Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5102

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lu ming Darkly measures between his Battle Streg between his returns, he found that he is not an opponent to returning to the ancestors.

Even if his source is stronger, it can’t break the defense against the ancestors.

and he did not attack the soul’s means, can’t break the other’s defense, only passive beat, sooner or later.

can only say that the cosmic sea is too big, and there are too many enchanting, beyond imagination.

This is just one, maybe you may have a sea, and there is a more horrible enchanting.

The sacred and unparalleled, completely suppressed, after a dozen tricks, have already retired to the stone Platform edge, and may fall.

“What is the sacred and unparalleled, I see you simply change the name, calling the sacred garbage.”

returning to the ancestors, but the offensive is not stopped, and it is necessary to defeat the sacred and unparalleled.

“Try this end, you can defeat!”

At this time, the sacred unparalleled is like this, Next Moment, the sacred and unparalleled pupil, the burst of bright clouds, two sacred sword lights, from his pupil.

These two sword lights are not Source Power, but is full of Soul Power.

This is Soul Attack, and it is powerful.

returning to the ancestral bones, obviously not expected to use Soul Attack between sacred and unparalleled, dodge, directly to the eyes of two sword lights into the eyes, attacking his soul fire.

Obviously, the soul of the returning ancestors is Treasure to defend.

is Soul Defense Treasure, like a armor, wrapped the soul of the ancestral fairy.

However, the sacred unparalleled Soul Attack, actually strong, Strikes on Soul Defense Treasure, the Soul Defense Treasure shake.

and, with strong pull power passes through Soul Defense Treasure, attacking the soul of the ancestral fairy.


returning to the ancestors to send an angry Roar, the body has fallen, and his soul in his eyes makes a vibrillate.

“You actually master Soul Attack, no, your soul, how would you be so powerful?”

returning to the ancestors.

Master Soul Attack surgery, this is not difficult, such as Hegemon such as Holy Light, will there be no SOUL ATACK?

However, the soul of your own is not strong enough, even if there is a Soul Attack, you can’t play how much Formidable Power.

Return to the ancestors naturally know your shortcomings, so when he is in Cultivation, spend more time, go to the Cultivation soul, enhance your soul, and Soul Defense Treasure Guardian Spirit Soul, but just now He was still created, the soul was hit by Terrifying Sword Qi, with a feeling of torn.

This explains, the sacred and unparalleled soul, exceptional power.

“Forgot to tell you, my natural soul is powerful, my best Battle Stregth, not Source Power and Fleshy Body, but Soul Power.”

The sacred and unparalleled indifferent opening, with a scratching meaning, overlooking the ancestral bones.

His eyebrows are glowing, that is the light of the soul, exceptionally strong, emit a powerful breath, press the bones.

wireless wire …

The people around them, sucking cold, shocked.

The sacred unparalleled Battle Stregth is already horrible, but Didn’t Expect, actually there is Killing Move is useless.

His Soul Power is actually more powerful.

This is too metaping.

combined with both, who else can enemies?

Even Lu Ming has to sigh, the enchanting of the sea is too much.

“XIU Xiu!”

In the sacred unparalleled pupil, sword Light, two sword lights, INCOMPARABLE GIGANTIC, kills to the ancestral fairy.

This is the soul attack, even if the body returns to the ancestors, it is useless, but directly through his body and attack his soul.

returning to the ancestral bone shouted, the body has a flash, which is fast than the lightning, and the sacred unparalleled attack.

, Soul Attack, directly ignore the space distance, too fast, return to the ancestral bone to avoid, he is hit, the body is returned, the soul is cut, the pain is a pain.


returning to the ancestors, anger is incomparable, there is a certain place, empty, no power, can not use it.

It can be said that he encounters the gratitude, the sacred and unparalleled soul is really amazing.

returning to the ancestral bones intentional Cultivation over the soul, all kinds of treasures to enhance the soul, have too little.

can be said, his soul is not weak, and the soul is much better than him, plus Soul Defense Treasure, but even if so, you can’t stop the sacred unparalleled Soul attack. It can be seen that the sacred and unparalleled Soul Attack is so powerful.

The people of other big unsatisfied, their faces are lighter, and they are amazed.

Battle Stregth is unparalleled, plus the soul is very powerful, this kind of people TO TERRIFYING, the future, it can be made with some Old Ancestor of Holy Light’s large universe.


returning to the ancestors and screaming towards the sacredness.

He has to defeat the sacred and unparalleled in powerful body strength.

Shenshan has no double violent retreat, playing heavy defense, can’t get dozens of Holy Light in front of the body, blocking the ancestors, while he fully runs Soul Attack.

xiu xiu xiu!

ONE ANOTHER SOUL Attack is SWORD LIGHT, the excellent sharpness, and it will return to the ancestral bones.

returning to the ancestors, not flashing, Soul attack falls on him, his body is glowing, palm is like a eternal Heavenly Blade, a palm of the sacred unparalleled defense holy Light Above.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ …

A heavy defense HOLY Light was broken, and the body of the ancestral fairy is like a knife, quickly rushing to the sacred and unparalleled.

However, the sacred and unparalleled Soul Attack has fallen, and it is in the body of the ancestral bones.

Let the Azurian bone ROAR, the soul continues to be created.

, but returning to the ancestral bone ROAR, exhausting the attack, breakdown from the sacred and unparalleled defense, a Terrifying front, sweeping on the sacred body.

The power of returning the ancestors, it is too strong, and the sacred nest has a Terrifying wound, blood DC.



The two are big, not retreat, continue to attract it.

around, everyone is full of breath, and the atmosphere does not dare to breathe, and I am afraid to miss the wonderful war.

Wars, have entered the crucial moment, become a fight, it will not hold anyone, no one can not hold, whoever defeated.

Next, the two continuously attacked a few tricks, and he was hit by each other.

The sacredness is broken. There are many wounds.

but returning to the ancestors, seems to be more miserable, Soul Fire is swaying, Rays of Light is much dared before.

“Don’t be hit again, you can accept it!”

a dog head of the bones and the big universe, giving returns azuria.

Fleshy Body’s injury is good, but the injury of the soul is much more troublesome, fix it, it is much more difficult.

Once you return to the ancestors, Soul Injury is too serious, even affect the future achievements, the people of the bones, have to persuade the ancestral bones.

returning to the ancestors, extremely unwilling.

But he also knows that it will be extremely unfavorable to him.