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“Dig away first, then dig out the roots, and transplant them into my prey ring first, so as not to lose medicinal power.”

Lu Ming said.

Everyone was nodded, took out their weapons, and started digging.

Nine Heavenly Jade ginseng roots are rooted on the milk-white rock below. This kind of rock is very hard. Even Lu Ming and the others took a lot of effort to connect the nine Heavenly Jade ginseng roots. Dug up, and then Lu Ming income it into the prehistoric ring, temporarily planting it in the prehistoric ring.

“Here, there are Honghuangjing…”

This guy Dandan, with sneaky eyes, immediately found out.

Actually, Lu Ming and the others also noticed that under the pit where they dug the Heavenly Jade ginseng, they found a lot of prehistoric crystals. These prehistoric crystals were embedded in a kind of transparent rock.

“Remove the useless rocks around and take a look.”

Gu Mo said, holding the Purple Gold battle yue, he has already begun to do it.

Lu Ming and the others also all shot and continued to dig the rocks.

Soon, the surrounding rocks were shaved off by them, and the scene under the rocks was also revealed.

Hong Huangjing!

They are all prestigious crystals!

These prehistoric crystals, one by one, are surrounded by a transparent rock.

And this is just a corner, more parts are still covered by rocks.

They finally understand why the president of the nine Heavenly Jade plants is so exaggerated, and the courage is rooted in a large number of wild crystals.

Continuously absorbing the energy of the Primordial Crystal all the year round, it is difficult to grow without exaggeration.

However, it has not evolved into a source-level divine medicine after absorbing such a huge amount of energy, which is also a miracle.

“Is this a vein of the Primordial Crystal, we found a vein?”

Dandan’s eyes are fiery.

“We continue to take action, excavate the surrounding rocks, and then take these prehistoric crystals and transparent rocks in one piece.”

Lu Ming said.

These transparent rocks are like ice blocks, and the prehistoric crystals are like rice grains.

The rice grains are scattered and frozen in the ice cube. It is too difficult and troublesome to dig out the rice grains from the ice cube. It is better to take the whole ice cube away. Dig slowly behind.

They had been delayed for three days because of the Cave Mansion before, and they continued to delay it for fear of the arrival of the people from Sub Immortal Clan and the Tian Human Race, which would cause changes.

Everyone didn’t hesitate, they tried their best to excavate the surrounding rocks, a lot of rocks were removed, and more transparent rocks and prehistoric crystals were revealed.

Lu Ming, Dandan and the others’ eyes are getting brighter.

How many prehistoric crystals did this have?

Together, I’m afraid that there will be no less than hundreds of millions of predecessors.

Hundreds of millions of prehistoric crystals are definitely a large number. You must know that after scouring the treasure house of the dreamy Heavenly Palace, you only got 1 billion prehistoric crystals.

It’s just that Lu Ming cultivation is too abnormal, and it needs too many primordial crystals to make people feel that there are not many hundreds of millions of primordial crystals.

This is not all.

Lu Ming and the others, it took several days to almost remove the surrounding rocks, and a whole vein was revealed.

This is a mineral vein, like a large dragon-like. Seen from a distance, it is transparent, and the prehistoric crystals inside are like stars. It looks so spectacular.

“There, I am afraid that there will not be 1 billion prehistoric crystals.”

Dandan swallowed his saliva, his eyes fiery.

“I’m afraid that there are 1 billion Primordial Crystals, which is really amazing. Could it be that all the Primordial Crystals in this vein gather here?”

Tang Jundao.

One energy vein contains 1 billion prehistoric crystals, which is amazing.

Furthermore, this vitality shouldn’t be a very big one, otherwise it won’t be without the slightest building.

So they speculated that most of the prehistoric crystals in this vein may have gathered here.

“There is still a little rock left, so work harder to remove them all.”

Lu Ming called.

At this time, not far from here, a group of people are coming here.

This group of people is precisely the Heavenly Human Race headed by the extinction of Heavenly Monarch, Heavenly Monarch and the others.

The extinct Heavenly Monarch at the forefront, his face is a bit ugly.

These days, they have been searching for treasures under the energy veins. The gains are some gains, but they are far below their expectations.

Main level divine medicine, and got several strains.

Hong Huangjing received more than 20 million yuan.

Although it is not a small number, there are more than two thousand of them. If one point is taken, not many can be obtained by each.

Treasure in a vitality, just that?

“There is a voice in front, someone.”

Suddenly, Extinction Heavenly Monarch’s ears moved, and he heard a sound coming from the front, which seemed to be the sound of a sharp weapon cutting a rock.

“Go and see!”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch took the lead and flew forward with the Human Race for more than two thousand days.

The front is where Lu Ming and the others are located.

After a while, they will arrive.

Then, they were all stunned, their eyes rolled round, staring at the prehistoric crystal vein.

The countless prehistoric crystals flashed their eyes almost blind.

“The prehistoric crystals are all prehistoric crystals.”

“A lot, this is the vein, too much.”

“Posted, sent, these prehistoric crystals are all ours.”

For many days, Human Race roared with excitement.

“Not good, I am the man of Human Race.”

Dandan, the gods and the others complexion changed.

“There is only a little rock left. I will cut the connection between the vein and the rock with all my strength. I will collect the prehistoric crystal.”

Lu Ming shouted, trying his best to urge Honghuang Ring, and Honghuangjing produced a powerful attraction, shrouded the entire Honghuangjing ore vein in it, pulling wildly to collect the Honghuangjing.

The prehistoric crystal vein, and one end, connected to this rock.

Gu Mo, Xie Nianqing, Qiu Yue, Qiuqiu and the others urged the power to the extreme and performed unique tricks respectively. The strikes are at the junction between the vein and the rock.

boom~ boom~ …

A violent roar erupted, rocks continued to burst, and rubble splashed.

In addition to the powerful attraction of the prehistoric ring, the connection between the prehistoric crystal vein and the rock was finally disconnected. The entire prehistoric ring vein was shaken, and then all disappeared, and it was taken into the prehistoric ring by Lu Ming .

“Lu Ming, it’s you!”

“Hand over the prehistoric crystal vein.”

At this time, the extinction of Heavenly Monarch and the others discovered Lu Ming and the others. They roared and rushed towards Lu Ming and the others, their eyes red.


Lu Ming shouted, body flashed, appeared in front, and the War God gun became incomparable gigantic, swept out, igniting huge winds and waves.

At the same time, Gu Mo, Qiuqiu, Xie Nianqing, and Qiu Yue also appeared in the front, blocking Dandan, Qiuqiu, Ling Yuwei and other weak cultivation bases, and also attacked each.

bang bang bang!

The attack of Lu Ming and the others collided with the attack of Tian Human Race, and forcibly blocked the attack of Tian Human Race.

The terrain here is not wide enough. There are more than 2,000 people in the Human Race, and it is difficult to shoot together. Just a few hundred people did it. Lu Ming and the others are not difficult to block.

“Really courting death!”

Gu Mo was coldly snorted, completely ignoring his defenses, and his body rushed towards the Sky Human Race like a bolt of lightning.