Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4932


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When I heard Lu Ming’s words, the black energy on the golden eyed corpse again fluctuated.

Lu Ming knew that the information Cang Qiong said was correct.

“However, you want to get the immortal legacy, which is basically impossible. With the power of you and your subordinates, too weak, don’t believe it. Now the three powerhouses of Yin Demon, Yuanguang and Cangming are coming. , There are only six of them who are not weaker than your expert. They are also glare like a tiger watching his prey on the immortal legacy of the Jue Yin tribe. You alone want to seize the immortal legacy in their hands. It is undoubtedly a foolish dream.”

Lu Ming attacked unceremoniously.

“Then even if I cooperate with you, it will be difficult to seize the legacy of the immortal from the hands of those three clans.”

Golden Eyes Yin corpse said.

“Only the two of us, the strength is naturally insufficient. If we cooperate with Jue Yin corpses in the other two regions, it may not be impossible.”

Lu Ming said.

“Cooperating with those guys? Impossible, let me tell you, the three of us often fight and compete with each other. At this time, we all want to get the immortal legacy. How can we cooperate?”

The golden-eyed corpse shook his head repeatedly.

“If you don’t cooperate, the three of you don’t want to get the immortal legacy. Only if you cooperate, it’s possible. Besides, after you get the immortal legacy, the three of you can divide equally and get benefits. There is no need to fight for life. Competition.”

Lu Ming said.


The golden-eyed corpse showed a pensive color, apparently being moved by Lu Ming.

“I can swear that I will get the immortal legacy of the Jue Yin Clan, and I will not take it at all, it will all belong to you.”

Lu Ming added.

“I’m afraid the other guys disagree.”

The golden eyed corpse hesitated.

“As long as you clearly explain the strong relationship, I believe they will agree.”

“Okay, I promise you.”

Finally, Golden Eye Yin Corpse agreed.

“Three of you, how many experts at your level are there in total?”

Lu Ming asked.


Golden Eye Yin Corpse gave a brief introduction.

Three areas, two of which have a golden eye corpse sitting respectively, and one of them has two golden eye corpses.

This is the same as Lu Ming knows.

At the time when the Ghost Sha King had a battle with the Absolute Yin corpse in an area, two golden eyed corpses appeared in that area.

Lu Ming couldn’t figure out the specific strength of these three areas. He was afraid that there would be hidden golden-eyed corpses. It seemed that he had overestimated the strength of Absolute Yin corpse.

Immediately, they set off to the area where there was only one golden-eyed corpse.

They didn’t have concealed aura, they were discovered by the corpses of Absolute Yin, and a large number of corpses of Absolute Yin poured out.

However, these deadly corpses, not at all shot.

Obviously, Lu Ming and the others were followed by a large number of Jue Yin corpses. The Jue Yin corpses in this area were frightened. Several silver-eyed corpses prevented those ordinary Jue Yin corpses from taking action.

“Swordsman, didn’t expect, you actually got mixed up with Outsider.”

A loud roar came out, a violent breath surged crazily, and the golden-eyed corpse appeared in this area.

Dao Jue is the name of the golden-eyed corpse who agreed to cooperate with Lu Ming.

He is holding a pitch-black war knife, which he named after.

The golden-eyed corpse in this area is holding a battle halberd. When golden’s pupils swept towards Lu Ming and the others, it was filled with cold murderous intention.

Lu Ming When they first stepped into this island, they accidentally stepped into this dark red land and clashed with the deadly corpse here.

Lu Ming even killed a silver-eyed corpse here, and fought a battle with this golden-eyed corpse holding a battle halberd.

This golden-eyed corpse is full of killing intents for Lu Ming and they are normal.

If Lu Ming hadn’t stood with Dao Jue, he might have ordered his men to attack.

“Ji Jue, Lu Ming and I have joined forces. I came to you today and hope to join hands with you.”

The sword is dead.

Jejue is the name of this golden-eyed corpse. Like Daojue, it is also named after the weapon it controls.

Their weapons have been innately possessed since they possessed spiritual wisdom.

“ha ha ha, Dao Jue, you will join forces with Outsiders, it is ridiculous, want me to join forces with Outsiders, impossible.”

Ji Jue laughed.

“In the first battle, we were just to protect ourselves. Please forgive me for the offense. As for our cooperation, it will be of great benefit to you.”

Lu Ming a cup one fist in the other hand.

“Hehe, what good is it for me?”

Ji Jue sneered.

“Can help you get the slough of the fairy.”

Lu Ming said.

Ji Jue’s pupils flickered a few times.

“The legacy of the immortal, I got it myself, why do I need to join hands with you?”

Ji Jue said hard.

“In the current situation, you alone want to obtain the Immortal Legacy. It is basically impossible. Don’t say anything else. You can’t compete with Jian Jue and Quan Jue alone, let alone the Yin Demon clan and Yuan. Among the Guang Clan and Cang Ming Clan, there are six powerhouses no weaker than you.”

Lu Ming’s unceremonious blow.

Ji will never speak anymore and fell silent.

Obviously, he knew that Lu Ming was telling the truth.

There are too many experts on each side. With his side, even other corpses, he can’t compete. What can he compete with the forbidden creatures?

“To tell the truth, you are alone, you cannot swallow the legacy of the immortal of the Jueyin clan. Only when all parties cooperate can you get the legacy of the immortal, and you can also be part of it.”

Lu Ming continued.

“If you want to cooperate with me, you must also see if you have this qualification.”

Jie Jue Dao.

Lu Ming smiled, knowing that Ji Jue has been moved.

He and Gu Changfeng looked at each other, and then Gu Changfeng stepped out, the Origin Technique’Haoyue Changfeng Fist’ broke out, and the punch blasted towards Ji Jue.

The violent fist strength made Ji Jue’s face solemn, and in a haste, he waved the battle halberd to block Gu Changfeng’s fist strength, and his body retreated two steps in a row.

“Add me, do you qualify?”

Lu Ming asked with a smile.

Ji Jue and Lu Ming have played against each other a long time ago, so they know Lu Ming’s battle strength naturally.

Lu Ming and Gu Changfeng together are two invincible gods. Although they are small in number, they are fully qualified to cooperate with him.

“Okay, I promise to cooperate with you, but if you want to compete with the Yin Demon, Yuanguang and Cangming clan, you need to unite Jianjue and Quanjue.

Jie Jue Dao.

Jianjue and Quanjue are the two absolute corpse kings in the third area.

The negotiation with these two corpse kings went smoothly unexpectedly. When Lu Ming and the others stated their intentions, the two absolutely Yin Corpse Kings agreed without hesitation.

Actually, this is also normal. If they don’t agree, how can they compete with others?

Don’t mention the three Great Forbidden Land creatures, even Lu Ming, they all have four powerhouses at the level of invincible gods.

Only working together can be more beneficial to them.

The two sides hit it off and reached an alliance.

“Brother Lu, I need to find a place to retreat for a period of cultivation.”

According to the agreement, Lu Ming distributed a piece of Yuanshen tea to Cang Qiong, and Cang Qiong said goodbye.