Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5103

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finally, returning to the ancestors chose to admit.

Fleshy Body’s injury is restored, but the injury of the soul, it is difficult to recover, if there is any dark illness, it will greatly affect the future achievements.

wants to be over, want to enter the fairy road, anything, must pass through the Immortal Tribulation this Realm.

this realm, as the name suggests, is the rupture before the immortal, and is not a heavy robbery, but there is 9th Layer.

Only after the heavy robust, it can be used as a fairy, and it is over.

, this is too difficult, in this process, every heavy robbery, is dangerous, you can say it is a dead bureau, every robust, you can stop massive Cultivator, let the massive Cultivator before, Scattered Ashes and Dispersed smoke.

and want to spend heavy robustness, Fleshy Body and soul, it is not enough, there must be strong enough to hope.

returning to the ancestors, the sacred and unparalleled victory, and it is relative to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming’s mouth revealed inexplicable smile.

He suddenly felt, his luck is really good.

I thought he thought that the trip to the sky should be stopped here, and he can’t stand the last Stone Platform, because if you return to the ancestors, he doesn’t have a way, can’t open the other party’s defense.

But Didn’t Expect, the winner is actually sacred.

This is good!

Sacred Wushuang Killing Move is Soul Attack, which is completely restrained by Lu Ming.


Both people have picked the energy on the Stone Platform, Tempering itself.

After this Time Tempering, Lu Ming’s soul and FLESHY BODY, it has improved a piece, and the taboo Source Power has also improved a lot.

Battle Stregth is increasing, but overall is increasing, after six consecutive tempering, taboo Source Power, is more powerful than before, Battle Stregth has also increased a lot.

Two people around Tempering, people around, also in Discuss Spiritedly.

“You think lu ming and sacred unparalleled, who will win?”

“That is also used, it is definitely a sacred and unparalleled, sacred, unparalleled, hard-to-have, Soul attack.”

“Good, although Lu Ming is very strong, if you don’t use Soul Attack, most of you are lu ming victory, but you have used Soul Attack, Lu Ming!”

Under the source, you have such a powerful SOUL Attack, which is simply invincible! “

Almost no one is optimistic about Lu Ming.

is mainly sacred and unparalleled. CultiVation Base is insufficient, with strong Soul Attack, plus itself Battle Stregth is also extremely amazing, withnin Same Level, simply invincible.

Unless you have a Soul Defense Treasure, whether you have a strike, you can’t stop the sacred unparalleled Soul Attack.

However, the Soul Defense Treasure, the world is rare.

In general, Soul Defense Treasure, the defense of Fleshy Body, is still a few times.

, strong Soul Defense Treasure, also requires powerful SOUL POWER to mobilize, otherwise it will not be able to play the form of Formidable Power.

, such as returning to the ancestral bone, his Soul Defense Treasure, is absolutely weak, but because of his own soul is not strong enough, it is not strong enough for Soul Defense Treasure, which is also hosted by the sacred unparalleled attack. .


End, two Stone Platform under Lu Ming and sacred feet, fly over the center, and then quickly integrate.

“Lu Ming, you can accept it, you are not my opponent, look at the same kind of Yang Sector, I don’t want to be difficult,”

The sacred unparalleled opening, in words, full of strong confidence, standing at a certain height, overlooking Lu Ming.

“Not Good Meaning, I Lu Ming from CultiVation to the present, there is no precedent for admission to the admission.”

lu ming slightly shakes the head.

“Have to say, your innate talent, it is rare, especially in this broken universe, can achieve this step, it is difficult, can be imagined, you will come all the way, definitely, unmanned, no one Can block, but … “

“I want to tell you, that is because you are born in this broken universe, there is no genius at all, and the universe, the vastness is boundless, the genius countless, one mountain has a mountain high …”

, this means it is obvious.

You lu ming, born in a small place, there is too little, there is no other powerful genius, in fact, the universe is very big, genius is like a cloud, can suppress your uncomfortable, such as me …

“I still want to try it.”

lu ming said with a slight smile.


Sacred Wushuang Coldly Snorted, Pupil Light Cold, Simple Fail to Appreciate Somebody’s Kindness.

He is very good to be quite good, say so much, give Lu Ming a good impression, then find the opportunity to take Lu Ming.

is right, he looks like Lu Ming, it is necessary to use it, become a sharp blade, to fight for him.

Unfortunately, Lu Ming is completely not bird.

“, give him a lesson, let him know my power, and will surrender to me in the future.”


When two people dialogue, two Stone Platform, completely fuse together.

instant, two people move.

Lu Ming Directly exhibited the source, turned into three feet, footsteps, Stone Platform roared, rushing toward the sacred unparalleled.

However, while LU Ming is exit source, the sacred and unparalleled attack also attacked.

He directly exhibited Soul Attack.

Lu Ming Battle Streg, he has already seen it, does not show Soul Atck, he doesn’t have a little grasp, or even lost.

So, he directly uses Killing Move, you want to suppress Lu Ming.

He is eyebrow, a pair of pupils, exudes a bright glory, then two Sword Light rush out, 斩 lu ming.

But lu ming attacks these two attacks, no matter whether it is, directly ignore, continue to rush to sacred and unparalleled.

“actually does not dode Soul attack!”

“Perhaps, he also knows that the fundamental dodge does not open, didn’t you see it before going back to the ancestral bones, he is trying to hard to fight Soul attack, seize the opportunity to attack the sacred and unparalleled, want to go to the wind.”

“It’s really ridiculous, he doesn’t know the terrifying of Soul Atck, you also want to hard to resist, wait until you are fool.”

Many people ironically.

next moment, two sword lights, 斩 中 m, ignore Lu Ming’s defense, rushed into Lu Ming’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, wants to 斩 lu ming’s soul.

However, it has a empty.

Lu Ming’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, empty, as well, there is no soul at all.

“What is going on?”

Sacred and unparalleled.

Under the source, the soul is generally in Sea of ​​Consciousness, and only after Highest Origin Realm, the soul will live in the source root, learn the Source Power, Tempering and the Soul.


Lu Ming’s attack broke out, War God gun, like a Mountain Range, giving the sacred and unlucky, entrained of terror.

The sacred is unparalleled. His reaction is enough, and the powerful power is mobilized.

However, when the War god shot, these defensions collapsed.

Sacred and non-double cough blood.