Exalted Emperor Chapter 1564

After another 100,000 years, Three Thousand Immortal Prefectures Three Thousand Demon Prefectures have been finalized, and each race has developed at an amazing speed. Empires are established one after another, and Empire is attached to one cult name.

The large-scale collision between Empires started, which shocked the various cults. The struggle between cults began to show their hideous side. From time to time, cult powerhouses came to the battlefield between Empires, and there were tens of thousands of them at every turn. The creature died.

During this period, Great Overarching Heaven also heard shocking movements, two times in total.

The first time is the Annihilation demonic light in the sky, countless Demon Eye majestic and grandiose, each Demon Eye has a black coffin, hiding the sky and covering the earth, like a fleet Rush to Great Overarching Heaven!

In this battle, Immortal Realm all black, no daylight, for a full five years in the sky, I can’t see the stars, the sun and the moon, and finally, one day suddenly, the sky drops black and blood rains. Like pouring, where the black blood passes, one after another planet is extinguished and dyed black. The black blood falls into the Immortal Realm Demon Realm, pollutes the sky, rivers, sea lakes, and the Annihilation Giant Beast emerges from the black blood. , Demonic Monster dances wildly, plagues are rampant all over the world.

Immediately, decree came out from Great Overarching Heaven, Dao Ancestor Hong, Dao Ancestor Jun, Other Shore Dao Ancestor, Demon Ancestor Ji Du, Demon Ancestor Rahula each led the cult essence and walked the world to kill Annihilation Giant. Beast, expelling the plague, refining the planet and the black blood falling into the sea, cleansing all filth.

Other Heavenly Monarch also led the discíple to drive away the aftermath of Annihilation, and it took thousands of years to clean up the filth.

The second movement on Great Overarching Heaven was much smaller. Only a few Heavenly Monarch noticed that scene. At that time, there was a Giant standing on Zenith, and the Giant physique was inconceivable. Can Immortal Realm Demon Realm sky and the earth turning upside down Normal!

I saw that Giant, like a fisherman, cast a net to Great Overarching Heaven from a distance, as if he was going to get Great Overarching Heaven into the net. This net was cast down, and I saw Immortal Realm a silver river. The galaxy was cast into the net, but the great net fell on the Great Overarching Heaven, and then passed through without any snare.

This situation is extremely weird. I saw that Giant trembled with great net, Immortal Realm's Heavenly Star fell in place, and Giant closed the net and left.

The being in Great Overarching Heaven did not do anything.

In 100,000 years, there are more and more powerhouses in Immortal Realm, and many younger generations have also certified Heavenly Monarch. Immortal Dao has developed rapidly, but no one has completed the Three Thousand Immortal Daos. One step further proves the Dao Monarch.

Immortal Realm has no owner. The battle between the Empires of Immortal Realm and Demon Realm has become more intense. On the surface is the battle between Empires, but it is actually an open strife and veiled struggle between the great cults. .

A turmoil spread everywhere, and the Immortal King Immortal Monarchs among the great cults were born one after another, bringing huge Immortal Beasts to participate in the battle slaying of the siege and plunder, and the flames of war broke out.

Some Empires even drove the Annihilation Giant Beast to attack, killing the city wherever it went, barren.

On this day, many ancient Heavenly Monarch went to Great Overarching Heaven, in the sky auspicious cloud blossoming, multi-colored light, and hundreds of Heavenly Monarch and Immortal Monarch, all of which are today’s Immortal and Cult Master of Demon Two Realms and a character with a head and a face.

Great Overarching Heaven is also very lively. Many people have heard about what major event happened. It turned out that it was the 8 million-year-old birthday of the Great Overarching Heaven. Everyone went to a banquet to congratulate him.

Even the legendary existence, such as the five Dao Ancestors of Immortal Realm Demon Realm, and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, Jade Capital Heavenly Monarch, Empyrean Origin Heavenly Monarch and the others, all rushed to the Great Overarching Heaven.

