Exalted Emperor Chapter 1574

Ti Xuanwei also looked at the star map and said, "Master said that we can go to Hong'er Jun'er to keep our safety. This star map is only the second choice. Nowadays, Let’s go to your Senior Brother Hong Senior Brother Jun first. They’re closer to the Hidden Dragon Star Domain in this star map. Sacred Pavo and fly to Primordial Chaos Purple Energy Heaven."

Sacred Pavo, Daoist Flying Bear and the others took the order and immediately pulled the great treasure carriage.

Yun Lian happily said: "Godmother, this Hidden Dragon Star Domain is a place where birds don’t shit, so you don’t need to go there."

Ti Xuanwei said in a face:" Lady."

Yun Lian stuck out his tongue and behaved like a lady.

Daoist Hong originally lived in the Supreme Purity Sacred Domain. Later, he proved the Dao Monarch and refined the Supreme Purity Sacred Domain into Primordial Chaos Purple Energy Heaven. Daoist Jun lives in the Jade Purity Sacred Domain. Now Jade Purity Sacred Domain was refined as India Supreme Dao Heaven.

Immortal Realm All Heavens divisions do not follow each level completely. Daoist Hong Daoist Jun does not deal with Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor, Supreme Oneness and the others. Daoist Jun is a good old man, Daoist Hong does He didn't like to interact with others and was worried that Daoist Jun would be a bad guy, so he placed Primordial Chaos Purple Energy Heaven and Inaction Supreme Dao Heaven in a remote place in Immortal Realm, which is also very far away from Great Overarching Heaven.

Although Innate Demonic Monsters such as Sacred Pavo, Flying Bear, Nine Dragons, and Nine Phoenixes all exist in Heavenly Monarch, and they are great monsters that are good at flying, they only want to fly to Primordial Chaos Purple Energy Heaven. I'm afraid it will take several months.

As for the star map that Jiang Nan handed over to Ti Xuanwei, the Hidden Dragon Star Domain in the star map is even more distant.

It is located at the southeast corner of Immortal Realm's boundless starry sky, close to Demon Realm, but still in it, I am afraid that it will take Sacred Pavo and the others to fly there for two or three years. If so Ordinary Immortal flight, I am afraid it will take hundreds of millions of years to fly to Hidden Dragon Star Domain.

Remote places like this are generally extremely desolate and uninhabited. Even if Heavenly Monarch flies there, it is searching for heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Generally, it will not be a foregone conclusion there.

As for the ordinary Immortal, even the Immortal King, don't even think about flying there.

Flying great treasure carriage for a few days, Yun Lian was boring, raising the curtain of the car, browsing the scenery, after a long time, suddenly the complexion slightly changed, with a clear drink, and let Sacred Pavo and the others stop. , Change another path.

Ti Xuanwei was surprised. When he looked up, he saw that Sacred Pavo and the others were walking in the direction of Primordial Chaos Purple Energy Heaven. There was no need to change the path.

Yun Lian became more and more nervous, and simply walked out of the great treasure carriage and stood on the shaft to watch the road ahead.

"Stop! Go on the left!"

"Stop again! Go back."

"Stop, don’t go to Senior Brother Hong anymore, change the route Demon Realm, go to Ji Du to calculate the Supreme Demon Domain of the Third Master!"

"Stop! Let’s go to Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven first!"

"Stop, don’t go to Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven is now, back to Great Overarching Heaven!"


Yun Lian even commanded Sacred Pavo and the others, making these Innate Demonic Monsters angry one by one With smoke in the nostrils, Nine Yang Sacred Dragon angrily said: "Little Aunt, where are you going? Can you get a good letter?"

Ti Xuanwei looked towards Yun Lian, whispered: "Lian Did'er see anything wrong?"

Yun Lian flashed his eyes and said in a low voice: "Master calls me Multi-Heart Lotus, I naturally have a few more thoughts than others. Before leaving the Great Overarching Heaven, the Master said that Maha would come to deal with us, perhaps with the Magical Treasure made by Daoist Annihilation, so I paid attention. Just then I saw that there were more Primordial Chaos Purple Energy on the road to Primordial Chaos Purple Energy Heaven than other paths. I guessed it was that Maha arranged an absolute kill with the Null-Void Great Dao to provoke the strength of the galaxy. He is the Divine Prediction powerhouse and will not leave any clues easily, but I changed the road just now... I stopped and didn’t go. Great Overarching Heaven, go to Hidden Dragon Star Domain!"

