Exalted Emperor Chapter 1563

On the riverside, Jiang Xueqing, Little Yun Lian and everyone reincarnation Dao Monarch formulated many regulations for Heavenly Gate.

"Immortal Dao Era Proving Dao Dao Monarch is now more difficult than ever. Even if we want to Proving Dao Monarch again, it will take 2-3 million years."

The old and gray-haired Extreme Revolution old man said with a smile: "Big Sister Qing'er, as the leader of our Heavenly Gate, must work harder. In the future, Big Sister will be the face of my Heavenly Gate. Several of us are on the road. The comprehend is better than Big Sister, but the potential is not as good as Big Sister. It is better to take this opportunity to stimulate the potential of Big Sister."

"How to stimulate?" Jiang Xueqing said curiously.

A dozen reincarnation Dao Monarch glanced at each other, sitting around Jiang Xueqing, each forming a Seal Law. Suddenly, aura of Primeval Great Dao broke out, forming various natural phenomena on their heads. Like a bell, like a drum, like a bow, like a plate, like an azure cloud, like a Treasure Bottle!

Jiang Xueqing's body suddenly heard the melodious Dao Sound, as if she had a very long history hidden in her body. At this moment, she was inspired by more than a dozen reincarnation Dao Monarchs. The Great Dao of twenty-two eras stayed in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone with the mark activated.

The last Dao Sound of many eras sounded, mixing rumble, symphonic singing, just like the hymn of the tune era.

Before the destruction of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, Heavenly Harmonious, Extreme Revolution and the others will deposit the marks of each era in the forbidden zone and send them all into Jiang Xueqing's body. At this moment, many reincarnation Dao Monarchs have inspired these mark, let Dao Truth settled in the forbidden zone revive.

From Primordial Dao to Curse Dao Era, Dao Monarch puts his own Great Dao Mark in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. These marks are transferred to Jiang Xueqing's body. They have not been stimulated so far, and Jiang Nan has not moved. These marks.

At this moment, mark is recovering, like a volume of more than 100 billion years of history written with time and the Great Dao Book, constantly showing Jiang Xueqing.

Jiang Xueqing sits stumblingly, the Great Dao flows all over her body, and gradually turns into a law altar, slowly holding her up, and the Overarching Heaven Propitious Cloud, which has never left her hands all the year round, was also thrown aside by her, and replaced by her. It is a mysterious Seal Law, which seems to include the big Dao Scripture that has been flowing through the years in this seal.

Law altar is like a flower stamen, the stamen contains fragrance, and a statue of reincarnation Dao Monarch is the bud of the flower.

The Seal Law her fingers intertwined in a strange way, like a gate, and behind her, nine tails emerged, and the fluffy tail tips of the white fox each sat a young girl.

Overarching Heaven Propitious Cloud floats in the sky, with various treasure lights circulating.

She fell into a state of comprehension Dao, with a smile on her face, various natural phenomena emerged, and she was dreamlike and beautiful.

Departed Mother had a feeling in the heart, I saw the spinning wheel floating, no one automatically, weaving a picture scroll of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of feet wide, spools of various colors are intertwined, the mountains, rivers, stars one in the picture scroll after another show.

"everyone, smile back, I want to leave a picture for us at Heavenly Gate." Departed Mother said with a smile.

Heavenly Harmonious, Peaceful Manifestation, Extreme Revolution and Yun Lian and the others turned their heads to the spinning wheel and the brocade painting. They saw the spinning wheel spinning, the color spools were spinning fast, and the silk threads were intertwined. The figure and face of everyone on the painting surfaced.

Time seems to stop passing in this brief moment, and fix their movements, expressions, and Great Dao, immortal light, and divine light. In this brief moment, some people appear to be a little cautious, some are complexion dignified, and some are complexion dignified. With a smile, some people seem to be thinking, some are grateful, and some are looking forward to the future...

In the future, one day, this painting of Heavenly Gate will be gradually yellowed by time, Heavenly The eighteen leaders of the Gate have been consumed by the years, and the survivors will have endless emotions when they look at this brocade at the extremeity of Immortal Dao Era.

Time passed day by day, and the years went by. Jiang Xueqing and Yun Lian never returned to Great Overarching Heaven, but continued to honed in Immortal Realm and Demon Realm.