There are also young generations of powerhouse who have recently gained fame, and they all rush to Great Overarching Heaven. One is to pay respects to that existence, and the other is to show their presence in front of many old Immortal Monarch Heavenly Monarchs. Able to keep pace with the older generation.

After this grand event, a deity left, Ti Xuanwei sighed: “Master sits in the Great Overarching Heaven, sits and sees himself as the legend of Immortal Dao Era. Now even your children have become Myths and Legends."

Jiang Nan has become more and more calm, but he used to show off one's ability, but now there is a kind of returning to the natural state, like Heaven and Earth, only occasionally inadvertently. Aura of pressure Universe Heaven and Earth.

"This is an inevitable thing."

Jiang Nan walked side by side with her, said with a smile: "There are talents from generation to generation, each leader, the older generation is always We must stand at the highest place and wait for the rise of the younger generation. Today's Immortal Dao Era and Proving Dao Dao Monarch are too difficult. I don't know how many talented generations are trapped on the Heavenly Monarch Boundary, and it is difficult to take the last step towards Dao Monarch. "

Ti Xuanwei blinked his eyes and said with a smile: "How far is the Master from Dao Monarch Boundary?"

Jiang Nan said leisurely: "Your family Master is also the only difference Just one step, I have cultivated successfully Heavenly Monarch Peak. If I practice Heavenly Monarch Perfection, prove the Dao Monarch is where water flows, a canal is formed. It’s just this step. If it’s fast, it’s a thousand years. If it’s slow, just I'm afraid that I will wait a million years later."

He was slightly frowned and said: "I secretly calculated these days and realized that if I achieve Dao Monarch, there will definitely be a fatal tribulation. Logically speaking, Immortal Dao No one in Era can give me a fatal tribulation anymore. Unless Daoist Annihilation is completely out of trouble, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Doaist Null-Void can work together to be considered a fated tribulation to me. But I obviously felt that there must be a fatal tribulation coming. , I don’t quite understand where this robbery came from."

Ti Xuanwei stuck out his tongue and said with a smile: "You don’t understand, I’m afraid no one else in the world can understand."

"Madam, I have come to comprehend thoroughly Innate of Primordial Beginning in 100,000 years, and I have cultivated Three Immortal Souls Essence Seven Mortal Souls Essence, placed in the back garden. "

Jiang Nan walked to the back garden of Great Overarching Heaven with her, and said: "If you want to prove Heavenly Monarch, it is best to use these heavenly materials and earthly treasures, and you don't need to cut off the karma, you just need my help You can recast Dao Fruit. "

He has a little sadness in his eyes, thinking of that gorgeous woman, thought: "Unfortunately, Elder Sister is not willing to wait for these 100,000 years..."

For these 100,000 years, Jiang Xue Living in the East Pole Sacred Domain, she has been proving her six times, Proving Dao Heavenly Monarch six times successively, attracting Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon, plus her first Proving Dao Heavenly Monarch, a total of seven times Proving Dao.

Her path of Proving Dao is different. The perfect path requires ten times of Proving Dao, and it is only three times before Perfection.

At that time, Jiang Xue's strength will be extremely terrifying. The situation is not inferior to the existence of Ice Lotus Sacred Mother.

When the couple came to the back garden, they saw a mess in the back garden. I don’t know if all the rare and exotic plants were stolen. I can see that both husband and wife frowned.

"Everyone must have come to celebrate the Master's birthday, and there was a thief in the house! "

Ti Xuanwei didn't know whether to cry or laugh, and said: "This thief is also neat, and he didn't even leave any clues!" "

"They leave no trace, nor can they hide it from me. "

Jiang Nan waved his probing hand, and time stopped suddenly, and then time passed by, seeing pictures in the back garden showing up like horses and flowers.

The two watched for a while, only to see Luo Huayin sneaking into the back garden with a youngster sneaking into the back garden. The pair of thieves had an old-fashioned look, picking all the precious treasures.