Nine Dragons, Sacred Pavo, Nine Phoenixes and the oth With a sultry stomach, ers turned and flew towards the depths of the starry sky.

Yun Lian continued: "After I changed the road just now, I found that whether it was going to Supreme Demon Domain or Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven, or Great Overarching Heaven, there were strands of Primordial on the path. Chaos Purple Energy. This shows that Maha deliberately let us see his absolute kill, to force us into the starry sky."

"Why is this?" Ti Xuanwei wondered.

"Because it is close to Great Overarching Heaven. He left seven absolute kills and broke our way to Big Brother Second Brother Third Brother and Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor. He also broke the way back to Great Overarching Heaven. The road, all directions are blocked by him."

Yun Lian blinked and said: "So I think he is going to push us away from Great Overarching Heaven, so that the Master is too far away to make a move. Rescue. And he has Daoist Annihilation's Magical Treasure in hand. It is estimated that it is Lupeng who specializes in restraining the Master. If any absolute kill is touched, it will cause a chain reaction, and the place where the next absolute kill erupts must be our foothold. Coupled with Daoist Annihilation’s Magical Treasure, it’s extremely dangerous! So I knew he was going to force us to go to the starry sky and had to go."

Ti Xuanwei relaxed, said with a smile: "Fortunately, Master also counts this step, let us go to Hidden Dragon Star Domain. Maybe Master has some arrangement in Hidden Dragon Star Domain."

"I hope so."

Yun Lian Looking nervously at the starry sky all around, I saw the faintly discernable Primordial Chaos Purple Energy, like azure smoke with wings, spreading into the depths of the starry sky along both sides of the flying path of the great treasure carriage!

Soon, Primordial Chaos Purple Energy will no longer be faintly discernable, but more and more, like a billowing fire beacon!

In the sky above the great treasure carriage, there is also one after another Primordial Chaos Purple Energy entangled into twists and turns constantly!

"Sacred Pavo, Nine Dragons, you are only allowed to reach Hidden Dragon Star Domain within one year!"

Yun Lian drank and said to Ti Xuanwei: "Godmother, sacrifice Lupeng, Maha is about to do it!"

Ti Xuanwei offered Innate Lupeng, Lupeng rose up to protect the great treasure carriage, Sacred Pavo, Daoist Flying Bear and the others also saw that the situation was not right, only great The treasure carriage’s all around Primordial Chaos Energy billows and churns endlessly, gradually turning into a channel, and the great treasure carriage is flying in this channel!

This is where the Divine Prediction powerhouse is arranging absolute kill, wherever Primordial Chaos Purple Energy goes, absolute kill is there!

If the great treasure carriage is completely trapped by Primordial Chaos Purple Energy, it will fall into a nightmare series of absolute kills. Heavenly Monarch Maha can use the infinite absolute kill without showing up. Exterminate them!

Yun Lian asked Sacred Pavo and the others to reach Hidden Dragon Star Domain within a year. It is indeed embarrassing for them. Although they are fast, they don’t want to reach Hidden Dragon Star Domain within a year. easy!

Only now that the great catastrophe is coming, they have to go all out!

Suddenly, the Primordial Chaos channel trembled violently, and the first absolute kill was finally born. It turned into a huge dark eye in front of the great treasure carriage. The pupil of the eye looked like a Black Hole. At the same time, above the Primordial Chaos channel, One after another Innate Annihilation Divine Light fell down like a chaotic snake, landed on Lupeng, and creak creak bit and swallowed this Lupeng.

"Innate Annihilation Divine Light! Maha's hands really have the Magical Treasure of Daoist Annihilation!"

Ti Xuanwei's sharp eyes urged Lupeng to hear a bell ringing, and One after another Innate Annihilation Divine Light shocked to fly, and more Innate Annihilation Divine Light fell, like a snake rain in the channel, and people's scalp was numb!

"Sacred Pavo, Flying Bear, just fly over!"

