough to deal with.

The people in the other two directions, Sub Immortal Clan and Tian Human Race, have entered the energy veins to find treasure.


Lu Ming took the lead and rushed in from the crack under his feet. The War God gun was already in his hand, and the strength of Taboo was spread all over his body.