Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4831


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The Nine Young Master of the Yuanguang clan has a deep hatred for Lu Ming and always wants to kill Lu Ming.

At the time when the Heaven Extinguishing Army was stationed, Lu Ming not only rebelled against him, but finally defeated him. He was defeated by a person from the 8th layer of the Lord, and still in front of his men. It was a great blow to his prestige.

So, he always wanted to kill Lu Ming.

While in the ruins of the universe, for the sake of the overall situation, he has been tolerant and did not do anything.

I was thinking of killing Lu Ming after entering the Zixiao Cave. Unfortunately, after entering the Zixiao Cave, I never encountered Lu Ming.

At this time, hearing the news of Lu Ming, his killing intent was completely aroused.

Jiu Young Master stopped and asked indifferently: “Say, where is Lu Ming?”

“After I tell you, you will let us go.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch shouted.

“You are not qualified to make conditions with me, say, otherwise, die!”

Nine Young Master is very domineering, and doesn’t care about the conditions for extinction of Heavenly Monarch.

“If you don’t agree to my terms, don’t miss me.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch Road.

“It’s naive to want to threaten me with this, kill!”

Nine Young Master was very decisive and waved directly.

bang! bang! …

The expert next to him stepped out again, shaking the void, beams of hair flying, and aura.

“Damn it…”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch roared in his heart, knowing that people who want to easily send the Yuanguang clan are impossible.

However, he must tell the whereabouts of Lu Ming.

Speaking of the whereabouts of Lu Ming, most people from the Yuanguang clan can’t help but send someone to chase Lu Ming, so that they can also relieve their pressure.

“Lu Ming is in another direction, walk straight along this crack, you can find him.”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch roared and pointed in a direction.

Nine Young Master’s eyes flickered.

He didn’t know the thought of destroying Heavenly Monarch, but he wanted to kill Lu Ming more urgently.

“You, stop them, everyone else, follow me!”

Nine Young Master assigns manpower to five experts comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch level, as well as more than one hundred other experts of the Yuanguang Clan.

And he personally led the rest to kill towards Lu Ming’s location.

He didn’t want to delay, because he was afraid that Lu Ming would run away after a long time.

shua~ shua~ shua~ …

The Nine Young Masters with more than 90 Yuanguang Clan, slew towards Lu Ming’s location, very fast, and soon they were approaching Lu Ming’s location.

“Full force, break through!”

After the Nine Young Master took the people away, the extinction Heavenly Monarch roared and led them to break through.

This is a rare opportunity. There are only five powerhouses of the strongest Heavenly Monarch level left in the Yuanguang clan, and there are six of them, which is a good opportunity for breakthrough.

Otherwise, if the nine Young Master returns, they won’t be able to leave.

However, even if there are only a hundred members of the Yuanguang Clan, it is not easy to break through.

The beams and hairs of the Yuanguang tribe are flying, intertwined with each other, like inescapable net, blocking the void around them.


The extermination of Heavenly Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, and the two oldest and strongest Heavenly Monarch, two primordial Spiritual God puppets joined forces, like a sharp knife, launching a violent impact on one direction.

The six strongest Heavenly Monarch teamed up, and the formidable power is very scary. The beam hair in that direction is constantly exploding.

Finally, the five ‘king under war ambassadors’ of the Yuanguang clan joined forces to stop them, and they were still losing ground.

For battle strength of the same level, five versus six will naturally suffer.


At this time, a ‘king under war envoy’ of the Yuanguang clan gave the order.

shua~ shua~ shua~ …

Suddenly, there was an expert of the seven-bit light family, and his body flashed.

A glowing armor appeared on them at the same time.

The armor is covered with runes. These runes are shining, and the mysterious breath is permeated, bringing together the expert breath of the seven-dimensional light race.


For the experts of the seven-dimensional light tribe, powerful forces spread out and intertwined to form a giant.

Among the seven, five of them are limbs and heads, and the other two are trunks. They use energy to form a giant with a few horrible breaths.


The giant, holding a war sword, slashed out with one sword, and slashed towards the extinction of Heavenly Monarch and the others, and banged against the extinction of Heavenly Monarch, but both sides retreated backwards.

Equally divided.

“Combined Assault Array, Divine God Realm’s Combined Assault Array.”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch roared in shock.

In the Human Race, although there is no Combined Assault Array above Divine God Realm, he has heard it before, so he recognized it at a glance.

Yes, this is the Combined Assault Array of Divine God Realm. The armor of the seven Yuanguang races is the carrier of the Combined Assault Array.

Of these seven Yuanguang tribes, four of them are the cultivation base of the god Lord Peak, and the other three are just the cultivation base of the 9th layer of the god Lord. However, after the formation of the seven, the battle strength is completely comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch. .

This is the power of Combined Assault Array.

If there is no Combined Assault Array, four ordinary gods Peak, and three gods 9th layer, even if the Yuanguang clan has a strong talent and the battle strength is higher than the Tian Human Race, these seven team members are far behind. One of the strongest Heavenly Monarch.

It’s a bit hard to say, it doesn’t do much harm to the strongest Heavenly Monarch, and it will be easily defeated.

But once the Combined Assault Array is deployed, it will be comparable to the strongest Heavenly Monarch.

However, things are not over yet.

In addition, there are seven Yuanguang Clan who also flickered, with the same armor as the previous seven.

Another seven Yuanguang tribes have deployed the Combined Assault Array, five are limbs and heads, two are trunks, and a giant is condense.

This set of Combined Assault Array is obviously exactly the same as the previous seven.

In this way, among the Yuanguang Clan, there are two more battle strengths of the strongest Heavenly Monarch level.

The top battle strength has surpassed the human race in the sky.

It’s no wonder that the battle strength of the Yuanguang Clan in Ming Ming Dynasty is not as good as the Tian Human Race, and the Nine Young Master still let these people entangle the Tian Human Race. This is the reason.

bang bang bang!

The continuous roar sounded, the momentum of the impact of the human race was blocked, and it was difficult to charge ahead.

“Damn it!”

Extinct Heavenly Monarch roared, her face extremely ugly.

In the universe, there has never been a Combined Assault Array above Divine God Realm, so he ignored this probability at first, didn’t expect, among the forbidden creatures, there would actually be a Combined Assault Array of Divine God Realm, Let them fall completely passive.

If this continues, they will not be able to break through, and they will all die when the rest of the Yuanguang clan returns.

“Blast, let primordial Spiritual God give me Self-destruction.”

Suddenly, the extinction of Heavenly Monarch roared, of course, in the form of sound transmission, to Heavenly Monarch and other Heavenly Monarch sound transmission.

“Let the primordial Spiritual God puppet Self-destruction, this is quite the strongest Heavenly Monarch puppet…”

Heavenly Monarch stared.

In order to make this kind of puppet, Tian Human Race didn’t know how much effort it took to make it self-destructed, which is a shame.

“It’s not a time to hesitate, if we don’t Self-destruction, we will all die.”

Exterminate Heavenly Monarch Road.