Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5233


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The half-mountain cliff is like a mountain peak cut in half. The cliff formed is extremely steep and looks like a mirror from a distance.

Lu Ming and the others slowed down and slowly approached the Banshan Cliff.

The news from the Luo River that Xue God’s Storehouse was closed in the mid-level cliffs.

However, Lu Ming naturally they will not believe it all.

Far away, Lu Ming transported the Monster King Emperor Wen to watch the Banshan Cliff.

In his eyes, there is a Dao Rune circulating on the cliff of the half-mountain, intertwined together, forming a huge Formation.

The energy of horror is contained in it. Once activated, it will be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

A top-level source-level Formation, and there are many experts that manipulate Formation.

“There really is a problem.”

Murderous intention flashes in Lu Ming’s eyes.

As soon as he saw this terrifying Formation, Lu Ming knew that he had been cheated. The Luo Jiang was lying and spreading false news.

Someone is making a game here and want to kill them.

“Fuck, that scumbag, actually lied to us.”

Dandan also sensed the Formation on the mid-levels cliff, and suddenly cursed.

“Luo Jiang must have thought that we were dead, so he dared to spread the news. As long as we were dead, no one would know that what he was spreading was false news, hehe!”

Lu Ming sneered, the murderous intention in his eyes was very cold.

On Luo Jiang, I am afraid I will be disappointed.

With his current battle strength, as long as he doesn’t step into the Formation and self-protection is enough, who can kill him?

“Let’s go, I want to see who made the game to kill us.”

Lu Ming said, continue to step forward, towards the halfway of the mountain.

When they came to the edge of the big formation, Lu Ming stopped.


Lu Ming suddenly shot, Taboo Source Power, condensed into a spear glow, and smashed down towards the cliff.

spear glow is like a Heaven-supporting Pillar, incomparable gigantic, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, covering the entire half-mountain cliff.

Spear glow pressed down, heaven falls and earth rends.

“Start Formation!”

The expert hidden in the middle of the mountain, knowing that it was exposed, suddenly someone shouted.

Suddenly, the rays of light flourished in the mid-level cliff, and a Formation emerged to block the spear glow.

On the hillside, a large number of silhouettes emerged, at least more than 500 people, all of whom were experts above the mid-primary period.

“Who am I? It turned out to be the holy light universe and the Yuqing universe…”

Lu Ming coldly said.

This is almost the same as his guess.

In Yang Sector, those who will make a game and want to kill them, Yuqing Universe and Holy Light Universe have the greatest chance.

Now, these two universes are obviously joining hands.

“It’s naive to think that a Formation can kill us.”


“They tried their best, there is only one big formation impossible…”

Lu Ming said, glanced all around, and the voice came out from afar: “Anyone else, get out.”

“Lu Ming, this place is your land of burial.”

Lu Ming tone barely fell, and a voice came out.

Behind Lu Ming and them, a large number of silhouettes appeared in two directions.

On one side is the expert of the holy light universe, on the other, the expert of the Yuqing universe. On each side, there are more than two hundred experts, most of which are the existence of the original Peak.

The two universes used more than a thousand experts.

On the Yuqing Universe, the ones standing in the forefront are naturally the brothers Shan Xiong and Shan Ying.

The experts of the two universes, and the large array on the cliff of the half-mountain, formed a character shape, slowly surrounded Lu Ming and the others, cutting off Lu Ming and their retreat.

“Sure enough, it’s you, very good…”

Lu Ming said with a smile.

“Very good?” Shan Ying asked rhetorically.

“This place is your land of burial, it is naturally very good.”

Lu Ming answered very seriously.

“hahaha …”

Shan Ying laughed, as if he had heard an extremely funny thing.

They gathered more than one thousand experts of Highest Origin Realm, among them, the original Peak was more than four hundred.

In addition, there are three experts on the original list.

Among them is his big brother, the top 100 expert in the original source list. Lu Ming actually said such things. Isn’t it funny?

“Lu Ming, the last time I was in the Great Desolate Universe, I was suppressed by the Great Desolate Universe. I failed to exert all the battle strength. This time, I will kill you myself.”

Shan Ying’s eyes were indifferent, and her body was full of strong aura. She wanted to step out and forced her towards Lu Ming.

Last time in the Great Desolate Universe, he lost to Lu Ming in the battle for heart and soul, but he was unwilling to lose, thinking that he was suppressed by the Great Desolate Universe, otherwise, he would not lose.

During this period of time, his source technique has improved. He has to personally suppress Lu Ming and prove himself, so that his ideas can be channeled.

However, Shan Xiong stopped Shan Ying.

“Second Brother, don’t go there.”

Shan Xiongdao, he stared at Lu Ming, his face a little dignified.

His spiritual sense is sharp, and he vaguely feels a hint of danger from Lu Ming.

Shan Ying’s puzzled looked towards Shan Xiong.

“He may have broken through to the original Peak, let others try him first.”

Shan Xiong gave Shan Ying sound transmission.

“Essence Peak.”

Shan Ying expression congeals.

At the beginning, Lu Ming was only the late stage of the source, if he really broke through to the peak of the source, then he could not deal with it.

“Liao Xing, Sheng Wushuang wants to kill Lu Ming very much. Why don’t you give this opportunity to you, carry Lu Ming’s head back, I guess there will be a great reward.”

Shan Xiong said to the old man in the holy light universe.

“Let’s send someone to take action together, he can’t escape anyway.”

holy light said the old man in the universe.

He is not a fool.

Shan Ying was clearly about to take action just now, but was stopped by Shan Xiong, and the change in Shan Ying’s face was also seen by him.

Shan Xiong must have discovered something and wanted to use them as pawns to test Lu Ming. How could he be fooled?

“Okay, let’s send someone to take action together.”

Shan Xiong knew that people in the holy light universe would not be easily fooled, and he didn’t say much, waved his hand.

Suddenly, a total of 36 experts stepped out, forcing them to Lu Ming.

Thirty-six experts, all of which are the existence of the original Peak, placed two combined Assault Arrays with eighteen people.

Combined Assault Array turned into two azure swords, sword qi offset.

On the other side of the holy light universe, thirty-six people were also sent out, two eighteen-person Combined Assault Array, transformed into two giant eagles filled with holy rays of light, and pounced on Lu Ming.

Just when the two universes took action, the gods, Dandan and PaoPao turned into three rays of light and entered the immortal city.

Next, there must be a big battle. With their strength, staying outside will drag Lu Ming on the contrary.

Lu Ming grabbed a volley with his palm, a long spear was caught in his hand, and then used the source technique, stabbing four consecutive shots.

bang bang bang bang!

Four consecutive roars, four Combined Assault Array giant shocks, all regressed.

“Essence Peak, really broke through.”

Shanying complexion changed.

As soon as Lu Ming took the shot, the breath of the original Peak was fully revealed.

Lu Ming of Origin Peak, whose battle strength is definitely far superior to him.

“Shoot them all and besie him together.”

Shan Xiong gave the order.