Exalted Emperor Chapter 1567

Emperor Jiang, Jiang Taixu.

Jiang Nan turned around and looked at the prime powerhouse of Primordial Dao Era quietly. The silhouette of Emperor Jiang was like a dream, as if he was at the end of Time and Space, and as if he was in the Primordial Rising Era. The Dao Monarch Palace.

His using dream to enter the Dao reached a very high level. Jiang Nan looked at it and knew that this person did not come from True Body, but was in Dream Realm, sleepwalking to this point. .

He is in the Dao Monarch Palace of Primordial Rising Era, but Dream Realm extends here, the end of Time and Space.

"Interesting using dream to enter the Dao, unexpectedly able to see the future..."

Jiang Nan regained his gaze and walked into the past years again and again, even though he suffered It was severely injured, but for his cultivation base of Primordial Beginning Boundary, any injury could not cause him a fatal blow.

It's just failures again and again, making his heart old.

When the heart is old, the Fleshly Body is also old, so he will be old and gray-haired, just like an old man who has experienced the vicissitudes of life.

"I use dream to enter the Dao, and occasionally dream of bizarre and motley eras. I often think that reality is a dream, and dreams are reality. Many unimaginable things happen. This time I enter a dream. When I felt the shock from the extremity of Space-Time, I didn't have the chance to step into the extremity of time. This time I was unexpectedly able to come here. It was a worthwhile trip to see the existence of the Extremity of Great Dao."

Emperor Jiang admired and said: "Countless people yearn for something even in dreams want to set foot on the Extremeity of Great Dao, which is not available. Even the Extremeity of Great Dao is just a legendary hope. Now Emperor Jiang finally knows that Extremeity of Great Dao is not a speculation. Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, immeasurable life, immeasurable light, immeasurable light, immeasurable light, immeasurable light, can go through immeasurable tribulation and inextinguishable existence, without any person, without any fatal tribulation, can hurt Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, Only Heavenly Venerate hurts itself! Heavenly Venerate wants to change the past time and time again, hurting himself, hurting himself, making Emperor Jiang puzzled."

He walked towards Jiang Nan, the closer he got, I saw that Jiang Nan's body became more imposing, and the endless Dao Light overflowing inside his body became brighter and brighter, as if facing the vast universe, he became more and more insignificant, heart startled, and quickly backed away, and his vision returned to normal.

This is a prestige stepping into the existence of the Extremity of Great Dao. It seems ordinary in the distance, but the closer you get, the more you feel the existence of the Extremity of Great Dao.

His dreaming experience this time is even more peculiar. Jiang Nan, who is already standing in the Extreme of Great Dao, wants to change the past. The strength condense of the past eras has risen to prevent this existence, the strength strikes Jiang of the era. Nan, so that a trace of cracks appeared in the past Time and Space, connected his Dream Realm with Space-Time extremity, and met Jiang Nan.

Emperor Jiang took a few steps back, pulled away, and asked: "Since Heavenly Venerate has achieved this result, why bother to self-inflict? If the next life is not destroyed, there is no vitality. The past cannot be changed. Nostalgia, can’t be changed. Why don’t Heavenly Venerate let this Primal Chaos regenerate ripples, create a glorious flourishing period, and let Dao Law continue its inheritance?"

"I can't bear it."

Jiang Nan calmed down, carrying his hands on his back and said: "I am silent in the cultivation, forgetting everything, ignoring the surroundings, ignoring everything, until the comprehend Extremity of Great Dao achieving the Dao and waking up, I find myself crossing Space and Time."

He crossed Space and Time and came to the extremity of Time and Space, where his opponents were already dead, and his relatives and friends were dead.

Standing at the highest place, I got the yearn for something even in dreams, but lost everything.

Jiang Nan is depressed. He is now the most formidable existence from Primordial Dao to the present, but he is not happy. His voice said solemnly: "Emperor Jiang, do you have this experience? You finally reached your goal. But at the moment when you reach your goal, you discover that you are standing in the Extreme of Great Dao and have lost everything. What you want is already by your side, but you did not cherish and grasp it. Only when you lose it will you find that you have lost everything. I regret it, and desperately want to change all of this."

Emperor Jiang took a seat and thought: "I have. I dreamed again and again, thinking that I was in reality, every time in Dream Realm. When I wake up, I feel sad and heartbroken, and I feel that I have lost everything. It’s just that everything in my dreams is irretrievable. But more often, I didn’t achieve my goal and everything around me was gone."

He obviously thought of the destruction of Primordial Dao Era, his lover and children were buried in Annihilation Tribulation, and he remembered the Fellow Daoist of Dao Monarch Palace. He tried his best to achieve Extremeity of Great Dao but died during meditation. On the wrong path.

He also has too much sadness and too much past. He wants to save it, but he can't save it.

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate should also understand that the past cannot be changed. You want to change the past in vain."

Emperor Jiang thought for a while and said: "Heavenly Venerate should be abandoned In the past, a new era was opened, inheriting wisdom and inheriting civilization."

"I want to redeem, I want to change history."

Jiang Nan sits stumblingly with gray hair like one after another galaxy drifting in Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos, pale hair stirred the deadly universe, every white hair fluttered through the Space-Time of the past, cutting one by one from the elapsed time plane, revealing a picture of the past.

Emperor Jiang looked at the old man in front of him. This old man showed endless reluctance. The entire Primal Chaos was filled with the incomparably rich sadness and remembrance, and the incomparably heavy self-blame.