Ti Xuanwei took out a fan from the praying mat in Lupeng, and then took it from the incense burner Take 5 minutes, give this incense stick to Yun Lian, saying: "Lian'er, you come to get rid of this absolute kill!" Gushing, fan one after another Innate Annihilation Divine Light.

Yun Lian took the incense stick, and saw that the incense head was already lit. Yun Lian's incense sandalwood opened her mouth, and blew it towards the incense head, hoo, all over the sky is Innate Divine Fire, Xiong Xiong Burning, all over the same road, straight to the Black Hole-like "eye" ahead!

The horrible "eye" was burnt and collapsed. Sacred Pavo and the others immediately took the opportunity to pull the great treasure carriage and rushed over, but at this time, they saw second absolute after this eye. Kill is a bright mirror. When they rushed through the scary "eyes", the bright mirror released rays of light. Sacred Pavo and the others suddenly saw a piece of snow white in front of them, and they couldn't see anything, and their eyes kept flowing out of black blood. !

After being photographed by this mirror light, their eyes seem to be constantly evaporating, and their pupils and whites of eyes dwindled at a speed visible to naked eye!

dong! dong! dong!

The Golden Armored Divinity in front of Lupeng suddenly beat that big drum, the sound of a drum shook the sky, and the bright mirror crashed into pieces.

Heavenly Phoenix Monster Empress screamed, suddenly wings spread, shua~ shua~ shua~ cut off one after another head, neck twisted, and one after another head grows out, eyes restored to sobriety and calmness, shouted: "Follow me!"

Sacred Pavo and the others immediately followed her direction and pulled the car.

The third absolute kill broke out, countless sword light all directions hit, Ti Xuanwei offered praying mat, praying mat vacated, countless sword light seemed to encounter a magnet, shua~ shua~ shua~ shot into praying In mat, praying mat made a heavy shot, and the shock waves all directions rushed to shatter the third absolute kill!

fourth absolute kill coming one after another, Yun Lian quickly took off the big bell under Lupeng, shook it, and cracked the absolute kill!

Fifth absolute kill appeared, Ti Xuanwei took out the case in Lupeng, and the case was consecrated. It was like a big ship crashing into it, and another absolute kill was broken!

On the other side, Yun Lian grabbed the Divinity portrait in Lupeng and placed it behind the incense burner, and sacrificed it in the air. The picture scroll opened with a scream, and the picture suddenly shot out, and the sixth absolute kill Income in the picture.

Ti Xuanwei sacrificed the hemp rope, and the hemp rope shot into the Void to capture Heavenly Monarch Maha who was hiding in the dark.

Yun Lian fished out another all directions cauldron from Lupeng, fiercely smashed it to seventh absolute kill!

eighth absolute kill appeared, Yun Lian threw the spirit tower in Lupeng also.

Whether it is a spirit tower or all directions cauldron, or a fan praying mat, as long as the sacrifice is made, it will be entangled by Innate Annihilation and cannot be recovered in a short time. This eight absolute kill is in the past, something in Lupeng Less and less, there is only a clay pot in the corner. Yun Lian took out the clay pot, thought: "If this treasure is thrown out, I am afraid that there will be nothing in Lupeng to resist...Huh? This clay pot... …"

The clay pot is empty, only a Lupeng is drawn at the bottom, Yun Lian a thought flashed through the mind, he reached out to Lupeng in the clay pot, and then took out a big drum. Then he took out a bell, and then took out a praying mat.

She took a long time and took out a clay pot from the clay pot. The two clay pots are about the same size, and there is also a Lupeng in this clay pot.

"Master’s Primordial Beginning Great Dao, really reached the boundary of biological creation, it is like a mirror in a mirror, endless."

Yun Lian didn't know whether to cry or laugh: "Now Maha can't keep us. It's just that the Master uses a clay pot as the hub of Lupeng. It's too funny..."

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan got up slowly and saw Countless pitch-black coffins in Void flew toward Great Overarching Heaven.

"Fellow Daoist Annihilation, you finally arrived!"

A black coffin hiding the sky and covering the earth, the lids of the coffins were lifted, and voices came from the coffin. , As if with endless sadness, said in unison: "Emperor Jiang, what story do you have, you might as well tell me, I will listen to your story quietly, and then Annihilation will take you."

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