Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4826


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No one knows the dangers in the vitality?

After all, this Heavenly Paradise is different.

In other places, there are a lot of Absolute Yin Corpses, and there are other weird things in that vitality, which is not impossible, it is better to be careful.

Their formation is the same as before, with Lu Ming, Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Xie Nianqing and Qiu Yue at the outermost periphery, surrounded by Ling Yuwei, Tang Jun, Wanshen, Dandan and PaoPao.

“Hey, within this vitality, not at all the cold breath.”

As soon as Lu Ming entered the Qi pulse, they felt that, in the Qi pulse, not at all, the gloomy and cold aura all over the space outside.

“Without gloomy and cold aura, precious divine medicine might be born.”

Dandan’s eyes lit up.

The reason why you can’t find divine medicine outside is because there is a cold atmosphere everywhere, destroying the illusion of divine medicine.

In this vein, there should be a hole in the Heavenly God light. That kind of gloomy and cold aura can’t invade, and the environment is blessed by heaven. Maybe it can give birth to rare divine medicine.

The crack was very deep, and they flew several hundred li all the way down, far from reaching the end.

“The position of Formation fluctuation is coming soon.”

Dandan called.

After they dropped another 10 li, they stopped.

“Formation came from behind this rock.”

Dandan points to the rocky road ahead.

“Dig through the rocks.”

Lu Ming, the first shot was made, and the War God gun spun quickly, like a drill, piercing the wall.

Tzzzzzzz …


The wall suddenly made a harsh sound, sparks radiate all around, and then pieces of rocks broke apart.

The rock here is hard and a bit exaggerated. With Lu Ming’s cultivation base and War God gun, the speed of digging is actually not very fast.

But this is normal. This is the inside of the Qi Vessel, which is nourished by the Heavenly God light all the year round. Ordinary rocks have become extremely hard, like gods.

Gu Mo and Qiuqiu also went to dig rocks together.

Others didn’t take action, so beware all around to deal with emergencies.

Although the rock is hard, under the joint hands of Lu Ming, Gu Mo, and Qiuqiu, a big hole was dug soon. Suddenly, with a touch, Lu Ming’s War God gun pierced a beam of sunlight. Xiaguang is completely motionless.

“Stop, here, Formation fluctuates, this is it.”

Dandan called.

Lu Ming and the three stopped, Dandan stepped forward and observed carefully.

“So amazing array, so mysterious array, wonderful, really wonderful…”

Dandan sighed again and again, the golden light in his eyes gleamed, as if he had seen the Supreme treasure.

“I said Dandan, can you break this Formation?”

The gods asked.

“If it was in the past, I really can’t, but through the ruins of Myriad Transformations, I am not what I used to be, and this Formation, after all, has been too many years, there is already a weak spot, it is not difficult to break it , Up to three days for success.”

Dandan said.

“For three days, it will take so long, then the treasure under this vitality will be searched by others?”

The Pantheon.

“This is probably the Cave Mansion left by a mighty from the last era. If the mighty left some treasures, it would not be comparable to those prehistoric crystals.”

Dandan said.

Finally, Lu Ming and the others were persuaded by Dandan to protect him here, and Dandan started breaking the formation with all his strength.

Dandan turned into the main body, the shell of the tortoise was gleaming, and densely packed rune appeared on it, so I started to study the array here.

Dandan’s research is breaking the formation, and I can learn it myself. For the Formation Way, my understanding will become deeper and deeper, which is also an improvement.

Three days, in a blink of an eye.


Dandan lightly shouted, his palm pushed forward. In front of his palm, there are densely packed runes. These runes are constantly intertwined to form a circular pattern.

The circular pattern was printed on the front array, and the Formation immediately fluctuated violently. After a while, a gap appeared on the Formation.

“Success. This gap is enough to last for several hours. I have sensed that there is no danger in the Formation. Let’s go in.”

Dandan said, after speaking, he first entered the gap of Formation.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing and the others also entered the gap.

next moment, they appeared in a cave.

This cave is not big, and its radius is about ten meters.

The furnishings in the cave are also very simple, with only one stone table and two stone benches.

On the other side of the ground, there is a futon.

Apart from this, nothing else.

The eyes of everyone first fell on the stone table.

Because there are some things on the stone table.

First, there are twelve iron plates.

Each piece of iron plate is not big, baby palm-size, very simple, full of traces of time, on which is inscribed one after another mysterious rune.

In addition, there is a book on the side of the label.

I don’t know what material the book is made of, not metal, not jade. Lu Ming picked up the book with the strength of Taboo and found that it was intact.

The material of this book is definitely not trivial, otherwise endless years will not pass and it will remain intact.

The book has about dozens of pages. Unfortunately, Lu Ming doesn’t know any of the words on it.

“Do you know the text above?”

Lu Ming asked and gave it to Xie Nianqing and the others to watch.

Unfortunately, everyone looked around and didn’t recognize the same word.

“The characters of the last era are completely different from the characters of all ethnic groups today, but after so many years of research, a lot of deciphering has been done. I also know some characters from the last era, but this , But I have never seen it before.”

Tang Jundao, browse slightly wrinkle.

She speculates that this type of text, in the last era, was probably a relatively small type of text.

“What a pity!”

Lu Ming and the others sighed together.

Generally speaking, this kind of ancient book is very precious.

The above probably records the powerful array, or the powerful Refining Qi technique of the last era, even the profound Alchemy Technique, refining technique, etc.

The wealth that can be inherited and revitalized a power is more precious than many heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

But if you don’t know it, it’s no use.

Now I can only put it away first, and wait for a chance to decipher it later.

Then, their gazes looked towards the twelve iron plates.

“What does this OEM do?”

Van Shen picked up a OEM card and looked at it carefully. Apart from the exaggeration of the hardness of this iron card, nothing else was discovered.

Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Gu Mo, Tang Jun, and the others also picked up a piece of iron to watch, and they did not find the slightest bit of discovery.

The appearance of the iron brand is almost the same, except for the rune above, which is somewhat different.

“Is this the Combined Assault Array used in Divine God Realm?”

Dandan watched for a while, then suddenly spoke, revealing a surprise.

“The Combined Assault Array above Divine God Realm, is it the rune above?”

Lu Ming’s heart jumped, revealing surprise.