Everything Starts from the BTTH Chapter 34

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Fortunately, Xiao Xie quickly retracted her sight from the court, avoiding a bit of painful thinking.

Weiwei quickly said, “That, they are my roommates.” Signaled Xiao Xie to look at the 3 people around her and introduced them in turn, “Xiao Ling, 2 hi, sisi.”

“2 hi, you have seen it.”

“Hello!” Xiao Xie loves them with a smile.

“Good God!” 2 I like them with 3 restrained replied, 2 I love in the heart yelled: “Zhao 2 Hi, calm, this is the third time you have seen the Great God, 3 Don’t send a flower idiot Ah!”

Slightly seeing 2 like their three full-body stiffness, secretly said with a smile: “Compared to them, my reaction is really normal!”

In this strange atmosphere, the basketball game is over, Xiao Xie said with a smile: “Slightly, let’s go!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go!” Wei Wei agreed before she answered.

Slightly couldn’t help but gave 2 Hi a big white eye, and now there is still a little cyanosis. Isn’t he and Xiao Xie the heroes in the game? Why does it seem to have developed into reality now? I’m not ready for Ah!

Encouraged by 2 and 3 of them, Wei slightly followed them and got on Xiao Xie’s car.

“Slightly, what do you want to eat?” Xiao Xie asked gently, sitting slightly on the co-pilot.

“Weiwei, I like to eat lobster the most. I can eat 8 pounds at a time!” After hearing Xiao Xie’s words, the 2 hi in the back seat rushed to answer again.

2 As soon as the good news fell, the slightly pretty face snorted and rose into a red apple. Seeing Xiao Xie looked at himself with a smile, he slightly grasped the seat belt in his hand, secretly said in one’s heart: “Zhao 2 hi, you make me so embarrassed in front of the great god, see me go back and not kill you! What should I do? The great god will not think I am a foodie!”

“Understood!” Xiao Xie saw a slightly shy speechless look, smiled heartily, stopped teasing her, stepped on the throttle, and hurried to the hotel.

Half an hour later, Xiao Xie drove to the hotel’s doorstep, and parked the car. Xiao Xie and 4 women asked for a private room.

The private rooms here are very special. Each private room is a small pavilion in the heart of the lake. You can enjoy the scenery while eating. This is the characteristic of this hotel!

“First 5 lobsters, 5 king crabs, 5 pounds 2 head abalones, 5 70% cooked steaks, 2 bottles of juice.” Xiao Xie looked at the menu and instructed the waiter on the side.

“2 Hi, the dishes here are so expensive Ah!” Sisi glanced at the menu and whispered to 2 Hi. She just saw a lobster, 888 soft sister coins, and was afraid to look down.

“2 Hi, although the Great God is rich, but it ’s not good to eat such an expensive place for the first time!” Xiao Ling also whispered to 2 Hi somewhat sorry.

2 Xi Yi replied with an awkward whisper: “I thought the big god would take us to eat crayfish, who knows it is Ah crayfish! This meal is worth 10000!”

After looking at the menu a little, I was taken aback and whispered to Xiao Xie: “Big God, it’s too expensive here! In fact, we just have to eat some crayfish.”

Xiao Xie said with a smile: “What’s wrong? Madam saved me money so soon?”

Madam 2 words, suddenly slightly shy lowered his head.

Xiao Xie said with a smile: “Slightly, it ’s hard to buy the so-called 1000 gold, and I am happy. I am happy if you are happy, let alone spending money for your wife is not justified?”

“Big God, so handsome Ah!” 2 I heard them say Xiao Xie, and said with a foolish look.

Fortunately, the dishes will be served soon, otherwise Weiwei doesn’t know what to shy when!

“So fragrant Ah!” Looking at the big lobster that came up, it was red and red, and he looked very appetite.

Because Weiwei is a girl, Xiao Xie has to drive again, so 5 people drank all juice. Xiao Xie held up a glass of juice, and said to 2 of them, 3 of them: “When I am not around Weiwei, my wife needs you Take care of it a lot, let me do it first. “

“Relax! Great God, give it to us slightly.”

“We will take good care of it!”

“Give it to us!”

3 people patted their breasts immediately and promised with a smile.

