Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5017


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In a blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Lu Ming They finally came to the terrible place.

When Lu Ming and the others arrived, a large number of silhouettes burst out of the terrible place.

There are tens of thousands of them, and they are all experts of the extremely evil race.

“The people from the Nine Yin Demon Spider are here too, very good!”

Lu Ming swept his gaze to the other side and saw a large number of experts of the Nine Yin Devil Spider.

The Jiuyin Demon Ruins where the Jiuyin Demon Spider Race is located is closer to the extremely evil land than the Cangqing Divine Realm. Therefore, the people of the Jiuyin Demon Spider Race are earlier than Lu Ming. To.

In addition to the Nine Yin Demon Spiders, there are also a group of creatures. Lu Ming is relatively unfamiliar.

The number of these creatures is about hundreds. They are adult-shaped, tall and burly, covered in black armor. Behind them, they also carry a black war sword.

At a glance, it looked like a group of soldiers.

“Forbidden creatures, black sky Martial Warrior!”

Lu Ming’s heart moved.

In the western universe, there are a total of Six Great Influences.

Except for the Human Race of Cangqing God Realm, the Five Great Influences are all forbidden creatures.

Heitian Martial Warrior is one of the five Great Forbidden Land creatures.

It is said that the number of this clan is smaller than other forbidden areas, but the battle strength is terrifying, and the life force is amazing.

The average strength ranks first among the five Great Forbidden Land creatures.

Obviously, the Heitian Martial Warrior is relatively close to the extremely evil race, and arrived one step ahead of them.

As for the other two Great Forbidden Land creatures, there are only a few people, and they are obviously far away.

“You Human Race are so courageous. People who dare to treat us like this, do you want a full-scale war!”

An expert from an extremely evil race yelled and glanced at the Human Race expert behind him, evil and cold.

“Yes, provoke our two races at the same time. Do you think that your Human Race is still the Human Race of the Desolate Flood Continent period?”

An expert shouted from Jiuyin Demon Spider Race.

“Go to war when you start war, I’m afraid of you!”

Human Race’s expert was also agitated and scolded one after another. The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became tense.

“This matter is my personal matter and has nothing to do with Human Race!”

At this time, Lu Ming spoke up.

He discovered that although there are some people like Liu Weiyang and Pang Xiao who show superiority in front of the inferior bloodline in the Human Race of Cangqing Divine Realm, most of the Human Races are good, not at all. Because he is an inferior bloodline, and look down on him.

Moreover, they are still very united.

Otherwise, that many people would not follow Lu Ming to the terrible place.

The purpose is to cheer for Lu Ming.

So, Lu Ming didn’t want to get involved with Human Race because of his personal affairs.

With the strength of Human Race, it is definitely not the enemy of the Nine Yin Demon Spider and the Extreme Evil Race. Once a war starts, the Cangqing Divine Realm will definitely suffer a big loss.

“Boy, if you want to take the responsibility down by yourself, you alone may not be able to resist!”

The people of the Nine Yin Devil Spiders coldly shouted.

“Boy, let go of my people soon!”

A member of the extremely evil clan shouted.

“Leave me Senior Sister first, and I will naturally let people go.”

Lu Ming said.

“Hehe, I have reached my terrible place, and I want to negotiate terms with us. You are afraid that you do not have this qualification…”

A young man from the extremely evil race sneered, and continued to persecute Lu Ming. The terrifying and evil atmosphere filled the void.

Undoubtedly, this is a terrifying expert, and it is definitely the existence of three extremes.

In addition to this person, there are other experts from the Extreme Evil Race, who are also forced to come.

All are invincible gods!

They are arrogant, but they dare not care.

Didn’t you see Zhu Tian and Mosha tied into a string?

“hmph, if you don’t pay, then I will call you to pay.”

Lu Ming coldly snorted, with a wave of his hand, urged the Great Desolate ring, and took Zhu Tian, ​​Mosha and the others into the Great Desolate ring.

“Boy, you are courting death!”

Seeing that Lu Ming put away Mosha and the others, a member of the extremely evil tribe, suddenly exploded.

xiū xiū xiū …

The Evil Blade was unsheathed, and in an instant, there were five terrifying attacks, and they slew towards Lu Ming.

The five invincible god masters of the extremely evil clan, shot at the same time.

“Despicable, I want to bully the less with more.”

“Five people against one person, what is Heaven’s Chosen?”

Fu Yuan, Zhao Wuji and the others shouted, the body is filled with divine light, and he wants to go up and help Lu Ming.

Human Race this time has three invincible gods.

Lu Ming happened to have seen him, Fu Yuan, Zhao Wuji and Yan Wudao.

“It’s not your business, it’s better not to interfere.”

An indifferent voice sounded, and several silhouettes forced them towards Fu Yuan and other evil men.

is the expert of Jiuyin Demon Spider Race.

They blocked Fu Yuan and the others, preventing Fu Yuan and the others from helping Lu Ming.

After such a delay, the attack of the five experts of the extremely evil race has approached Lu Ming.

At first sight, Lu Ming was about to be attacked by these five ways.

At this moment, some people’s hearts are lifted, while others are in ecstasy.

This ecstatic person is naturally Liu Weiyang and Pang Xiao.

They also followed. The main purpose was to see with their own eyes that Lu Ming was killed by the extreme evil clan expert.

Now, it’s going to happen soon.

Five invincible gods of the extremely evil race join forces, who can be the enemy in the world?

Unless it is an expert who broke the extreme four times.

But the entire western universe, Six Great Influences, can break the pole four times, and there are two in total.

The two represent the peerless Peak of Divine God Realm.

Although Lu Ming is strong, he must be far behind those two.

At this moment, Lu Ming shot.

Everyone only felt that Lu Ming within the body suddenly exploded with a terrifying breath.

this aura, peerlessly powerful, shocking, like the energy produced by tens of thousands of stars exploding together.

Next, this energy turned into five spear glows and pierced the experts of the five extreme evil races.

Every spear glow collides with an extremely evil blade.

boom~ boom~ boom~!

The sky is shaking and roaring, and the glow is extremely dazzling.

After that, everyone saw the five silhouettes and retreated violently.


At this moment, everyone stared wide-eyed in horror regardless of the glare.

Because the five people who retreated are actually the five great experts of the extremely evil race.

The five great experts of the extremely evil race were actually repelled.

The five teamed up to attack Lu Ming, but he was repelled by Lu Ming. Moreover, Lu Ming stood in the void and did not retreat even one step.

How is this possible?

Many people rub their eyes vigorously, thinking they are dazzled.

Even Fu Yuan, Zhao Wuji, speechless, and the invincible divine lord of the Nine Yin Demon Spiders, their pupils shrank sharply, and there was incredible in their eyes.


Liu Weiyang and Pang Xiao both opened their mouths wide, unable to say a word.


Lu Ming screams, angry at Rising Galaxy.

He held the gun in one hand, the strength of Taboo, and continuously poured it into the War God gun. The War God gun kept getting bigger and bigger, and finally smashed it towards the five great expert of the extremely evil race.

Yes, there is no extra fancy, simply smashed down, arrogant.

The huge War God gun, entrained in incomparable violent momentum, enshrouded the five great experts of the extremely evil tribe.