Exalted Emperor Chapter 1566

"It is clear that Emperor Jiang was here to seclusion, how could he leave? When did he leave and where did he go?"

Immortal Elder Nanguo, also Gongye Qian, Absolute Beginning Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Dao Era, I couldn’t find Jiang Nan, frowned, and glanced across Great Overarching Heaven. Then I looked into Immortal Realm Universe Demon Realm Universe, scanning all voids, nowhere. Where is Jiang Nan.

He body moved, stepped to the outside of Immortal Realm, scanned Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos, but did not find any trace of Jiang Nan.

"Dao Monarch Palace!"

Immortal Elder Nanguo disappeared, the next moment came to Dao Monarch Palace, he avoided Dao Venerate Concubine Tian, ​​Divine Consciousness penetrated Dao Every corner of the Monarch Palace, Dao Monarch Palace also has many hidden spaces. As the forger of Dao Monarch Palace, he naturally knows all the secrets of Dao Monarch Palace. If Jiang Nan leaves the Great Overarching Heaven and enters Dao Monarch Palace , No matter where you hide, you can't hide it from him.

To his surprise, Dao Monarch of Dao Monarch Palace is mostly trapped in the Heavenspan Pavilion, only Dao Monarch Concubine Tian is alone, and Mother Yuan is also trapped in the boundary of the Comprehend Extremity of Great Dao , And the main body of Everlasting Heavenly Venerate is seclusion.

In Dao Monarch Palace, there is no trace of Jiang Nan.

"No, no..."

Immortal Elder Nanguo searched the back of Dao Monarch Palace, but did not find Jiang Nan. He was shocked: "Could it be that I went to Primeval?"

hong long!

He stepped into the Time River, looking back in time, searching the past one by one, from Immortal Dao Era to Primordial Dao Era, back to Primeval Space and Time’s singularity, but I still haven’t seen Jiang Nan.

"Where did Emperor Jiang go? Could it be that he died during meditation after the Dao Monarch was proven, and on the way to complete Primordial Beginning Great Dao? If he died during meditation, it should be turned into Innate Magical Treasure, could it be that I missed something when I checked Great Overarching Heaven just now?"

Immortal Elder Nanguo walked out of the Time River and returned to Immortal Dao Era’s Great Overarching Heaven. After searching, I didn’t find any suspicious Jiang. Nan died during meditation's Innate Magical Treasure.

Proving Dao Dao Monarch is not dangerous. The dangerous thing is that on the way to chase the Extreme of Great Dao, it is a steep and abnormal road. If you take a wrong step, you will die during meditation and turn into Innate Magical Treasure. , Spirit Treasure!

When many Dao Monarchs of Primordial Dao Era were in the comprehend Extremity of Great Dao, nearly one hundred Dao Monarchs died as a result!

The Dao Monarch in later generations thought that they had no law and had passed Annihilation Tribulation, and came to Dao Monarch Palace to find a way to Transcending Tribulation. The existence of Dao Monarch Palace taught this method, so Dao Monarch took the initiative As Innate Magical Treasure, leave it to your relatives and friends to let them survive the disillusioned Annihilation Tribulation and leave a little root for this era.

But if Jiang Nan died during meditation, it will definitely become Innate Magical Treasure and appear in Great Overarching Heaven, which must be hidden from Immortal Elder Nanguo, and now he hasn’t found anything, which means Jiang Nan didn’t go. Astray!

Immortal Elder Nanguo feels lost, sitting outside the Great Overarching Heaven.

He suspected that Jiang Nan was his old friend Emperor Jiang Jiang Taixu. When he guessed Jiang Nan Proving Dao, the call for more than 100 billion years was heard in the Primal Chaos, and it must be heard again, so Jiang Nan Proving Dao Dao Monarch, he has to be there anyway.

It’s just that Jiang Nan’s Proving Dao Dao Monarch this time, the situation is really weird, the closed Great Overarching Heaven, even Daoist Annihilation, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and other existences would take some effort to attack.

And when Immortal Elder Nanguo arrived, the seal of Great Overarching Heaven was not damaged at all and was intact, but Jiang Nan disappeared in such a closed Space, and no trace was left, even Immortal Elder Nanguo can't find any trace of Jiang Nan!

"No one in this world can take Emperor Jiang away in front of me, and no one can take him away without any battle, so where is he......huh? The formidable power of Great Overarching Heaven is constantly increasing, which shows that Emperor Jiang is still in this Space-Time! His cultivation base has improved, feeding back Great Overarching Heaven, and Great Overarching Heaven is also improving!"

Immortal Elder Nanguo calmed down and deduced carefully. After a long time, his eyes flickered and he whispered in a low voice: "Strange, why do I estimate that Emperor Jiang next moment will appear?"

He waited For a moment, Jiang Nan still did not appear.

The second time he calculated, the result was that Jiang Nan next moment would appear in Great Overarching Heaven, but if he waited, Jiang Nan never showed up.

