Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5013


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Mu Lan did not expect that all of this was a conspiracy against Lu Ming. She simply thought that Du Ling had something wrong.

So, Mu Lan didn’t tell Lu Ming the news, so he quietly left Tianlan Garden and headed outside the Cangqing God.

Mu Lan’s direction was specifically to avoid the directions where Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and others were located, but she was surrounded shortly after she left the Cangqing Divine Realm.

It was Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and others who surrounded her.


As soon as she saw Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and others, Mu Lan knew that she had been fooled. These people wanted to take it and threatened Lu Ming to come out for a fight.

Mu Lan certainly won’t be obediently surrender and break through with all her strength. However, although she has the battle strength of the second time, there is a huge difference between the second time and the third time.

even more how, the opponent’s existence was broken three times, more than one person, Mu Lan was basically impossible to break through, and even without time for sound transmission, Zhu Tian and Mosha joined forces.


“Lu Ming, the major event is not good!”

On this day, Han Yue rushed into Tianlan Garden in a hurry, his face a little pale.

Lu Ming’s heart sank: “Han Yue, what happened?”

“Mu Lan Senior Sister was caught, Zhu Tian and Mosha were caught!”

Han Yue quickly said.


Lu Ming was shocked, and the Spiritual Consciousness quickly radiated out, covering the room where Mu Lan was located, and he found that Mu Lan’s room was it’s empty.

“Lanxiang, what is going on, when did you Young Lady leave?”

Lu Ming body flashed, appeared in front of one of Mu Lan’s maids and asked.

Lu Ming and Mu Lan were in different rooms for cultivation, so Lu Ming didn’t know when Mu Lan left.

“I don’t know, I don’t know when Mu Lan Young Lady left.”

Lan Xiang shook his head repeatedly.

“Something must have happened, otherwise Mu Lan Senior Sister will definitely notify me when he leaves.”

Lu Ming brows tightly knit.

“Lu Ming, what should I do, Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and others will let you… let you go out and suffer…, otherwise it will be detrimental to Mu Lan.”

Han Yuedao.

“Since they want courting death, then fulfill them and go!”

Lu Ming’s voice is extremely cold.

He and Mu Lan hadn’t seen each other for many years, and he was full of guilt for Mu Lan. At this time, these people used Mu Lan to threaten him, and he was completely gone.

Originally, I didn’t want to care about these people, but now he has murderous intention.

Immediately, Han Yue led the way and rushed towards the exit with Lu Ming.

Outside one of the exits of the Cangqing Divine Realm, in a void, two groups of people are facing each other.

One of the waves is naturally the Nine Yin Demon Spiders and the Extreme Clan headed by Zhu Tian and Mosha.

The other wave is the Human Race expert of the Sky God Realm.

Many people in the Celestial God Realm knew that Mu Lan had fallen into the hands of Zhu Tian and Mosha. They were furious, and a lot of experts rushed away.

However, the people of Human Race did not do anything. They were mainly afraid of Zhu Tian and Mosha. Although they were large in number, none of them were opponents of Zhu Tian and Mosha. The main reason was that there was no powerhouse that broke the extreme three times.

“Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha, you are really mean, you used a woman to threaten Lu Ming and give me Mu Lan.”

Suddenly, there was an angry shout, and a Human Race youth strode out.

“It’s Zhao Wuji, Zhao Wuji is here!”

Human Race everyone is overjoyed.

Human Race, finally the invincible god master who broke the extreme three times has arrived.

“It’s ridiculous, that Lu Ming murdering to seize the treasures is the real meanness. Now he is doing a coward, hiding in your heavenly divine realm and can’t come out. You send Lu Ming out, and we let Mu Lan go.”

Mosha said with a sneer.

“Fart, I will kill you now!”

Zhao Wuji coldly shouted, and kept his body in shape, killing Mosha.

Mosha was not afraid, and shot back.

bang! bang! bang!

The two faced each other for more than a dozen strokes, and there was no winner.

It’s not the first time that the two of them played against each other. Their strengths are hard to distinguish between them, and they are basically impossible in a short time.

“Mosha, do you want me to help you?”

Aside, Zhu Tian chuckled.

“Zhu Tian, ​​your opponent is me!”

In Human Race, another silhouette stepped out, a young man with a big beard.

“Fu Yuan!”

Zhu Tian frowned, eyes show a trace of restrained fear.

“Zhu Tian, ​​you dare to catch our people near the Cangqing Divine Realm. You are so brave. I think you are courting death!”

Fu Yuan shouted.

“Yes, hurry up!”

“Otherwise, you will all stay!”

The others are also shouting.

Mu Lan is kind to Cangqing God Realm, and he is a dísciple of a great character in Cangqing God Realm. Zhu Tian and others actually captured Mu Lan in Cangqing God Realm, and most of them were furious. Can’t wait to kill Zhu Tian and others.

Fu Yuan and Zhao Wuji are backing up at this moment, they are not afraid.

There are a large number of Human Races. There are hundreds of Human Race experts surrounding here at the moment. The numbers are far above the Nine Yin Demon Spiders and the Extremely Evil Race. If something goes wrong, it is really possible to win the opponent.

The Nine Yin Demon Spider and the extremely evil tribe’s complexion changed, and they couldn’t help but retreat and gather together to prepare for the battle.

“Mu Lan has been sent away by us. If you dare to act rashly, if anything happens to us, then Mu Lan will be buried.”

Zhu Tian’s indifferent voice sounded.

Human Race’s expert was shocked and stopped.

They refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases!

Mu Lan was in their hands, they had to hesitate, even Zhao Wuji who was fighting against Mosha stopped.

“You are really mean!”

Many people shouted.

“Hand over Lu Ming. When we kill Lu Ming and avenge my brother Zhu Shi, we will naturally hand over Mu Lan.”

Zhu Tian coldly said.

“If you want my life, it depends on whether you have this ability!”

An indifferent voice sounded, and in the void, light and shadow flickered, and a young silhouette appeared.

It was Lu Ming who arrived.

“Lu Ming is finally here!”

“haha, very good!”

Liu Weiyang and Pang Xiao naturally also mixed in the crowd. They naturally would not miss the excitement. They were overjoyed when they saw Lu Ming coming.

The gazes of Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and others were as sharp as a sword, piercing Lu Ming.

“You are Lu Ming!”

Zhu Tian’s eyes are extremely cold and murderous intention, making no secret of it.

“I am Lu Ming!”

Lu Ming answered coldly.

“Very well, your head, I want it!”

Zhu Tian pressed towards Lu Ming, terrifying the cold breath and locked Lu Ming.

“Zhu Tian, ​​give this Lu Ming to me.”

On the other side, Mosha also came forcing Lu Ming.

In their eyes, it seems that Lu Ming is a piece of fish that can be slaughtered.

Except for Zhu Tian and Mosha, Jiuyin Demon Spider and Extreme Evil Race

Yes, they didn’t know Lu Ming defeated Fu Yuan.

Pang Xiao, tell them not at all.

The reason why Pang Xiao didn’t tell them about Lu Ming’s battle strength was that he was not kind to help Lu Ming.

He naturally has his own plan.