Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4935


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After searching this area, they found more than 30 sets of Combined Assault Array carriers.

Yes, there are more than 30 sets.

Unfortunately, not all Combined Assault Array carriers are complete.

Many are missing.

For example, the original set of 15-person Combined Assault Array, but lacking one or two Combined Assault Array carriers, makes Combined Assault Array incomplete.

Some are missing more. For example, a set of 12-person Combined Assault Array carriers is missing seven Combined Assault Array carriers, and only five are left.

Of course, it’s better than nothing. The incomplete Combined Assault Array carrier can also be used for arrays, but the formidable power is much worse, but it can also improve the battle strength of the Divine God Realm expert.

There are only nine sets of truly complete Combined Assault Array carriers.

Among them, there is even a set of 21-person Combined Assault Array carriers. After these Combined Assault Array carriers are brought back to the Celestial Destruction Army, they will definitely increase the strength of the Celestial Destruction Army.

They also discovered a pattern.

The closer you are to the city wall, the higher the preservation rate of Divine Weapon and Formation carriers. The farther you are from the city wall, the fewer complete Divine Weapon and Formation carriers.

After the distance from the city wall hundred thousand li or more, almost no complete Divine Weapon and Formation vectors were found.

They speculate that this is related to the radiant aura.

The closer you are to the city wall, the farther you are from that kind of breath, the less impact you will receive, and the higher the probability of preservation.

“It’s a pity…”

Lu Ming and the others sighed.

Because through their careful observation, they found that the farther from the city wall, that is, the closer the corpse to the mountain, the stronger the strength and the higher the realm.

This can be vaguely felt through which corpses.

The stronger the strength, the higher the realm, and the coercion can still be emitted after death. Although the coercion has been weakened after too long, but Lu Ming and the others are so keen and sensitive, they can still sense it.

The coercion of some corpses is even terrifying, and it was definitely a terrifying powerhouse during his lifetime.

The Divine Weapon controlled by these powerhouses are definitely more advanced, and there are even Divine Weapon that surpasses the source-level Divine Weapon. Unfortunately, they are all rotten.

After that, they walked along the city wall, trying to bypass other discoveries, but found people who were living in the forbidden area.

Apparently, the creatures in the forbidden area are also surrounding the city wall, looking for treasure.

“Let’s take a look at that mountain. I wonder what happened to the deadly corpses?”

Lu Ming proposed.

They did not clash with the creatures in the forbidden area, but retreated silently, and then flew towards the mountain peak.

The interior of the ancient city is really vast. There are buildings and palaces everywhere, but they all collapsed. There are traces of the war everywhere, and corpses everywhere.

“This battle is too tragic, isn’t it true that all the people in Zixiao Cave are dead?”

Ling Yuwei said, his face turned pale, because the scene was tragic.

“I don’t know, but it looks like there is really no living person.”

Xie Nianqing shook his head.

“Even the immortals died during meditation. There is no living person, it is normal.”

Dandan said.

Everyone flew forward while talking.

Unfortunately, as you get closer to the mountain, there are hardly any Divine Weapon and Formation carriers preserved here.

Even the scraps are not preserved, they are reduced to ashes.

Soon, they flew up to the million li, but still did not reach the peak.

“Hey, there are rays of light flickering…”

Dandan’s eyes were wicked and sharp, and found a dent in the distance with faint rays of light flashing.

Is there a treasure?

The hearts of all people couldn’t help but beat.

Here, if there are treasures preserved, it is definitely not trivial.

They flew over immediately, seeing the situation in the pit, and everyone was shocked.

In the pit, there are five silhouettes, sitting cross-legged back to back, each holding a war sword.

The five war swords are exactly the same, emitting faint rays of light.

They saw the flashing rays of light before, it was these five war swords that radiated out.

Around these five people, there were dozens of corpses lying there, all of them from the Jue Yin tribe.

“Combined Assault Array carrier!”

A year flashed in everyone’s hearts.

At the same time, a picture emerged in their minds.

Zixiaodong Tianwu is a great expert who uses the Combined Assault Array to fight against the dozens powerhouse of the Jueyin clan.

Although he killed dozens of powerhouses of the Absolute Yin tribe, he also died of exhaustion.

“Senior, excuse me, you are completely fallen, so you can’t let Divine Weapon be dusted, let us use these five war swords.”

Dandan tickled gu gu, and as soon as he reached out his hand, he already grabbed a war sword.

One wave…


A fiery sword light flew out, leaving a deep sword mark on the ground.

“This sword… is this a source-level Combined Assault Array carrier?”

Dandan’s eyes are fiery.

The source-level Combined Assault Array carrier?

Lu Ming and the others, my heart beats wildly.

As the name suggests, the source-level Combined Assault Array carrier is used for the powerhouse of Highest Origin Realm, and the powerhouse of Highest Origin Realm can be used in arrays to explode the power of multiple original powerhouses into geometric multiples.

During this time, the Combined Assault Array encountered by Lu Ming and the others were all master-level ones.

It can only be used by people of the main level. The powerhouse of Highest Origin Realm cannot use the combined assault array of main level at all. Once they use it, they can burst the carrier of combined assault array of main level instantly.

The difficulty of refining the source-level Combined Assault Array carrier is more difficult than that of the main-level Combined Assault Array carrier. I don’t know how much more difficult it is and how much more precious the materials are needed.

Take these five Combined Assault Array carriers back, and when the Primordial Tribulation is over, the Celestial Extinction Army selects five Primordial Origins to join forces, and the battle strength will definitely skyrocket.

They speculated that because these five people were all in formation when they were dying, they relied on the power of Formation to block the corrosion of the cold air, and the five war swords were preserved.


Lu Ming and the others, put it away unceremoniously.

Then, they continued to fly towards the mountain, but along the way, they looked around to see if they could get another batch of treasures.

The distance to the mountain is so close, once there is a treasure left, it is definitely not trivial.

Unfortunately, they were disappointed.

Behind, they got nothing.

They are getting closer and closer to the mountain.

The closer you are to the mountain, the more terrifying the breath from the mountain. They are always under tremendous pressure.

roar roar roar …

There was a roar from ahead.

It’s a dead body.

They could see that thousands of corpses were flying in front of them, but they seemed to be blocked by something, making it difficult to continue flying.

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Ming and the others flew up, Lu Ming asked.

“It is the realm of immortals!”

There was a voice in the other direction.

It’s the sky!

The sky brought dozens of Sub Immortal Clan people and flew over.