"If my calculation ability is to recognize the second, no one can recognize the first. Even the Spirit Treasure Dao Lord is much inferior to me, only to get my fur. According to my calculation, it is impossible. Wrong, why does Emperor Jiang’s next moment appear every time he is estimated to appear, but he never shows up?"

Immortal Elder Nanguo is puzzled, and I calculate again and again, and get the same result, Jiang Nan will appear in Great Overarching Heaven at the next moment, but every time it is a mistake!

In the end, he had no choice but to continue to wait.

Time flies like a river, sailing toward the future day by day, turning the future into the past, and turning the unknown into the known.

Gradually, the changeable situation, sun and moon changes, starry sky, and more than 100,000 years passed, during which Ti Xuanwei and Jiang Xueqing, Daoist Hong and the others came back several times and saw Great Overarching Heaven hasn't opened yet, so he left.

Immortal Elder Nanguo stopped Ti Xuanwei several times and asked about it that Lupeng's power is also improving, and it is now close to the pure Innate Magical Treasure.

There are still many Heavenly Monarch pilgrimages to the Great Overarching Heaven, but nothing has been achieved.

After a few more years, Fu Ta and Ding Ling came to offer books, they met Immortal Elder Nanguo, they opened these two Immortal Books, and the Immortal Book was automatically burned within a few days after it was opened. Fu Ta Thanks to Ding Ling and left.

The years are in a hurry. This time the comprehension Dao, Jiang Nan could not feel the flow of any time. With the passing of the years, there is only the endless Dao Truth in his heart, constantly constructing, constantly intertwining, and constantly discovering new things. Dao Truth, through Extremeity of Great Dao, through Primordial Beginning.

He seems to have crossed Space and Time, and beside him, there are many faded tribulations of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, but any fated tribulation can't come close. In ignorance, he It goes through thousands of Myriad Tribulations and is inextinguishable.

He seems to be able to open the sky and world destruction at once, but this is only a side effect of Proving Dao's entry into the Tao. For strength, he no longer pursues strength. What he pursues is Great Dao, the infinite and endless Great Dao.

He seems to be walking along a road where the end is invisible, and he is persistently moving forward, to reach the end of this path, standing in the Extremeity of Great Dao!

He as if experiencing endless years, as if it was just a moment, this feeling of mystery within a mystery wondrous within wondrous is indescribable, every moment of his comprehend Dao Truth is indescribable, mysterious profound.

There is only joy in his heart, endless joy.

Finally, on this day, he felt that the road ahead was no longer endless, but extremity.

Extremeity of Great Dao.

Primordial Beginning Boundary!

Jiang Nan roars, get up!

When he opened his eyes, the universe was turbulent and everything was shaking!

His whistling sound, spread throughout the endless Space-Time, is full of endless joy!

From the Primordial Dao Era to the present, the Extremeity of Great Dao that no one has ever set foot on, a feat that has never been done before, he finally completed it, and finally came to the Extremeity of Great Dao!

Then he saw the endless Primal Chaos, the deadly Primal Chaos, the deadly Primal Chaos Space, without any aura, without any sight of life, even the Annihilation in Primal Chaos Heavenly Fire is also bleak, and is about to go out.

Jiang Nan was stunned. Under his feet, there was an extremely huge palace copper pillar. Most of it was broken off. When he looked around, there were ruined walls everywhere.

He recognizes the vestige of these buildings, which is Great Overarching Heaven.

Great Overarching Heaven after being broken!

The ruins of Great Overarching Heaven still have the aura of Annihilation Tribulation faintly, it should be destroyed by an unprecedented great tribulation!

"Where are the people..."

Jiang Nan's body trembled, looking towards Immortal Realm below, Immortal Realm disappeared, only boundless Primal Chaos, Demon Realm also disappeared, everything No more.

"Where is the person? Where is the person?"

Jiang Nan shakes his hands slightly, raise one's head muttered: "What era is it now? How long has it been since I was seclusion?"

He suddenly yelled and staggered towards Immortal and Demon Two Realms. The deadly Universe sounded an injured cry: "Xuanwei, Qing'er, Elder Sister! Where are you?"

"Hong'er, Jun'er, Ji Du, where are you?"

"Big Brother Xi, Master Luo, Heavenly Vessel, Dao King!"

"Empyrean Origin! Profound Metropolis! Myriad Manifestations! Where have you all been?"

"Everlasting, come out!"

"Annihilation, are you still dead? Come out for me!"

"Immortal Emperor, Immortal Exalted, where are you hiding?"

"Where is Dao Monarch Palace? Where is Dao Monarch Palace?"

"Immortal Elder Nanguo, Gongye Qian, where did you hide?"


Primal Chaos is empty, only his voice is constantly oscillating and reverberating No one answered, there is no life in this Primal Chaos.

After a long time, he saw a collapsed World Tree. The World Tree was dead and withered. There were traces of Dao Monarch turning into ashes under the tree, like ashes.

Many Dao Monarchs were sheltered by this World Tree, but as soon as the fated tribulation arrived, World Tree died.

Jiang Nan staggered, he saw a tattered Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, Azure Lotus was also dead, there was not a trace of Dao Rhyme, some Dao Monarch hiding here, also turned into ashes .

