Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4830

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The forbidden creatures of more than four hundred kinds of extremely sacred mountains appeared above the qi vein cracks.

“Nine Young Master, do we want to get in right away? It seems that the trash fish has already stepped in first.”

Beside the nine Young Master, an old man said.

This person had also been to the garrison of the Heavenly Destroying Army. He was extremely strong. He was an envoy of the king and had the strongest battle strength of Heavenly Monarch.

“Of course, you have to go in. Look at the location. The two places have the largest cracks and the best locations. They are already under the two places. We split into two positions and went in from these two places.”

Nine Young Master points to two prescriptions.

These two prescriptions are exactly where Human Race and Sub Immortal Clan entered the day before.

The people of the Yuanguang clan were about to take action, and one after another silhouette flew out of one of the cracks.

The person from Sub Immortal Clan.

The sky is the leader.

They searched under the Qi Channel for a few days, and the harvest was not great. The sky planned to go out first and enter the Qi Channel in another direction to find treasure.

But as soon as they took action, they saw the Yuanguang Clan, and their pupils suddenly shrank.

“We didn’t expect that we didn’t get in, but they came out on their own. Or, send them on the road and kill!”

Nine Young Master spoke indifferently.

Although their number is far smaller than that of Sub Immortal Clan, they didn’t pay attention to the people of Sub Immortal Clan at all.

shua~ shua~ shua~ …

Suddenly, more than two hundred kinds of light races killed Sub Immortal Clan. Their beam hair flew like a sharp sword that penetrated the void and pierced the people of Sub Immortal Clan.

Every member of the Yuanguang clan has thousands of beams of hair, and more than two hundred kinds of light clan shot together. All of a sudden more than 200,000 war swords appeared in the sky, densely packed and full The void, shrouded all Sub Immortal Clan in it, it was extremely terrifying.


The sky was shouted and made a strong attack.

The others in Sub Immortal Clan also tried their best.

The people of Sub Immortal Clan are also very powerful. The mark on the eyebrows is shining, and the killer moves are filled with hot terrifying temperatures. Thousands of people shoot together, as if even time and space are going to burn, and the light The clan’s attacks were blocked.

“Well, there are a lot of experts, and there is actually a ‘King of the Light’ level.”

Nine Young Master’s gaze is directed to a man of age on the side of the sky.

“This person, give me.”

Beside the Nine Young Master, there is also a peerless expert, who is the ‘King of Light’, who was in a tie with Gu Changfeng at the Extinguishing Army’s resident.

The ‘King’s Envoy before the Light’ went straight to the sky, and on the edge of the sky, the peerless expert also killed him.

The two peerless experts collided and started a shocking battle.

At the same time, other people are fighting together.

Sub Immortal Clan, comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch level existence, plus the sky, there are a total of nine.

However, such experts in the Yuanguang clan are not rare. Although only more than two hundred people were dispatched, there are actually ten experts of this level.

In addition, it is equivalent to the top Heavenly Monarch level, and there are more other existences than the general God Lord Peak Level.

Therefore, although there are few people in the Yuanguang clan, they have actually gained the upper hand for a while.

“en? Want to go?”

Suddenly, the gaze of the Nine Young Master looked towards another direction.

That direction is exactly the direction that the people of Human Race entered.

Extinction Heavenly Monarch and the others explored the Qi veins, and there is nothing to gain. I originally planned to come to the ground to monitor Lu Ming and the others while waiting for the immortality.

Didn’t expect as soon as he showed his head, he saw the fight between Yuanguang Clan and Sub Immortal Clan. He was almost scared to death and quickly returned to the crack.

Unfortunately, none of the Yuanguang clan found out.

“Others follow me.”

The Nine Young Master gave an order, and the remaining two hundred Yuanguang Clan followed the Nine Young Master and slammed into the Sky Human Race.

The people of the Yuanguang clan are extremely fast, like a stream of light, rushing into the crack where the Tian Human Race is, and hurriedly chasing the Tian Human Race.

There are more than two thousand people in the Tian Human Race. The cultivation base is different. Some people are very slow, which affects the overall speed. They are soon overtaken by the Yuanguang clan.

xiū xiū xiū …

The beam of hair, like a sharp sword, pierced the people of Human Race.

“Block it!”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch roars.

Since I was caught up, there is only one battle.

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, and other strongest Heavenly Monarch, smashed to the forefront, blasting beams of hair back.

“Six people are comparable to the existence of the ‘Warlords under the King’, Interesting.”

Nine Young Master has a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and the pupil light is filled with surprising murderous intention.

Before entering the Zixiao Cave Sky, the three forbidden creatures had reached a consensus to clear out the original creatures in the universe.

From the perspective of the creatures in the Forbidden Land, the original creatures in the universe, such as the Human Race, Sub Immortal Clan, the devil, and the Celestial Slayer, remain in the way.

Unless they are willing to be their slave, they must be removed.

So, when they saw Human Race and Sub Immortal Clan, they just shot.


Nine Young Master stepped out, the vast aura exploded, forcing away towards the people of Human Race.

Following those experts on the nine Young Master side, the same burst of breath, stepping out.

The very terrifying breath, the strongest Heavenly Monarch level existence, at least seven or more. “

Extinct Heavenly Monarch’s face turned pale with a sigh.

Actually, it is difficult to judge whether it is the strongest Heavenly Monarch or not based on the breath.

Because the strongest Heavenly Monarch’s cultivation base is also the god Lord Peak.

What they are strong is not the cultivation base, but the battle strength.

You can only tell by doing it.

Extinction of Heavenly Monarch itself is the strongest existence of Heavenly Monarch level. He is very sensitive to experts at this level. Based on his own experience, he has judged that among the Yuanguang Clan, there are at least seven existences of his level .

This is only what he can judge, maybe, there is still something he can’t judge.

In other words, there are more than seven Heavenly Monarch-level existences in the Yuanguang clan.

And they are only six.

Although there are more of them, in the face of the existence of the strongest Heavenly Monarch, no matter how large the number is, it is of no use unless they are all at the top Heavenly Monarch level. .

However, there are not many experts at the top Heavenly Monarch level.

That many top experts of Yuanguang clan, they bode ill rather than well.

“What to do?”

The extinction of Heavenly Monarch’s brain quickly turned, thinking about countermeasures.

In an instant, dozens of thoughts passed through his mind.


Suddenly, Heavenly Monarch eyes shined extinct.

He thought of a countermeasure.

Lu Ming!

Yes, it’s Lu Ming.

He has naturally heard of the grievances between the Yuanguang Clan and the Extinguishing Army, and Lu Ming.

Lu Ming once had an unusual battle with the Nine Young Masters of the Yuanguang clan, he had naturally heard of it.

“I know where Lu Ming is, Lu Ming who killed the Heavenly Army.”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch roared.

“Lu Ming?”

The nine Young Master of Yuanguang clan, his eyes moved, flashing murderous intention.