Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4933


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Cang Qiong made a goodbye. Obviously, Cang Qiong wanted to advance the cultivation progress to God Lord Peak while the ancient city had not yet opened.

It just so happens that Lu Ming also has this plan.

This time, he got a total of 15 Yuanshen tea leaves.

According to the legend, one piece of Yuan Shen Tea’s tea leaves is enough to make a breakthrough from the 9th layer of the God Lord to the God Lord Peak.

He gave a piece of the sky, with fourteen pieces left.

Among them, Xie Nianqing, Qiu Yue, Ling Yuwei, Wanshen, Dandan, PaoPao, Tang Jun, and himself, a total of eight people, the cultivation base is the 9th layer of the gods, each needs a piece of Yuanshen tea , There are six more.

Even if the power controlled by Lu Ming is mysterious, a breakthrough requires more resources. One slice may not be enough, then two slices, two slices are not enough, three slices…

Seven tablets, it’s always enough!

Lu Ming and the four absolute Yin Corpse Kings agreed that once the ancient city array was broken, they joined forces and rushed in, and then planned to leave and find a place to secluded cultivation.

However, Lu Ming and the others have not left yet, and the mutation has happened.


The roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounded, and the earth and the void were shaking crazily, as if there had been a tenth magnitude earthquake, and the earth under Lu Ming and their feet shook violently.

What happened?

“Look over there…”

In the Central Region of this island, a purple-golden light burst into the sky, dyeing the entire void into purple-golden.

“It’s that ancient city.”

Dandan exclaimed.

“Could it be that the ancient city array has been broken and is going to be opened?”

Xie Nianqing said.

“It seems that all treasures in the Qi veins have been dug out. The ancient city array has no energy to maintain, and there is an abnormality.”

Gu Mo said.

“It’s about to open, the real fairy country, it’s about to open, I feel the strong and pure breath of absolute Yin…”

“It is the breath of immortals…”

Several Yin Corpse Kings looked in the direction of the ancient city with fiery eyes.

Lu Ming and the others frowned, they really felt that from the direction of the ancient city, an amazing breath permeated, this aura, such as Huanghuang Heavenly Might, aloof and remote, overlooking the sentient beings, making Lu Ming feel To great pressure.

However, Lu Ming carefully separated and discovered that in this aura, there are actually two breaths mixed in, both of which are extremely scary.

“Go and see!”

Lu Ming speaks.

There is no need for him to speak, the four absolute Yin Corpse Kings, already carrying the absolute Yin corpse, rushed towards the direction of the ancient city.

Lu Ming, they, also follow closely from behind.

Soon, they were approaching the ancient city.

Sure enough, the barrier made up of the Heavenly God light covering the ancient city is constantly breaking down and becoming thinner. It won’t be long before the barrier of the ancient city will completely disappear.

“It seems that this ancient city array is completely maintained by the nine qi veins, otherwise it would have been destroyed. Now that the nine qi veins have no resources, this Formation naturally cannot be maintained.”

Dandan explained.


There are at least thousands of Jue Yin corpses around, very excited, constant roar, and the sound spread like a wave.

The other side of ancient city also has a lot of silhouettes.

It is the Yin Demon clan, Yuanguang clan and Cangming clan.

Headed by the six invincible gods powerhouses are the Ghost King, Hades King, Yuan Wu Ji, Yuan Liu Ji, Cang Luo Prince, and Cang Qing Prince.

But Princess Cangxian, which is the silhouette of Anye Qianwei, is missing.

Moreover, the number of forbidden land creatures of the three tribes is also much less, adding up to only about 1,000.

The thousand or so forbidden creatures are all experts, and most of them can arrange Combined Assault Array.

Those with weak cultivation base and weak battle strength are not here.

The creatures in the forbidden land naturally heard the roar of Jue Yin Corpse.

“hmph, it’s the blood that is absolutely Yin!”

The ghost king is coldly snorted.

“Listen to the sounds, the number is amazing. It seems that the deadly corpses in the three areas have joined hands.”

“Don’t worry about these deadly corpses yet.”

Yuan Wuji and the others speak.

that many dead corpses, even if they are, they are somewhat dreaded.

Besides, they didn’t know that Lu Ming and the others had been mixed with Jue Yin Corpse.


The barriers on the ancient city disappeared very quickly, but almost all disappeared in less than an hour.

“didn’t expect ancient city at this time to open, it’s really not the time.”

Lu Ming sighed in his heart.

They have just obtained Yuanshen tea leaves and are preparing to break through the cultivation base with Yuanshen tea tea leaves, didn’t expect, the ancient city was opened at this time, and there is no time.

If it is a few months later, their cultivation base may be broken.

But at this time, if we were to break through the cultivation base, the treasure in the ancient city would have been taken away by the creatures in the forbidden area.

Xie Nianqing, Dandan and the others, also sighed.

“There is no Formation fluctuation anymore.”

A moment later, Dandan said.

“Go, try it!”

Jian Jue roared, and suddenly several Jue Yin corpses rushed out towards the ancient city.

No abnormality was caused. A few Jue Yin corpses rushed into the ancient city from the city wall of the ancient city.

There is no Formation, and no banned space.

“Follow this king into the city!”

“Come with this king!”

The four superb Yin Corpse Kings rushed towards the ancient city with their men.

“Let’s go too!”

Lu Ming said, they also followed the group of Jue Yin corpses and rushed to the ancient city.

However, they are full of strength, ready to take action at any time, and if they find something is wrong, they immediately retreat.

But they thought too much, there was nothing unusual, they went smoothly into the ancient city.

When they entered the ancient city, they found that the void in front of them was continuously extending.

“This is…space folding.”

PaoPao said.

Yes, the space is folded.

From the outside, although the ancient city is very magnificent, its area should not be particularly large.

But when I entered the ancient city, I found that the area in the ancient city was surprisingly large.

This is space folding.

Here is the real Zixiao fairyland.

They stood high in the sky and looked down. There were densely packed buildings on the ground, and they couldn’t see the edge at a glance.

It can be seen how prosperous Zixia Immortal Country was.

Unfortunately, these buildings are all broken.

No, it’s not just broken, it’s almost flattened, there are debris and shingles everywhere, and the ground is full of pits and pits.

There are also cracks, which seem to be chopped out by Divine Weapon.

Even, on the ground, there were corpses lying on the ground, as well as various broken Divine Weapon, dilapidated armor and so on.

This is clearly a battlefield.

There are traces of the war everywhere.

“In this ancient city, a great war has taken place.”

Dandan whispered, shocked in his voice.

“Be careful, there are a lot of corpses here to prevent them from becoming corpses.”

Lu Ming gave Xie Nianqing, Qiu Yue and the others sound transmission, not at all for other dead corpses to hear.

“The legacy of the immortal, the legacy of the immortal…”

At this time, the four superb Yin Corpse Kings, including the silver-eyed corpse, all looked straight ahead with fiery eyes.