Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4829


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An elderly strongest Heavenly Monarch stabs the Golden Battle Spear in his hand and stabs Gu Mo’s body, but Gu Mo didn’t take it seriously, instead, Purple Gold Battle Spear cut towards the opponent.

The other party was shocked and quickly backed away.


Gu Mo took the opportunity to rush past, and the Purple Gold battle yue kept cutting out.

puff puff puff …

The expert of Human Race for more than ten days was hacked and killed by Gu Mo and fell on the spot.

More than ten people were killed in a row, and finally extinguished the fire of greed in the Human Race and calmed them down.


The extinction of Heavenly Monarch roared and made Tian Human Race retreat, and he, Heavenly Monarch, the two strongest elder Heavenly Monarch, and two primordial Spiritual God puppets joined forces to kill Gu Mo.

Gu Mo stubbornly resisted one of them and rushed out of the siege, like a bolt of lightning, back to Lu Ming and the others.

Exterminate the six strongest Heavenly Monarch including Heavenly Monarch, stand in the forefront, blocking the Human Race of other days behind, lest Gu Mo rush to kill again.

“Lu Ming, hand over the ore veins of the wild crystals, that many wild crystals, you can’t swallow them.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch shouted, still thinking about the prestige crystal.

“Honghuangjing was discovered by us first, and it should belong to us.”

Lu Ming indifferently said.

“The position, but you chose it yourself, you chose a good position, we chose a bad position, didn’t expect, there is actually a vein below, why? Are you not gaining anything?”

Dandan sarcastically deliberately.


Exterminate Heavenly Monarch, vomiting blood in anger.

He didn’t think that the position that seemed to be a better place originally didn’t have much gain. The biggest gain would actually be here.

Thinking that Lu Ming and the others came here because of him, he felt depressed and wanted to vomit blood.

“You only have ten people. If you want to swallow so many prehistoric crystals, your appetite is too big. Let’s go, ten of you, you can keep 10%. We have more than two thousand people and only get nine out of ten. How about ?”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch Road.

“What a fart, is your mind caught in the door? Do you think it is possible? Tell you, a piece of prehistoric crystal, you can never expect it.”

Dandan cursed.

“That’s right, the dignified Heavenly Human Race is the strongest Heavenly Monarch. It’s sad to think about that.”

The gods also sarcastically said.

“You are courting death, don’t think that ten of you can hold that many prehistoric crystals.”

Heavenly Monarch shouted, fighting intent broke out, murderous intention was cold.

“Do you want to do it, don’t think we will be afraid of you.”

Qiuqiu called and turned into a ball, with two war knives extended on both sides, constantly swinging, and each knife cut out will space tearing.

“Hehe, really want to fight to the death, how many of you two thousand people can live?”

Gu Mo sneered.

Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, and Qiu Yue did not speak, but their breath exploded, killing a wave of thoughts, telling each other with practical actions that if you really want to fight, then fight.

Many people showed fear in the eyes of Human Race for more than two thousand days.


Exterminate Heavenly Monarch yelled in his heart, but he didn’t make a move, very fearful.

Although he is almost certain, Lu Ming will not be able to break out the battle strength of the Exterminating Army garrison.

But Lu Ming is still too strong with ten people.

Among the ten people, there are five battle strengths comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch level.

Although they have six of the strongest Heavenly Monarch battle strengths, they are not sure at all.

Leave aside, Gu Mo alone, relying on incomparable defensive power, can entangle the two strongest Heavenly Monarch.

And Lu Ming and Qiuqiu combined, the battle strength is also very amazing.

Although there are many of them, there is a real battle, and the consequences are unpredictable.

As Gu Mo said, I really want to fight to the death, even if we can leave Lu Ming and the others, how many will survive the Human Race for more than two thousand days?

“hmph, I don’t know how to advance or retreat as a human being. Sooner or later we will kill ourselves. Let’s go.”

After a struggle in my heart, extermination of Heavenly Monarch left a word, and finally decided to retreat.

He silently planned that after more days of Human Race experts converge, it will not be too late to deal with Lu Ming.

Soon, the people of Human Race left here.

Lu Ming and the others, not at all chase.

Because they are not sure.

Furthermore, they can’t make it hard to fight Tian Human Race now.

They just got a set of Combined Assault Array suitable for Divine God Realm. There are also a lot of prehistoric crystals. They didn’t have time to refining. After the refining, their strength will increase. When the time comes, they will meet the Human Race again. Up.

After the people of Tian Human Race left, Lu Ming and the others continued to explore this area.

Although I got an entire prehistoric crystal vein, there are other treasures in this area.

Sure enough, not long after, they found some scattered prehistoric crystals.

Although the number can’t be compared with a whole vein, it is quite a lot.

“Is there no news from the immortal ancestors?”

After Heavenly Human Race left, Extinct Heavenly Monarch asked, with very hideous eyes.

They had already informed Ye Immortal that they wanted Ye Immortal to come and meet, but when Lu Ming and the others were weak, they killed Lu Ming and the others in one fell swoop.

Among the people of Lu Ming, there are too many experts, and most of them are peerless evildoers. Once they can kill them all, it will be a devastating blow to the Exterminating Army.

Unfortunately, during this time, there has been no response from Ye Immortal.

“No, the ancestor still did not respond. It must be too far away from us, or in some special environment…”

An elderly Heavenly Monarch replied.

“My lord, there are dead-yin corpses everywhere here, do you think the ancestors are…in danger?”

A middle-aged Heavenly Monarch said worrisomely.

“What nonsense, with the strength and mind of the immortal ancestor, how can these deadly corpses help him, we are all fine, what will happen to the ancestor? Just continue sound transmission.”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch scolded.

When he said so, he actually had some worries in his heart, but he couldn’t say it. No matter what, he must show his trust in his ancestors, otherwise, it would affect the military’s morale.

“If your subordinates are dull, how can things happen to the ancestors.”

The middle-aged Heavenly Monarch also reacted immediately, repeatedly nodded.

“We are also looking for treasures in this area. By the way, we monitor Lu Ming and the others. When the ancestors and them come, it will be the time of Lu Ming and their death. Those prehistoric crystals will be temporarily given to them for safekeeping. Sooner or later it will be ours. Things.”

Exterminate the way of Heavenly Monarch full of murderous intention.


When Tian Human Race, Sub Immortal Clan, and Lu Ming were searching under the Qi, unexpected guests came to the side of the Qi.

Forbidden creatures of Yuanji Shenshan, Yuanguang clan.

The number of Yuanguang clan is about 400 people, but each one has a strong breath and is a terrifying expert.

The leader was the purple robed youth who went to the extinction army station and fought against Lu Ming, who was called the Nine Young Master by the Yuanguang clan.