Years are like songs. This is the fastest-growing era of Immortal Dao Era, and it is also a bright era of rays of light. Whether it is Immortal Realm or the opposite of Immortal Realm, Demon Realm, there have been countless talents. , Like the stars of Heaven, shining on every corner of this era.

Unconsciously thousands of years have passed, during which many people have witnessed the Heavenly Monarch, shaking the two universes of Immortal and Demon, and some youngsters have risen one after another, and more unknown areas of Immortal Realm have been developed. Some mysterious areas give birth to surprisingly powerful existences.

Immortal Realm has more and more Heavenly Monarch, Dao King, Xi Yingqing and the others have certified Heavenly Monarch, and several Vice-Cult Masters of Jade Capital Sacred Cult have certified Heavenly Monarch, and Other large and small influences, such as Old Monarch Spontaneity, Grand Truth Immortal Monarch and the others, have attained Heavenly Monarch, and Innate Creature, which has been blessed by Heaven and Earth, has acquired the existence of two Three Thousand Great Daos, and successively makes one's own Three Thousand Immortal Daos Perfection, certified Heavenly Monarch.

Some of them were entangled by Karma and fell on the way to Proving Dao Heavenly Monarch.

The first Absolute Overarching Mountain event opened, and countless powerhouses from the younger generation went there to participate in this event.

In the event, although there are Ling Zhuzi, Tian Ling, Mo Tian, ​​Yun Lian, Long An, Ding Guang, Zhong Tian and other youngster girls who have won opening heaven destiny and merit, there are others who have won each The youngster girl of ancient inheritance showed her prowess.

The younger generations have risen, and cult has prevailed all over the world. These younger generations represent the great influence behind them, participating in the dominance of Immortal Realm Demon Realm.

At the Absolute Overarching Mountain event, two bright figures appeared again, a man and a woman, two youngsters. The girl called herself Ding Ling, a human head and snake body, with a snake body coiled around and a big cauldron in her hand. On top of the snake.

The youngster calls himself Fu Ta, and is also a human head and snake body. The snake body is coiled around, and a treasure tower is placed on top of the snake body in his hand.

Ding Ling and Fu Ta appeared, they were shocked by their skills, and they were as famous as Zhong Tian, ​​and their strength was profound and unpredictable.

Some people say that the name Ding Ling is derived from the spirit of Primordial Cauldron, which is a creature born of the merit and destiny of Primordial Cauldron, and the name Fu Ta is derived from the Primordial Tower to suppress All Heavens, which is the Primordial Tower. The creation of Merit and Destiny.

The appearance of these two people has aroused the interest of ancient existence among Immortal Realm Demon Realm's many older generations. Many ancient Heavenly Monarch Divine Consciousness enveloped Absolute Overarching Mountain, a variety of Divine Consciousness collision, confrontation, undercurrent move.

Ding Ling, Zhong Tian and Fu Ta are called Three Sacred Spirits, Ling Zhuzi, Tian Ling, Skyscraping, Yun Lian, Long An, Ding Guang are called Six Heavenly Saints, and others are the best The youngster talents are called Twenty Nine Heavenly Heroes, One Hundred and Seven Innate Great Saints, and Three Thousand Daos Genius.

In this event, Jiang Xueqing also appeared at the event and was challenged by Zhong Tian. The two separated after a slight collision. Ding Ling and Fu Ta also fought against Jiang Xueqing. If you touch it, you will know which one will win and which one will lose, and only a few people will be able to see it.

Absolute Overarching Mountain is extremely high, like a pillar supporting heavens, all around is the boundless Mystic Prefecture, there are Thirty Three Layers Heavens revolving around Absolute Overarching Mountain, and on Absolute Overarching Mountain, it is Zenith, there is a Great Overarching Heaven above.

There are also many rumors about Absolute Overarching Mountain, the first mountain of Immortal Realm. In Absolute Overarching Mountain, Immortal Dao’s Dao Sound is often heard. Mysterious, profound and thought-provoking, let the creature of Thirty Three Layers Heavens end. the benefits of. Moreover, this mountain is growing every year, gathering Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy, and building Thirty Three Layers Heavens into Sacred Land after another. Living in it, Spiritual Energy is abundant, Dao Sound echoes, which is helpful for cultivation.

Some people say that this Absolute Overarching Mountain was born when Heaven and Earth Spirit Essence gathered when the sky was opened, and some people say that beginning of opening heaven does not have this Absolute Overarching Mountain, it is the Great Overarching Heaven that fell A needle is inserted into the ground and grows continuously to become pillar supporting heavens.