Jiang Nan's heart is getting old, shrouded in reluctance, self-blame, sadness and memorials. The end of this Space-Time is filled with strong emotions, which makes people sad and tears.

"If I can, I will abandon this Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable Body, enter within tribulation, and go back through the process. Even if it doesn’t prove the Primordial Beginning or prove the Extremity of Great Dao, I will also Grasp and keep everything around you!"

Jiang Nan took a long sigh and said: "Fellow Daoist Emperor Jiang, you can be a witness for me when you come here. I want to return In the past, abandon the Primordial Beginning Boundary, rewrite and change this history, and save everything I didn't cherish."

"Heavenly Venerate, how to rewrite?" Emperor Jiang asked.

Jiang Nan’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter, and his voice said solemnly: "After I have proven the Dao Monarch, comprehend the principle of reaching the Extremeity of Great Dao directly. My Fleshly Body Primordial Spirit Dao Fruit Great Dao has already One step ahead of Immortal Dao Era, into a boundary of speechlessness, one step faster than Immortal Dao Era's time, a quarter of an hour faster. For all the creatures and existence of Immortal Dao Era, I am in The moment of the future of Immortal Dao Era."

Emperor Jiang's eyes gradually brightened, and said: "In other words, Heavenly Venerate has not experienced the history of the destruction of Immortal Dao Era, nor has it experienced that one. All great tribulations are extinct, so there is still the possibility of going back to the past!"

After Jiang Nan proved the Dao Monarch, all kinds of Dao Mystery came one after another, self-evident, and Space-Time was distorted. He is in a kind of wonderful Dao Domain, he is in Immortal Dao Era, but at the moment in the future of Immortal Dao Era.

This gave him a chance to go back in time and change history!

Emperor Jiang then frowned again: "But Heavenly Venerate went back to the past and was occupied by Dao Heart by obsession, and deviated from the Primordial Beginning Way. I am afraid that it would no longer be able to prove the Primordial Beginning. And back to the past, Heavenly Venerate is about to face the blow of time. Primordial Beginning Boundary may be difficult to retain, and it may not even be completely destroyed by the strength of the past time! Going back to the past is Heavenly Venerate's self-injury and self-destruction ability! This way, only Afraid of life, Heavenly Venerate will think twice!"

"I have decided."

Jiang Nan's wrinkled face showed a smile: "Fellow Daoist Emperor Jiang will do it for me Witness, I will teach you my feelings, if I die in the past, you wake up in Primordial Rising Era, you can try to walk along my path. You and I will eventually set foot in this Extremeity of Great Dao!"

Emperor Jiang shook his head: "prove the Primordial Beginning, it takes a quick moment, I may not be able to set foot in this boundary. Heavenly Venerate has too much dissatisfaction, and I will have to prove the Primordial Beginning. Desperately returning to the past, I also have too much reluctance, I am afraid that Heavenly Venerate will be disappointed."

Jiang Nan showed all his insights and taught him, and said leisurely: "Fellow Daoist, You can think of this scene as a big dream, or as something that really happened. Fellow Daoist, after I enter the past, if I am not dead, I am afraid I will still fall into the mysterious comprehension Dao, so I It is necessary for Fellow Daoist to leave an inextinguishable Divine Ability in Primordial Rising Era, which will erupt at the moment of Immortal Dao Era and wake me up."

Emperor Jiang dumbstruck, hoarsely said: "Heavenly Venerate, after a Divine Ability stayed for hundreds billion years, how many Great Annihilations have been experienced during this period, how can it be preserved for so long? My boundary has never reached Primordial Beginning, and Divine Ability cannot be retained for that long! "

Jiang Nan got up, stretched out his hand, Time River reappeared, and walked into the long river, ready to self-destruct his ability, self-injure himself, and go back to the past.

After the 4.7 billion years of Immortal Dao Era, I looked back towards the Emperor Jiang of the extremity of time, flicks with the finger, and a big bell lasting for ages flew over and flew into the center of Emperor Jiang’s eyebrows.

"Fellow Daoist , Take my Divine Ability back to Primordial Rising Era, in the future, maybe you and I will meet again here! "

Emperor Jiang only feels involuntarily, like falling into a huge vortex, falling continuously. Emperor Jiang loudly said: "If possible, please also Heavenly Venerate to save Concubine Tian..."

After an unknown period of time, suddenly only an extremely old voice rang deep in his soul.

"Jiang Taixu, wake up..."

He suddenly woke up, I opened my eyes and saw that I was in the Dao Monarch Palace. The experience I had just dreamed up was vivid and reproduced clearly!

"Is it real or a big dream? "

Emperor Jiang sat in front of the temple, looked forward, and saw that in front of Dao Monarch Palace, Primordial Rising Era was still evolving.

He recalled carefully in Space- In the time extremity scene, I only feel that the Dream Realm is gradually blurred, and the face of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is getting more and more blurred. I can’t remember what appearance this Heavenly Venerate has, and Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate taught him the Extremeness of Great Dao. My feelings turned into a buzzing Dao Sound, and I didn’t hear a word clearly!

"Is the past unchangeable, time has erased my memory, or is it really just my fantasy in my dreams? Experience? "

Emperor Jiang was puzzled, and said sadly: "I recently asked Dao Heart to cut it, and I have become increasingly confused between Dream Realm and reality..."

Suddenly, He felt his eyebrows hot, and saw a big bell flying out of his eyebrows and hanging under the eaves of Dao Monarch Palace.

Emperor Jiang was astonished and stared at this big bell blankly. Feeling like a dream, like an illusion!

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