Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5016


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At this moment, the number of Human Race experts gathered all around has exceeded three hundred.

These more than 300 Human Races, one by one, were dumbfounded and dumbfounded, including experts such as Zhao Wuji and Fu Yuan.

Then many people got excited.

Too domineering, too domineering!

As Human Race, it should be so!

Think about the Desolate Flood Continent of the last era, Human Race dominates the world, and the trend of all races, what a grand occasion?

The Human Race at that time was also so domineering.

Among them, Liu Weiyang and Pang Xiao have the most complicated mood.

As a result, Lu Ming’s battle strength was really amazing, beyond their imagination, and frightened them.

Secondly, I was a little excited.

Lu Ming treats Zhu Tian and Mosha and the others in this way, the experts of the two groups will never let go.

Later, there will be more powerhouses to deal with Lu Ming.

There are at least a dozen invincible gods from the two clans.

Lu Ming can deal with two, can it also deal with three, four, or even a dozen invincible gods?

Not to mention, the two families also have a large number of Combined Assault Arrays.

Lu Ming, it’s dead!

“Say, where did you take Mu Lan Senior Sister?”

Lu Ming scans Mosha, Zhu Tian and the others indifferently, his voice is full of murderous intention.

“Then Mu Lan was taken away by people from the extremely evil race, it is probably taken to the extremely evil place!”

An expert of the Nine Yin Devil Spider yelled.

“Yes, it’s none of our business, please let us go!”

Another young man from the Nine Yin Demon Spider called.

It’s shameful to be tied up like this, they all want to get out soon.

“Shut up, you spiders, you really can’t believe it, you are as timid as a mouse!”

“You don’t want to leave the responsibility on us. You took down Mu Lan before. You spiders are the most active.”

The people of the extremely evil race were upset, and they shouted.

The relationship between the Nine Yin Demon Spider and the Extreme Clan is not good at first, but a competitive relationship, and there has been no fight between them.

Before, it was because Lu Ming was forced to come out, so we teamed up. At this moment, it was noisy.

“Shut up!”

Lu Ming coldly shouted, and the people of the two races suddenly shut up.

People have to bow their heads under the eaves!

Lu Ming stretched out his hand and grabbed a young man from a very evil race in his hand.

“Where is the worst place, lead the way!”

Lu Ming coldly said.


This young man of the extremely evil race, as well as others, were all taken aback.

Lu Ming What is this going to do?

Go to the terrible place?

The extremely evil land, but the stronghold of the extremely evil tribe, was a terrifying forbidden place during the Desolate Flood Continent period.

Now, the extremely evil tribe has awakened dozens of clansman, which can be said to be expert as clouds.

Lu Ming took the initiative to kill to the most evil place, that is courting death.

Be aware that there are seven invincible gods in the Extreme Evil Race, and there are six in addition to Mosha.

In addition, those powerful Combined Assault Arrays, more, Lu Ming killed them, it was totally courting death.

“Lu Ming, no, extremely evil place, and six invincible gods…”

Han Yue said hurriedly, wanting Lu Ming to calm down.

Now that Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and the others are in Lu Ming’s hands, Lu Ming can put one or two of the evil clan back to report, and exchange Mu Lan for Mosha and the others.

This is the best policy!

However, Lu Ming shook his head slightly.

He doesn’t plan to do this.

He originally felt guilty for Mu Lan.

Apart from Qiu Yue, Mu Lan was the first soulmate he knew.

When he was still weak, it was Mu Lan who helped him and let him enter Xuanyuan Sword Sect cultivation.

Later, Mu Lan helped Lu Ming with his own happiness and helped Lu Ming become the Heavenly God Guard.

Mu Lan helped him a lot. It can be said that without Mu Lan, there would be no Lu Ming where he is today.

But later, because Lu Ming met Xie Nianqing, and because he didn’t want to hurt Xie Nianqing’s heart, Lu Ming reluctantly alienated Mu Lan.

When I was young, now, as I experience more things, both Xie Nianqing and him slowly let go, but Lu Ming still feels guilty towards Mu Lan.

Now it’s hard to find Mu Lan, the Nine Yin Demon Spider and the people of the extremely evil race, in order to deal with him, they kidnapped Mu Lan, which violated his reverse scale.

This matter, won’t just leave it alone.

He wants two families and pays the price.

At the same time, he must also use this battle to make a name for himself, to frighten Xiao Xiao, so as not to keep troubles later.

This trip to the terrible place, he has gone.

“Lead the way!”

Lu Ming’s indifferent voice sounded, and his murderous intention gazes like electricity, making the young man of the extremely evil race fearful.

“Take him!”

Mosha called.

Since Lu Ming wants to take the initiative to go to the terrible place, why not take him there?

The terrible land is expert as clouds, wait for Lu Ming to go, and see how he runs.

“Okay, I will lead the way!”

The young man of the extremely evil race.

Lu Ming released his hand, and the young man from the extremely evil race flew away first.

Lu Ming followed behind him with a bunch of people.

“Go, let’s go and see!”

“We must go. If the evil race dares to bully the less, we will take action. After all, Lu Ming is from our Human Race, so we can’t let him suffer!”

“I will sound transmission right away and call some experts to help.”

Many people from the Cangqing Divine Realm called out, some of them took out the sound transmission jade talisman, calling friends and friends, and heading for the terrible place together.

Even Zhao Wuji, Fu Yuan and the others took out the sound transmission jade talisman, and the news came out.

Soon after, a large number of Human Race experts headed towards the terrible place.

The Cangqing Divine Realm is still quite far away from the extremely evil place. At the speed of Lu Ming and the others, it takes at least half a month.

Along the way, I ran into many other forbidden people.

“What happened?”

These people were dumbfounded when Lu Ming pulled a bunch of people.

“It’s like this…”

In the Human Race, there is a lot of talk, and I immediately talked about it briefly.

“There is such a thing, go, go and see…”

Then, these people followed Lu Ming one after another towards the terrible place.

Moreover, these people also spread news to their relatives and friends.

This news is spreading towards Six Great Influences in the western universe at the speed of a hurricane.

“I said… could you put us away or cover us with something…”

There was a young man from the Nine Yin Demon Spider roaring.


“Hide us!”

Others also called.

It’s really embarrassing to tie it up in a string like this and swagger all the way through the market.

They can’t wait to find a dog hole to hide, it’s better than this.

Lu Ming disinclined to pay attention to them, and continued to pull these people towards the terrible place.

And the extremely evil experts in the extremely evil land quickly received the news, and suddenly yelled one by one.

“Impossible, people who dare to tie our extremely evil race, courting death!”

“Who is Lu Ming, so bold!”

“Dare to kill us in the terrible place, come, call an expert, when this person comes, we must Dismemberment by Five Horses.”

The people of the extremely evil race shouted in anger.

Also angry is the expert of the Nine Yin Devil Spider.

After hearing the news, the expert of the Nine Yin Devil Spider sent out the expert who looked at it and headed towards the terrible place.

The universe in the west is turbulent for a while!