Heavenly Monarch once passed by. Seeing this mountain, I wanted to take the mountain away, but I couldn't shake it at all.

There are also rumors that Jade Capital Heavenly Monarch came to see this mountain. He flicked his fingers three times, bounced on Absolute Overarching Mountain, and Absolute Overarching Mountain shook three times. Jade Capital Heavenly Monarch broke his finger and dropped three. Bleeding, he left on his own, no longer trying to take away this strange mountain.

After Ding Ling and Fu Ta showed up for a while, they boarded the Great Overarching Heaven from Absolute Overarching Mountain to pay respects to the ancient existence in Great Overarching Heaven, and each contributed books.

The ancient existence unfolds two volumes, treasure light overflows, Immortal Dao rumble shocks in Great Overarching Heaven, majestic and grandiose sweeps Great Overarching Heaven, the world is widely heard, it is fascinating.

The ancient existence living on Great Overarching Heaven frowned slightly, the third Dao Sound in Great Overarching Heaven sounded, turbulent, and contended for more than ten days, the energy of the two Immortal Books was exhausted, shattered, and Dao Sound disappeared .

Ding Ling and Fu Ta bowed down and walked down to Great Overarching Heaven. Many other Heavenly Monarchs did not dare to touch Great Overarching Heaven. When they saw them leave Great Overarching Heaven, Divine Consciousness surged and followed them. Two people, I saw Ding Ling and Fu Ta walking into the two Dao Fruit Dao Palaces that enveloped the Ancient Immortal Realm. These Divine Consciousness disappeared and they didn't dare to go deep.

There are rumors that Ding Ling and Fu Ta donated books. They are the Emperor and Exalted Dao Book. They are the Dao Book produced in Emperor and Exalted Dao Fruit. They are used to test the school and live in Great Overarching Heaven. The one above.

There are also rumors that it is to warn the existence of Great Overarching Heaven and warn him not to act recklessly.

There are also rumors that it is a two-volume battle challenge and a battle invitation.

But later, a few Heavenly Monarch boarded the Great Overarching Heaven pilgrimage and asked about this. The existence of Great Overarching Heaven told them that the two Dao Books of Emperor and Exalted were for school examinations and calculations. , With his hand, to calculate the time when Immortal Dao matured and Emperor and Exalted resurrected.

The two volumes of Dao Book shattered in more than ten days, which means that Immortal Dao is far from mature. The resurrection of Emperor and Exalted will be postponed and cannot be resurrected temporarily.

This statement spread, shocking the world, a sensation, a statue of existence has their own speculations and concerns.

A thousand years have passed. The second event of Absolute Overarching Mountain is even bigger than the first, and there are several Proving Dao Heavenly Monarchs in Immortal Realm, which are even more lively.

Many new faces appeared on Absolute Overarching Mountain, the heroes of Demon Realm went up the mountain in a big way, the demons danced wildly, it was not only a discussion of Taoism, but also a battle of conquest, many people bloody mountain top.

And Jiang Xueqing said on the top of the mountain that he had established the Heavenly Gate and invited some talents to enter the Heavenly Gate. It also became a dazzling rays of light in this flourishing period, and Heavenly Gate officially appeared in front of the world. At this time Absolute Overarching Mountain event, Tian Ling, Ling Zhuzi and Ding Guang will get started.

In the third millennium, the Absolute Overarching Mountain event has become the biggest event of Immortal Realm, gathering the essence of Immortal and Demon Two Great Universes, and even many older generations exist. Go there, discuss the truth, compete, and verify each other's strengths.

Over the years, there are talents from generation to generation. Ten thousand years have passed. Immortal and Demon Two Realms have come together. Immortal Realm Three Thousand Immortal Prefectures have already seen the embryonic form for the first time, and Demon Realm Three Thousand Demon Prefectures also There is a clue.

The number of Heavenly Monarch of Immortal and Demon Two Realms is close to a hundred. Heaven and Earth Universe is gradually taking shape. The race in Barbarian Desolate multiplies and develops, making Immortal and Demon Two Realms more and more prosperous. Start to appear. There is also the Empire wild ambition of Demon Realm, with tentacles extending into Immortal Realm.

The world of great controversy has finally revealed its clues.

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