Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5104

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Sacred and unparalleated blood and retreats around the people around.

What is going on, Lu Ming has been sacrificeless Soul Attack, and it can also explode such a strong attack, just like a person who is fine.

Is Lu Ming’s soul, is so powerful?

“Your soul, how did you have any happly in Sea of ​​Consciousness?”

Sacred and unparalleled.

The people around him have a shock, and then suddenly realize.

so That’s how it is, the original lu ming’s soul, does not have in Sea of ​​Consciousness.

It is no wonder that the sacred unparalleled SOUL Attack has not had much impact on Lu Ming.

, under the source, the soul actually does not have to live in Sea of ​​Consciousness, which is indeed strange, is Lu Ming Extraordinary Natural Talent, which will move the soul early to the source seed.

The vast space of the sea, There is no lack of stranges, some creatures Extraordinary Natural Talent, shifted the soul to the source seed early.

lu ming, maybe it is.

Many people think this, including sacred and unparalleled.


Sacred and unparalleled long hacks, both eyes are like two small sun.

xiū xiū xiū …

this Time, at least 78 Sword Light, from the sacred and unparalleled eyes, 向 lu ming.

Soul Attack, fast, it is difficult to avoid, Lu Ming is directly hit.

Soul Attack, ignore the defense of Fleshy Body and General Source Divine Weapon, directly penetrating, but the same, there is no harm to Fleshy Body, mainly for souls.

THIS TIME, there are several Sword Light, rushing to Lu Ming’s home source seed, and several Sword Light, after rushing into the Fleshy Body of Lu Ming, turning into one After Another Sword Light, Impact Lu Ming’s Fleshy Body, including Lu Ming Internal Organs.

The sacred unparalleled THIS TIME is very cautious, he knows, some people are very special, not only can the soul in the origin seed, but also can hide in Internal Organs or even Fleshy Body elsewhere else.

this Time, he is all taking into account, he is convinced that Lu Ming’s soul is now available.

this Time, Lu Ming’s soul is indeed attacked.

However, Lu Ming’s soul is spreading in six hundred trillion cells per body, each cell, a small portion.

The sacred and unparalleled attack, Impossible is distributed into each cell, don’t say sacred and unparalleled, even if the soul intensity is less than the sacred and unparalleled ten times.

So, this attack, there is still no big effect in lu ming.

Lu Ming is slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly smashed, and it is like a lot, and there is no attack to sacrifice.

“impossible …”

Sacred and unparalleled, can’t believe that his Soul attack is invalid to Lu Ming.

then, he is exhausted, but it is still slammed by Lu Ming, hegading blood.

people around them are.

this Time, the sacred unparalleled might launched a stronger Soul Attack, attacking other places of Lu Ming, actually is still invalid.

What is going on?

Lu Ming is the people of the soul?

Impossible, they are clear in Lu Ming, feel the breath of the soul.

Is Lu Ming soul is also a strong natural, even more than sacred, so he is not afraid of sacred and unparalleled Soul attack?

Everyone is imagined, while Lu Ming offensive is in the mountains in the sea, and the sea is generally going to the sacred unparalleled pour.


The sacred and unparalleled long hacks, he doesn’t want this.

He is still a posture of Lu Ming before, wants to take Lu Ming for your own use, and now it is suppressed by Lu Ming, this is really … face.

He is full of confrontation, and Sword Light is constantly bursting, the whole body diffuses the sacred holy Light, which is shrouded half of the Battle Stage.

Have to say, sacred and unparalleled, physical attacks and Soul Attack broke out, almost no weakness.

with Xin Same Level, others are hard to fight against him.

Unfortunately, he encountered Lu Ming.

Lu Ming is completely his gratitude, completely restrained him.

His Soul Attack is useless to Lu Ming, Lu Ming directly ignores Soul Attack, which is the Battle Stregth to the ultimate.

Finally, the sacred unparalleled knew that Soul Attack is invalid to Lu Ming, and can only discard Soul Attack, and fully urged Source Power and confront the lu ming.

Unfortunately, there is no SOUL Attack, he is better than other five extraordinary existence, and it will be unsatisfactory.

There is not much trick, he is hurt, the injury is increased, and finally the Stone Platform flying out of Lu Ming, completely defeated.

This battle, Lu Ming!

The people around them are stunned, and Didn’t Expect, the final victory is actually Lu Ming.

“can only say, this Lu Ming luck Very Good, and the sacred unparalleled luck is too bad. If Lu Ming encounters returns to the ancestral bones in advance, the last victory will belong to the sacred and unparalleled.”

Some people sigh.

They naturally can see that sacred and unparalleled are restrained by Lu Ming.

If Lu Ming encounters returns to the ancestral bones in advance, it is definitely not the opponent to returning the ancestors, and will be defeated, and then the sacred and unparalleled defeat will get the final victory.

Unfortunately, sometimes luck is also part of strength.

“can be evil!”

Sacred is unparalleled with Lu Ming, and the eyes have some cold, then swallow a few Divine Pill, sitting and sitting, starting to heal.

and some people have begun to leave.

The competition for the sky is over, it is not necessary to continue.

Some people have received Tempering, and the foundation is stable. It is planned to have a good consolidation and prepare for impact.

No one is anxious to start BREAKTHROUGH.

Because, the violent in the universe is generally only once, followed, will not become more violent as others’ Breakthrough.

That is, even if some other people succeed in this source, Breakthrough is successful, the cosmic sea will not be more violent, and the source robbered Formidable Power will not become stronger.

I have never happened to the universe of the sea.

maybe, this is the A Glimmer of Survival given by the Cosmic Sea.

Breakthrough is a test under the big robbery.

If it can be successful, you can get a gift from the universe, explain that this is just a test. The Sea will not really break the way.

If there is a Breakthrough, the cosmic sea will become more violent, then the people behind it have no chance.


At this point, Lu Ming pushes the energy on the Stone Platform, starting Tempering itself.

The last step, the energy is really too strong, Lu Ming can feel clear, his soul and Fleshy Body are quickly stronger, constantly being treated, crazy upgrades.

In the pure energy, Lu Ming’s FLESHY BODY is flashing with mysterious gloss, no dust or fil.

When the Tempering is over, Lu Ming is a bit full of body, and it feels full of strength.

“It’s too strong, I now feel that the power of FLESHY BODY can be presented in PEAK!”

lu ming thinking.

You can fight God’s Peak, which is simple to fight.

His soul is also glow, and it is much stronger than before.