Everything Starts from the BTTH Chapter 19

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“Enough, Arnold, stop!” Just when Arnold’s fist was only one centimeter away from Ge Ye’s head, Xiao Xie finally stopped and ate a meal of Ge Ye, but killing him was just equivalent. to provoke Misty Cloud Sect. Although Xiao Xie doesn’t despise Misty Cloud Sect, for the moment, Xiao Xie can’t deal with Misty Cloud Sect. It is not the time to completely cast aside all considerations for face with Misty Cloud Sect.

Ge Ye looked at the fist in front of him, and he couldn’t be calm for a long time. He could feel that if it was not Xiao Xie’s exit, the black clothed man in front of him would definitely kill himself without the slightest hesitation.

Others looked at Arnold with a ruthless look, and were also surprised. Ge Ye was 7-Star Da Dou Shi, but Arnold was so easy to clean up, so what is the strength of Arnold, Da Dou Shi or Dou Ling.

Hearing Xiao Xie’s words, Anuo expressionless turned back to Xiao Xie behind and looked at Anuo who was standing behind Xiao Xie behind. Others, including Xiao Zhan, all showed envious expressions.

Xiao Xie glanced at Xiao Yan, and found that Xiao Yan did not show an incredible expression, and then he understood that it seems that there was no Terminator movie in the earth where Xiao Yan lived.

Xiao Xie looked at the bitter Ge Ye, icily said: “If you want to dissolve the marriage contract, let Nalan Jie and Yun Yun come in person. Otherwise, you dare to insult me ​​Xiao Family! Want to die?”

As soon as Xiao Xie’s voice fell, Anuo stepped forward immediately, watching Xiao Xie full of killing intent, and the whole hall suddenly became silent, and everyone’s eyes fell on Ge Ye.

Sweating Ge Ye, Nalan Yanran, great aunt who stopped preparing to talk, you can make a snack Ah! Now that something wrong is really going to die in Xiao Family, Ge Ye really believes that Xiao Xie will kill someone Yes, because youngster’s impulse is normal. If Xiao Xie makes that Arnold shoot, even if it is Xiao Zhan, they can’t stop it if they want to stop it. Even then, even if Misty Cloud Sect avenges himself, he won’t see it anymore .

Ge Ye compensates Xiao Xie with a smile: “Xiao elder misunderstood, we are not empty-handed. Master Sect Master knows that this Requirement is very impolite today, so I specifically let you bring something next, as a gift!”

Then, Ge Ye reached out and wiped a ring on his finger, and a greenish ancient jade box appeared in his hand. Ge Ye carefully opened the box, and a scent of incense suddenly filled the hall.

Three Elders stretched his head curiously, looking at the jade box, his body shook, and he was startled: “Qi Gathering Powder?”

Inside the ancient box, a dark green, longan-sized pill was lying quietly, and the seductive strange fragrance was emitted from it.

At Dou Qi Continent, to become a real Dou Zhe, the premise is that you must gather the battle qi channel within the body, but the battle qi channel has a high failure rate. Qi Gathering Powder, its role is to enable a 9th stage battle qi, 100% success to consolidate the battle qi channel!

“Hahaha …” Seeing this, Xiao Xie couldn’t help laughing, but anyone could hear Xiao Xie’s laughter without disdain.

“It’s ridiculous, are you insulting us with this rubbish?” Xiao Xie squinted his eyes, icily said. The killing intent on his body caused the temperature in the hall to drop a lot.

Feeling the killing intent on Xiao Xie, Ge Ye complexion greatly changed, and he said quickly: “This is the honorary elder of this case, Master Pill King Gu He personally made it, but it is not garbage!”

“Cut!” Xiao Xie disdainfully took out a jade bottle from her arms and threw it to Ge Ye. Ge Ye hurriedly caught it.

“The Medicinal Pill in this bottle is called Dou Zhe Dan. Tier Two’s special Medicinal Pill allows Dou Zhe to directly improve the 1-star cultivation base. It is made by this Young Master and compared to Qi Gathering Powder in your hand. Stubbornly weak? “Xiao Xie asked dismissively.