"It turned out to be Master Luo. "

Jiang Nan said with a smile: "Master Luo has always been sneaky, even stealing his own discíple, probably to prepare some heavenly materials and earthly treasures for her son...Huh? There are others! "

After Luo Huayin and her godson left, they saw Empyrean Origin Heavenly Monarch sneaking into the back garden with his daughter. The Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother stood outside the back garden and glanced around. The father and daughter are stealing in the garden.

"Someone is coming, go! "Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother hurriedly whispered.

The Empyrean Origin father and daughter left, only to see the drunk-looking Profound Metropolis Heavenly Monarch approaching, groaning and not knowing what they were singing, and went to the back garden. , The Old Daoist immediately lost his drink and saw no one around. He pulled up a few of the heavenly materials and earthly treasures made by Jiang Nan in the back garden, stuffed it into his arms, and walked out, whispered: "No one sees, no People see..."

"Senior Brother Profound Metropolis, this honest man..."

Ti Xuanwei was speechless, and then he saw a respectable Heavenly Monarch, such as Dao King. , Xi Yingqing, Xi Chong couple, Hua Zhenyuan, Deficient Emptiness, Old Daoist Purple Firmament, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother, Linglong, Skyscraping and the others, one by one patronize the back garden of Great Overarching Heaven and search for it.

The rest of Great Overarching Heaven is the Magical Treasure of Jiang Nan. You can't move easily. If you take one piece, you will be perceived by Jiang Nan, and you can take it back after thoughts move.

Only the back garden of Great Overarching Heaven The Spirit Root marvelous medicine cultivated by Jiang Nan with its Great Dao and Primordial Beginning Energy Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy, and the Spirit Essence of Immortal Dao Era, is not Magical Treasure, even if Jiang Nan is stolen. I don’t know.

These Spirit Root marvelous medicine, medicinal power are definitely not inferior to Dao Monarch Dao The Primeval Sacred Medicine produced on Fruit, so these guys will become thieves and steal them when Jiang Nan is 8 million years old.

Jiang Nan also didn't know whether to cry or laugh, saying: "The theft of other things is that's all, but they said that Three Immortal Souls Essence Seven Mortal Souls Essence also stole them. But this is a trivial matter. I will spend some more time to refining a few plants."

Ti Xuanwei couldn't help but laugh when he remembered the appearance of Profound Metropolis stolen drugs, said with a smile: "The strength of the Master is enough to protect this one, Even if this one cultivates successfully Heavenly Monarch, if the Master encounters a strong enemy, this one will not help much with the strength of Heavenly Monarch alone. It can only cheer far away as it is now. It’s not as good as Master to save time and get ahead as soon as possible. prove the Dao Monarch."

Jiang Nan thought for a moment, said with a smile: "It’s good. If there is peace today, I estimate that in 200-300 million years, Emperor and Exalted will come back to life, and now there is Dao Void can match Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, and I can restrain Daoist Annihilation, It shouldn't be a big mess. I need to seclusion once, hit the Heavenly Monarch Great Perfection Boundary, by the way, prove the Dao Monarch!"

He thoughts move, Lupeng appeared, said with a smile: "When I seclusion, I don’t hear about foreign affairs. It is as short as a thousand years and as long as a million years. Madam took Lupeng and went to Hong'er Jun'er. If I met Jade Capital, Maha exists in Lupeng. They can’t help you. If you encounter Everlasting, Annihilation, etc., ring the bell in front of Lupeng, I can know. As for other Heavenly Monarchs, just put Lupeng in Magical Treasure lost One was turned into ashes immediately. If you don't want to kill, just throw the praying mat or this twine out. "

Ti Xuanwei took Lupeng and left Great Overarching Heaven, thought: "Hong'er Jun'er is a successful career, a great family, but Xueqing is drifting away, what Heavenly Gate? There is no territory, and there is no half of Immortal Boundary Sacred Domain, which is really pitiful. Why don't you go see Xueqing..."

Jiang Nan thought for a moment, then sat down, raised his hand and lifted the Great Overarching Heaven Seal, thought: "Strange, this disaster came? If I prove the Dao Monarch, I should be without disaster. Why does it always make me frightened? "

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