“Well, let’s eat hot! Let’s order more, as my wife’s maid, don’t be kind to me!” Xiao Xie said happy with a smile.

“I’m welcome!” After hearing Xiao Xie’s words, the three women were no longer restrained, and started quickly.

Looking at the interaction of Xiao Xie 4 people, I was so ashamed that I had already lowered my head and devoted myself to destroying my food. Suddenly a piece of lobster meat was added to the bowl. I looked up slightly and saw Xiao Xie’s face. Gently said: “Weak, you like to eat lobster, just eat more!”

“Thank you!” Replied slightly, thinking secretly: “It must be wrong, Big God, how could it be so gentle Ah! Wouldn’t it be Big God who doesn’t like to eat lobster, just feed it to me!”

“Slightly, 2 Hi just said that you can make 8 pounds of lobster in one meal. You should eat more this time. You are too thin!” Xiao Xie suddenly said with a smile.

“Sure enough, the gods are gentle and shy, they are all clouds!” Slightly heard Xiao Xie’s words, secretly said in one’s heart, and resolutely determined to go back to pack 2 joys, the abomination 2 joys, let me not lift up in front of the gods At the beginning, woo …

In this way, a lunch was spent in Xiao Xie’s teasing and a little shy.

After eating, Xiao Xie drove again and sent 4 women downstairs to the girl’s dormitory.

“Weiwei, brush BOSSAh together at night!” Xiao Xie said to Weiwei.

“Well, see you at night!” A slight conditional replied.

“Bye!” Xiao Xie said goodbye to the 4 women and drove away.

“Bye!” Replied slightly.

“Bye bye!” 2 I like them 3 and waved vigorously in the direction where Xiao Xie left.

After Xiao Xie drove away, she sighed slightly in relief, to be honest, she is still dizzy now!

Slightly looked towards 2 I like them, they are silently weird. Suddenly she was vigilant. This wouldn’t work. The longer the depression, the more intense the outbreak would be. She rushed to take the initiative to be interrogated.

He slightly coughed and said, “If you have any questions, just ask.”

After speaking slowly and quickly, when the voice fell, 2 Hi immediately rushed to shake her: “You haven’t told us about Xiao Xie’s love for so long!”

She slightly shook her voice intermittently: “… wrong … this matter … I haven’t figured it out …”

Shouting: “You are our stupid Ah! As you are today, there is no adultery for more than half a year who believes in Ah!”

Tears a little, six months? It’s almost half an hour! She broke free from her hand and finished speaking slightly.

“I Requirement ten minutes of free statement time!”

2 Xi Hesi and Xiao Ling glanced at each other and waved their hands with kindness: “Not too soon!”

Xiaoling said, “What stage have you reached? Have you ever kissed? When was the first kiss?”


Slightly ignored her words, cleared her throat and said, “This matter will continue from that day when I and 2 Xi went to the computer store to talk about …”

Weiwei began to slowly recall and narrate. She is a typical science student, literary talent Ping Ping. Under her narrative, her story with Xiao Xie became a meeting in real life, and then formed in the game. Grandpa, then unfathomable mystery becomes what it is now.

“Putting it that way, you really only met Xiao Xie God for 2 days Ah!” Xiao Ling looked inconceivable.

“Wow! In reality, Xiao Xie the great hero saving the beauty, and the two of them are married again in the game. Is this legendary love at first sight? Weiwei, the love story of the two of you is really perfect!” On the chest, exclaimed enviously.

“When will my white horse Prince appear! Slightly, I am so envious of you!” 2 exclaimed.

“What are you doing! Show Ah! To be honest, I still feel a little unrealistic now!” Faintly speechless, looking at the faces of 2 and 3 of them, couldn’t hide the envy.

“Weiwei, don’t think too much! Xiao Xie is indeed a great god. Even if you are talking about a girlfriend, it is so fast, but Weiwei, you are too embarrassed, so quickly won by the great god!” Iron does not look like steel.

“You’re embarrassed to say that you just ate the most, and promised the god the fastest!” Slightly angry.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, slightly, I’m wrong!” 2 Xi quickly pleaded forgiveness, and then the conversation turned around, and the essence of food was revealed, “But then again, today’s food is indeed delicious Ah!”

“…” was speechless.


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