Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5105

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lu ming now feels that if Breakthrough’s source, it has been greatly grasped, because before, as long as he wants to think about Breakthrough’s source, there will be a strong sense of danger.

But now, this crisis disappeared.

At least the Breakthrough origin, it willn’t be a fatal crisis.

“Let’s leave here, find a place to be familiar with the consolidation, then start Breakthrough.”

lu ming thinking, then stepped, he left Stone Platform.

hong long long!

When Lu Ming leaves Stone Platform’s instant, Stone Platform issued a dramatic roar, and there was a crack in the above, and then touched, and the cracks came.

The continence of the largest eight-angle Stone Platform, which is also the same, completely cracking, and it is ash.

Tiantai, completely destroyed.

Many people sigh, this is a strait, but it is only a part of the whole table, and the damage is severe, only once, after using it, the energy is exhausted, and it is destroyed.

If the complete treadacies, Impossible is so, after exhausting energy, the most self-seal, slowly continue to absorb energy, and wait for the day to open.

Lu ming is Calm and composed, but feel better.

Anyway, now the strength of Great Desolan Universe itself is weak, if it is a true full trek, they can’t help, and ultimately people who are cheap.

is better than destroying.

Lu Ming Walking on Air, comes to Mu Lan and Huang Ling.

Mu Lan and Huang Ling have always been taken by the people of the Yutang big universe, avoiding the banned pops.

Now, the people of the Yuxian’s big universe have already left one step forward.

and forbidden to the earth, there is no further action.

“lu ming, congratulations!”

mu lan and huang ling Trends to Lu Ming, it is exposed.

Lu Ming has got the highest stendy, they are very happy for lu ming.

“Senior Sister, Huang Ling, let us go!”

Lu Ming.


When the three people just left, a Coldly shouted sounded, One after another breathed, turned to Lu Ming three, lock three people.

Subsequently, the splitting the air Sound rang, and the figure flashed, and a group of people walked lu ming.

Lu Ming Complexion Sank.

is a person in the shade.

Lu Ming At First, it is also a person of Netherworld River’s large universe, because Lu Ming defeated the Netherworld River’s universe of the Netherworld River Great Heaven’s Chosen Blue Yum Chen.

, just look at it, it is not the people of Netherworld River’s large universe, nor is the people of the bones, but the influence of the 18th industry in the middle.

In fact, the Netherworld River’s large universe has already left, and the people of the bones are still, but they are not doing, but standing in the distance.

dozens of industrial fires Powerhouse, will lu ming in the middle.

“What do you want to do?”

huang ling delicate.

“What to do? Nature is to send this Lu Ming.”

An old man with a large universe Coldly Said.

“I seem to be with you to the big universe lacking hardred and enmity!”

Lu Ming.

“Haha, lacking hatred and enmity? How many years are you killing, and you still lacking hard and enmity, your Innate Talent is too high, staying you.”

a new source of fire in the universe.

“Yes, if he is a genius, you should kill as soon as possible!”

There is also the expert opening of the shade, coming to this, is not the people of the industry, but the other universe in the innocent.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of Expert are all intended to be with the industriality of the universe.

Other people in the shadow, either look at the eyes, or turn around.

In their view, Lu Ming is dead.

Lu Ming is just the Human Race of Great Desolate Universe, and there is no mountain, and it is dead.

“Do we want to help Lu Ming.”

Some of YANG Sector have no departure, secret discussion.

“Didn’t see the people of the bones on the side of Glare Like a Tiger Watching His Prey, if we do it, you may drive them, the people of Holy Light are still, see if they want to shoot.”

Other people open, and the eyes are all LOOKED TOWARDS HOLY LIGHT.

Holy Light’s Come of the universe, there are many expert, strong strength, if they shoot, Lu Ming may be saved.

No matter what to say, Lu Ming is a person of Yang Seig, with Holy Light’s universe, with a camp.

“Young Master, how do you do?”

Holy Light Grace, someone Looked Towards Sacupires.

Lu Ming This person, arrogant and conceited, supercilious, even if it grows up, it is also necessary for Yang Seig, there is no need to take help, we will go. “

The sacred and unparalleled indifferent opening, the eyes are very cold.

Let him save Lu Ming, cracking a joke, how it is possible.

If you can, he can’t hate to kill Lu Ming.

Finished, the sacred unparalleled people with Holy Light’s universe, they left.

Seeing the Holy Light’s universe leaving, other big universities even if some people want to save Lu Ming, they also have their own strength.

They are the opponents of the industrial fire, Even more how, there is a bones, the big horizon Glare Like a Tiger Watching His PREY.

Some people sigh, and finally helpless, they have left.

lu ming looks unchanged.

He finally understands that the YANG Sector is in the face of the shadow, although it belongs to the alliance relationship, it is the same camp, but between each other, it is also an Open strife and veiled struggle, which is very deep.

Otherwise, the Great Desolan Universe is destroyed, how can there be no big horizon?

Lu Ming does not believe in such a war, and the Top Powerhouse of other big horizes will be induced.

Great desolate’s universe channel is open, these big universities have come, and will you still feel?

if you want sometying done Well, do it yourself, Lu Ming Some people have Wang Broken Sword, which is fearless to these people.

These people want Courting Death, then kill!

I did the best in the past eight people. Although I exhausted the energy of the King Broken Sword sword handle, it has been in the past for more than ten years, the energy of the sword handle has been restored.

“Lu Ming, it seems that no one saves you, you can die.”

An old home source of the industrial fires in the indifference.

I have no resentment with you, I have no hatred in the past, I don’t want to be sin, you will leave, I can do anything, if it is Overbearing, I have to kill me, then I have to pay a price. Prepare. “

Lu Ming Opened The Mouth and Said.

His intention, still don’t want to have more sinners, his enemies are already enough, do not want to stand more enemies.

If he is just a person, he is not afraid.

Mainly, after his body, there are family members, have a wife, friends, some Soulmate, he wants to consider their safety.

“Hahaha, pay the price? It is a ridiculous, what price can you give?”

Some people laugh.

“These two women don’t kill first, first take it, tonight can be happy.”

A Middle-Aged Man’s eye turns on Mu Lan and Huang Ling, full of hot Rays of Light.

Lu Ming’s face, completely gloomy, Murderous INTENTION flashes.