Exalted Emperor Chapter 1575

The black coffin bang bang collided and merged continuously, and finally turned into a huge coffin. Daoist Annihilation stepped slightly out of it and appeared in front of Jiang Nan.

"Fellow Daoist Annihilation, just call me Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, Emperor Jiang is not me."

Jiang Nan said with a smile, he looked up and down Daoist Annihilation more than once I have spied on this existence, but they are all standing in the Time River and looking far away. It is the first time to look at this nightmare-like Legendary existence face to face.

Daoist Annihilation Apart from his crazy side, he can be said to be a decent man with well-cut clothes, neatly trimmed beards and elegant manners.

He came this time without carrying any Magical Treasure he refining, and went deep into the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven of Jiang Nan alone.

But Jiang Nan knows that if cultivation reaches their level, he can use his Innate Annihilation Divine Light to transform it into any Magical Treasure he wants with only thoughts move!

No material can carry the destroying Annihilation Great Dao. Only Daoist Annihilation's Innate Annihilation Divine Light is the most suitable material for refining Magical Treasure!

The same is true of Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng. No Immortal Metal Primal Chaos Metal can withstand Innate of Primordial Beginning. Only Innate Primordial Beginning Divine Llight can be used for refining. Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng!

The two Magical Treasures are the embodiment of his Primordial Beginning Great Dao Concept. The "Great" and "Overarching" embodied by Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven are magnificence, strength and tolerance.

Innate Lupeng stands for the guardian of Primordial Beginning Great Dao. Tens of thousands of huge mansions and buuldings are all air pavilions. It really shields the wind and rain to protect the peace of family and friends. One Lupeng is enough!

Whether Lupeng or Great Overarching Heaven can be transformed into Primordial Beginning Great Dao at any time and taken back into Jiang Nan's body, even if Lupeng and Great Overarching Heaven are crushed by someone, he can recreate it at any time.

Daoist Annihilation is also looking at Jiang Nan and looking at this Great Overarching Heaven. This is not the first time they have faced each other. Ancient Primeval Era and Daoist Annihilation have searched for more than ten times to spy on the location of Jiang Nan. Orientation, always unsuccessful.

Later, Immortal Dao Era, he had secretly clashed with Jiang Nan several times, Jiang Nan also sealed him up once, and pursued his position again, and Daoist Annihilation later got rid of more Fleshly Body fragments The seal has also reached Great Overarching Heaven.

For Daoist Annihilation, the grievances between the two of them have lasted hundreds of billions of years, and even Jiang Nan sometimes drives himself crazy.

Jiang Nan raised his hand to say with a smile: "Fellow Daoist, please sit down."

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate? You called yourself Heavenly Venerate at Immortal Dao Era, and placed Emperor and Exalted on Where?"

Daoist Annihilation took a seat, the coffin behind him fell between the two, and said quietly: "But Emperor and Exalted don't need to worry anymore, because I will find you one step ahead. Fellow Daoist, this is a small gift I prepared for you. The name of this coffin is Three Sanctities Coffin. It is made by the three Dao Monarchs, Emperor, Exalted, and Null-Void. It can be transformed into a trillion coffin or one. Turned into a coffin, whether it is power or marvelous, it is much better than the Plague Emperor Coffin. The coffins made by the three Peak Dao Monarchs are used to bury the Fellow Daoist and can be regarded as the identity of the Fellow Daoist Heavenly Venerate."

hong long!

His imposing manner exploded, like an Annihilation Tribulation that can destroy an era suddenly appeared in Great Overarching Heaven!

Different from other Dao Monarch's Innate Boundary, Daoist Annihilation's Innate of Annihilation has the ability to destroy all existence, destroy all Great Dao, and make Great Dao wither and exhaustion in advance!

In the place where his Innate of Annihilation is shrouded, everything is withering, the Void is decayed and collapsed, the planet is decayed, Heaven and Earth is destroyed, the Great Dao is exhausted, withered, Heaven and Human Five Wanings, even Dao Monarch will also feel that his strength is constantly declining, and all strength in the world is gone, only the terrifying matchless Annihilation strength is left, destroying all strength!

In his Innate of Annihilation, time is ending, Space is ending, his Innate of Annihilation unexpectedly has the final Embryonic form of Annihilation Tribulation!

It is hard to imagine that Daoist Annihilation unexpectedly reached this level!

His Innate of Annihilation produced the Embryonic form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. It is conceivable that the final Annihilation Tribulation must be an extremely great opportunity for him. It is his breakthrough Extremity of Great Dao. !

Under the shroud of Innate of Annihilation, Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven is constantly turbulent, sun, moon, stars are dim, Heaven and Earth are dusty and gray, and seem to be falling into Annihilation Tribulation. Among them!

Anyone, even the incomparably ancient formidable Dao Monarch, will feel his Fleshly Body, Primordial Spirit, Dao Fruit, Magic Power, Great Dao, Divine Consciousness in the face of such an Innate of Annihilation. 、Divine Ability, everything is constantly weakening and exhausting!

Dao Monarch can't maintain the previous strength, and even his own strength will turn into the source power of Annihilation Tribulation. Continuously boost the Innate of Annihilation of Daoist Annihilation and become its nutrient!

This is the terrifying part of Innate of Annihilation, and it is also the reason why Dao Monarch of each era in history is so terrified of Daoist Annihilation!

Most of Dao Monarch, even when the fated tribulation comes, they don’t even have the courage to fight Daoist Annihilation. Even if they are sheltered by Innate Magical Treasure, they will hide in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. Dare to show up!