"Anyone else..."

Jiang Nan trembled: "Who can tell me what happened..."

"Also Is anyone here?" He staggered, asking constantly.

Among the Primal Chaos, only his echo came from him, and he asked again and again, but unfortunately he didn't get any answer.

"What happened..."

Jiang Nan saw the broken Dao Monarch Palace, the Sacred Land that used to be Dao Monarch, now there are only broken bricks and tiles left. Blossoms of Annihilation Heavenly Fire clinging to these ruined walls, gradually extinguished.

Dao Monarch Palace was also destroyed.

On a pillar, there are still some vague handwritings, intermittently writing that period of history, the end of Immortal Dao Era, the final Annihilation Tribulation is coming, Immortal Elder Nanguo is also the return of Absolute Beginning Heavenly Venerate, They fought against the ancient existence of Dao Monarch Palace led by Palace Lord Mother Yuan and Palace Lord Everlasting, but failed. Concubine Tian, ​​Everlasting, Mother Yuan and the others died one after another.

Emperor and Exalted fell, Daoist Annihilation died within tribulation, and none of the creatures survived.

"Unfortunately I couldn't wait for Emperor Jiang."

Immortal Elder Nanguo wrote guiltily: "Emperor Jiang may really be dead, but I will also go with him... …"

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, these are all illusions, all are Dream Realm!"

Jiang Nan waved his sleeves, and the last vestige of Dao Monarch Palace turned into flying Hui, he turned around and left, and continued to search. It didn't take long before he found the broken Lupeng, and there was also a handwriting on the wall of the bell.

That is the handwriting left by Jiang Xueqing.

"The final Annihilation Tribulation is coming. The Divine Father is still separating. Innate Lupeng's power is getting stronger and stronger. Peaceful Manifestation suggests that we hide in Lupeng. Even if Lupeng is destroyed, we can block a part of Annihilation. Tribulation, and then we turn into a forbidden zone, bury ourselves, and wait for the next era..."

"Mother is dead, Second Mother is also dead, they are in the Great Overarching Heaven Top Class until the Divine Father wakes up , Big Brother Second Brother, they can’t stop this great tribulation......"

"Second Brother is dead, and was turned to ashes by the great tribulation when he left Great Overarching Heaven to save people......"


The handwriting on the bell's surface was intermittent. It didn't take long for Lupeng to show signs of damage. Extreme Revolution, Peaceful Manifestation and the others were attacked by the fatal tribulation, and died one by one, but they failed to turn into a forbidden zone.

This great tribulation of Annihilating everything is too fierce and too fierce, destroying everything.

"Younger Sister Lian'er is gone, I am the only one left in Lupeng, so scared, father is still seclusion, when will you wake up..."

"Lupeng I can’t hold on anymore, I have to go..."


"Impossible, impossible..."

Jiang Nan's body trembled, suddenly big Called, the terrifying aura of Primordial Beginning Boundary broke out, sweeping the Primal Chaos, sweeping the Universe, just like terrifying matchless vortex: "All these are fake, all are fake!"


He punched through Primal Chaos, through the barrier of Space and time, and punched through a majestic and grandiose Time River, turning back time in the long river. He saw the Annihilation Tribulation, the final Annihilation Tribulation, the fated tribulation that destroyed common people and all traces of civilization, and the fated tribulation that even Dao Monarch Palace could not contend!

In the boundless Annihilation Tribulation, everything is destroyed, Immortal Emperor Ye Lin Primordial Spirit withered, Immortal Exalted Azure Lotus withered, Dao Monarch Palace collapsed, Great Overarching Heaven shattered, and all the creatures died. Die!

Jiang Nan looked towards below, in the dilapidated Lupeng, his daughter is engraving text on the broken bell's surface.

"Qing'er...father is here to save you. I have already set foot in the Extreme of Great Dao. I don’t have any rivals anymore. No one can take you away from me, take you away. !"

Jiang Nan probes his hands, grasps the past time, and wants to rescue his daughter from the last big within tribulation!


Time River vibrates, and Primeval’s past eras seem to explode. This Time River gathers the strengths of all eras and blasts Jiang Nan to him. Boom out of the river!

Jiang Nan vomited blood, fell down, then stood up again, blasted through time again, and entered the past.

He must rely on his strength to change the past!

Then he was hurt more severely. Time has passed. If he changes the past, he will be hit by all the strengths of the past era. Even if he steps in the Extremity of Great Dao, he cannot Go back to the past and falsify the established facts!

hong long!

He was hit hard again, but how formidable is he from Primordial Beginning Boundary? Even if Time River gathers all the strengths from Primordial Dao to Immortal Dao, it can't let him die.

However, he was hitting the past again and again, trying to change the past, but he was hit again and again, and his hair gradually snow white, as if it was getting old!

"Primordial Beginning has no calamity, but love hurts itself."

Suddenly, a calm voice came: "Emperor Jiang pay respects to Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate!"

Jiang Nan old and gray-haired, looking through the sound, I saw a young Emperor walking towards him like a dream.

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