“This …” Ge Ye was awkwardly speechless. Although Qi Gathering Powder requires Alchemist above Tier Four to be refined, it is only useful for Dou Zhe and below. Dou Zhe Dan is useful for Dou Zhe. Cowardly will know when you see it, but he also regards Qi Gathering Powder as a baby. And the key Xiao Xie said that the Dou Zhe Dan was made by Xiao Xie himself. No wonder he said that Qi Gathering Powder was rubbish.

Xiao Xie looked at Ge Ye with an embarrassing face, and said indifferently: “Okay, even if this Dou Zhe Dan has been paid for your medical expenses, next time you want to remarry, you still have to prepare something really good. Don’t fool me with garbage, otherwise I will think that the successor of your Misty Cloud Sect is worth the price of garbage, now you can go! “

“You …” Nalan Yanran heard Xiao Xie’s words and was just stopped by Ge Ye as soon as she was about to refute.

“Xiao Xie elder, let’s leave today, let’s leave!” Ge Ye quickly took the reluctant Nalan Yanran and left. Today, his face is all lost, don’t we wait for people to see the joke Ah!

Looking at the silhouette of the Ge Ye 3 people, the Xiao Family suddenly felt a spit, which was really bully intolerably. Fortunately, Xiao Xie elder gave it a boost, otherwise Xiao Family didn’t know what it would be like to be bullied by them today!

“Well, today’s farce is over here, Anuo, let’s go!” Xiao Xie waved his sleeves and left Anuo.

Looking at the back of Xiao Xie, everyone in the Xiao Family showed an expression of worship. At this time, Xiao Xie is no longer the Xiao Family Number One Person, but Xiao Family Number One Person. Although not the Clan Leader, at this moment Xiao Xie’s reputation in the Xiao Family is even higher than Xiao Zhan, the Clan Leader.


In a blink of an eye, one month has passed since the last clan test, and Xiao Xie also ushered in his own adult ceremony.

The most important thing for a clan to stay long-lasting is to maintain vitality. The source of vitality is the younger generation of clan. They are the fresh blood of clan. Only the continuous influx of fresh blood, as Clan’s big machine can keep running at all times.

Therefore, adult ceremony is a big day that every clan attaches great importance to, Xiao Family is also not excluded.

As one of Wu Tan City Three Large Clans, Xiao Family’s adult ceremony naturally attracted the attention of all parties in the city, and some friendly forces directly invited to participate in the holding of adult ceremony.


Xiao Xie sits under the shade of a big tree, learning the cool breeze, warm and comfortable. Xiao Xie, who was very comfortable being blown by the wind, squinted his eyes and looked at the huge stage in the far field. The stage was cast by a giant tree.

Xiao Xie’s gaze was lightly paused at four places. In the direction of the giant tree platform, a voluptuous woman in a red dress happened to smile and talk to people. The plump body under the red-clothed skirt was welcome. Faintly discernible, extremely sultry, at this time, there were many people around her, and it became the most lively circle in the audience.

This red dressed woman full of mature charm for a while was the chief auctioneer Ya Fei of Premier Auction that Xiao Xie had met.

With a casual glance at the waist-like limbs, Xiao Xie secretly sighed in his heart, “It’s a top grade!”

After admiring the beauty for a while, Xiao Xie squinted her eyes, leaned against the tree, and took a nap.


The host of the adult ceremony is Second Elder Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying looked at Xiao Xie who was taking a nap, but shook the head helplessly. Only this one was able to sleep peacefully at this time.

Under the soft call of Arnold, Xiao Xie stretched his waist, and stepped on the high platform step by step under the gaze of the scene.

Under the gaze of the audience, Xiao Xie stood like an idiot for half an hour, and those cumbersome ceremonies ended slowly.

With her heart sighed in relief, Xiao Xie looked at all the spices sprinkled all over her body and rolled the eyes in depression.

After finishing these tedious things, Second Elder also wiped his sweat, turned and walked to the blackstone test monument, loudly said: “ceremony retest!”

Ceremony retest, which is another test of battle qi. The test a month ago was just a prediction, the purpose was to select the best seeds in the family, and these excellent seeds clansman are only available on this high platform. Qualifications for holding adult ceremony, but those clansman under 7th stage can only hold some simple ceremony, which is rather shabby.

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