Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5014


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Pang Xiao felt that Zhu Tian and the others might not have killed Lu Ming near the Cangqing Divine Realm, even if he had a few more experts.

Mainly near the Cangqing Divine Realm, there are many Human Race experts. Those Human Race experts may not be indifferent while watching Lu Ming being killed.

Even if Lu Ming is an inferior bloodline, many people will help.

There are too many people in Cangqing Divine Realm ‘fallen’ now.

Yes, Pang Xiao believes that those who don’t think inferior bloodline are inferior are ‘degenerate’.

He felt that in front of the inferior bloodline, they must maintain their noble status.

So, he didn’t tell Zhu Tian and the others Lu Ming’s true battle strength and record, making Jiuyin Demon Spider and the Evil Race despise Lu Ming. If you do something like that, the two races will definitely suffer a big loss, maybe There will be more Jiuyin Demon Spiders and extremely evil tribes who die at Lu Ming’s hands.

It’s better to die a few powerful Heaven’s Chosen. That way, Lu Ming and the two clans are really irreconcilable, and more powerhouses will be attracted to kill Lu Ming.

In that way, no matter how strong the battle strength is, Lu Ming will only have a dead end.

So, now the people of the two races don’t know the real battle strength of Lu Ming.

Of course, they did not despise Lu Ming too much.

Because it is very likely that Mo Kun died in Lu Ming’s hands and can kill Mo Kun. That shows that Lu Ming itself has at least a second-time battle strength.

Even the limit was broken twice.

However, with the two invincible gods Zhu Tian and Mosha teaming up, even if Lu Ming is strong, there is only a dead end.

“Do you want to bully less, I will play with you!”

Fu Yuan coldly shouted, and ancient zither appeared, and his breath rushed towards Zhu Tian.

On the other side, Zhao Wuji is also filled with a strong aura, facing Shangmosha, ready to take action at any time.

“It seems that you don’t want Mu Lan’s life anymore. Except for Lu Ming, if anyone else dares to take action, believing or not, I will immediately send a message to let my people cut off Mu Lan’s head.”


Mosha is full of evil people, which makes Fu Yuan and Zhao Wuji refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, not daring to act rashly.

“Say, Mu Lan Senior Sister, where is it?”

Lu Ming reluctantly held back his anger and asked.

“Those who are about to die, don’t know that many!”

Zhu Tian said with a sneer, seeing that Fu Yuan didn’t dare to do it, Zhu Tian once again forced him to Lu Ming.

“Zhu Tian, ​​this Lu Ming, leave it to me, I want to avenge the devil Kun.”

Mosha called.

“He killed my brother, I must cut off his head with my own hands, no one can fight with me!”

Zhu Tian’s eyes were crazy.

The crazy eyes made Mosha feel a little chill in her heart, and she couldn’t help but stop.

“Okay, this Lu Ming, I will give it to you, but the two top source-level divine medicines in the hands of Mo Kun fell on him. After killing him, these two top source-level divine medicines, I want to take it.”

Mosha Road.


Zhu Heavenly Dao.

“You guys are so much nonsense. Since you don’t hand over Mu Lan Senior Sister, then I will take you all and exchange for Mu Lan Senior Sister!”

Lu Ming spoke indifferently, the War God gun appeared in his hand, and the powerful aura surging out like a volcanic eruption.

These gestures made Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and the others stunned.

This Lu Ming actually wanted to take the initiative, and, listening to what he meant, he wanted to challenge all of them alone.



These two words flashed through the mind of the Nine Yin Demon Spider and the extremely evil race at the scene.

Even the expert of Human Race was taken aback.

Although they knew that Lu Ming’s battle strength was very strong, they defeated Fu Yuan.

But it was just after the confrontation and multiple moves, it barely won by one move. If it is really going to be a life-and-death battle, it may not be able to win the lower Fuyuan.

And Zhu Tian’s battle strength is no weaker than Fu Yuan, even slightly stronger than Fu Yuan.

There is also a desert sand.

They are both invincible gods. Even if the battle strength is strong or weak, it will not be too far apart.

For example, Zhu Tian, ​​among the invincible god masters, the battle strength is considered to be extremely high, and he has defeated many invincible god masters.

However, it was defeated one-on-one.

If he were to face two invincible gods at the same time, he would definitely not be an opponent.

Even if the two invincible gods who were defeated by him pull out two joint forces, Zhu Tian has only one way to fail.

The same invincible gods, not many people can face two co-existence teams at the same time.

So, although Lu Ming defeated Fu Yuan, he was definitely not an opponent against Zhu Tian and Mosha.

“This Lu Ming is so arrogant, he won’t die here today, haha, it would be cheaper for him.”

Liu Weiyang and Pang Xiao are overjoyed.

I originally thought that Lu Ming might not die today, but now that Lu Ming dies like this, that’s not necessarily true.

“Don’t think that you can kill Devil Kun, it’s invincible in the whole world, I’ll kill you!”

An expert shouted from the extremely evil race, and rushed to Lu Ming first.

This person is holding a peculiar weapon. This weapon is like a sword but not a sword, or a sword but not a sword. It is black all over and exudes an evil aura.

This weapon is a weapon unique to the Evil Race, called the Evil Blade. Driven by the unique power and mystery of the Evil Race, the formidable power is amazing.


The Evil Blade, take Lu Ming’s brow directly.

This is an expert for the second pole breaking, and it is not an ordinary second breaking pole. In the second pole breaking, they are all peak experts, not weaker than Pang Xiao, and much stronger than the magic kun.

So Zhu Tian and Mosha, not at all.

Just try Lu Ming’s strength.

At this time, Lu Ming’s murderous intention is already very strong.

At this moment, Lu Ming’s eyes were cold, and the War God gun swept out directly.


War God’s spear grew sharply, and hit the opponent’s extremely evil blade with a loud noise, and then a scream rang out.

I saw this powerhouse of the extremely evil tribe, whose body flew backwards like a cannonball, with blood spurting continuously from his mouth.

Furthermore, one of the arms of this person burst open, and the Evil Blade flew out.

One move, hit hard!


Many people couldn’t help but stare wide, shocked.

Among them, Pang Xiao was the most shocked.

The expert of the extremely evil tribe, he knows, and once even fought against each other, the two birds of a feather, no one can do anything about it.

But this is no weaker than his expert. In front of Lu Ming, he was so fragile and was hit hard by a single move.

Doesn’t that mean that when he faced Lu Ming, he also suffered a heavy blow.

“This battle strength…”

Fu Yuan’s heart also jumped.

This battle strength is stronger than when I fought him.

Could it be that Lu Ming didn’t try his best to fight against him?

Fu Yuan felt a huge blow.

Everyone at Human Race, who originally knew the Lu Ming battle strength, were all so shocked. You can imagine the horror of the Nine Yin Demon Spider and the extremely evil race.

Even Zhu Tian and Mosha two invincible gods could not help but stare.

Not waiting for them to slow down, Lu Ming’s offensive has exploded.


Lu Ming screamed long, patted it with a palm, and used the Great Desolate style. A continent formed, appeared on top of Zhu Tian and the others, and suppressed them.

Suddenly, dozens of experts of the two families were enveloped in it.