Now, Daoist Annihilation's Innate of Annihilation reappears, and it reappears in Jiang Nan's Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven!

"Innate of Annihilation, destroying all Great Dao and boosting Annihilation, has some common ground with my Innate of Primordial Beginning."

Jiang Nan exclaimed and looked around. , Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven is falling into Annihilation, Daoist Annihilation's Innate of Annihilation covers Great Overarching Heaven, and the Primordial Beginning Great Dao that built Great Overarching Heaven is beginning to melt and disintegrate!

This is the first time I feel pressure since Jiang Nan proved the Dao Monarch!

If it is the ordinary Annihilation Tribulation, even the Annihilation Tribulation that destroys Primeval in any era can not make him feel pressure, his Innate of Primordial Beginning life and death, even if it destroys the Primordial Dao Era The Annihilation Tribulation could not completely destroy his Primordial Beginning Great Dao.

But the final Annihilation Tribulation is different. It is a great tribulation that completely erases all traces of the previous era. Without proving the Extremity of Great Dao, anyone or any Great Dao will be erased!

Jiang Nan is not the powerhouse of the Extremeity of Great Dao now, and Primordial Beginning Great Dao is not the Great Dao of the Extremeity of Great Dao, so it is impossible to escape this final Annihilation Tribulation!

Daoist Annihilation comprehend the Embryonic form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, which threatens his strength and capital!


Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven sounded infinite Dao Sound, constantly oscillating itself, spitting out the old and renewing, Annihilation Great Dao devouring Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven, and Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven It is also resolving Annihilation Tribulation, treating Annihilation Great Dao as energy, and the two kinds of Innate Boundary confront each other.

Jiang Nan retracted his gaze and looked up and down the Three Sanctities Coffin. From it he saw the many concepts of Emperor, Exalted and Null-Void, and exclaimed: "A good coffin, it’s a good coffin, but unfortunately it can’t be suppressed I. Fellow Daoist knows something, now I cultivate successfully Innate of Primordial Beginning, any Magical Treasure at a glance, knows all its Profound Mystery, and there is no more secret. This coffin can trap you, not me. "

Innate of Annihilation collides with Innate of Primordial Beginning, Void ablation, Immortal Realm's Universe barrier no longer exists, and even affects Foreign Domain's Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos. I only see Primal Chaos and Imortal. Countless stars in Realm are shaking and annihilating, but they are constantly being born!

Between life and death, Innate of Annihilation and Innate of Primordial Beginning collided.

Whether it is Ancient Divinity Race living in Primal Chaos or Immortal living in Immortal Realm, seeing this scene all rushed to escape, quickly staying away, wanting to escape the aftermath of the attack of Two Great Powerhouses!

In Primal Chaos, Dao Mother Spirit Maiden and Dao Monarch Dayan urge Magic Power to roll up the Primal Chaos Planet and Primal Chaos Ancient City where the Ancient Divinity is located, whizzing and moving, moving out one galaxy.

In Immortal Realm, Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor, Supreme Oneness Dao Monarch and the others sacrificed All Heavens and moved All Heavens Stars to avoid the horror throbbing from Great Overarching Heaven!

In Great Overarching Heaven, Daoist Annihilation showed surprise and admiration, and said: "This Three Sanctities Coffin can't suppress Fellow Daoist either. It seems that I can only completely Annihilation Fellow Daoist before Fellow Daoist I'm obedient."

The two Innate Great Dao continued to clash and remained deadlocked, but their reputations became more and more terrifying, forcing Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity and Immortal Realm Immortals to move continuously to avoid the aftermath.

"You have just gotten out of trouble completely, and your cultivation base is weak and has not reached Peak status. I am afraid Annihilation will not be able to defeat me, but it is okay to confirm between you and me."

Jiang Nan He said with emotion: "When present life, there are too few people who can discuss the Tao with me. Fellow Daoist is out of trouble. I am also very happy that I finally have someone who can discuss the Tao. Like other Dao Monarchs, I can only listen to the lectures in front of me. It’s really boring to be without interruption. But Fellow Daoist asked Maha to deal with my Madam, which made me quite contemptuous."

"You guessed it wrong."


Daoist Annihilation shook his head and said, "Maha is acting on his own when dealing with the respected husband, and it has nothing to do with me. I know he has to deal with the respected husband and he will mess up your mind, but I also know that your mind is messed up, and I have a better chance of winning. After all, you are my strong enemy, so I did not stop it. Instead, I gave him my refining Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, so that he might capture the respected husband. The Blood Ancestor walked with him and dealt with the respected husband together, and mine Annihilation Heavenly Wheel restrain your Innate Lupeng, don’t Fellow Daoist worry about it?"

Jiang Nan said with a smile: "Maha is suspicious and conspiratorial. If he is suspicious and conspiracy, Divine Prediction cannot reach the ecstasy boundary. Divine Prediction was unable to board Peak. This is where he is inferior to Heavenly Ghost Grandma. Although he has many tricks, it's just that it's all laughable and generous. It's not a concern."

Daoist Annihilation agreed and said: "Although he has repeatedly played tricks in front of me, it is also difficult for me to be elegant. Fellow Daoist must be so calm and confident. It seems that I gave him my Annihilation Wheel, and he couldn't help but respected. Husband, Fellow Daoist’s mind will not be messed up."

Jiang Nan nodded.

Daoist Annihilation said indifferently: "Fellow Daoist still didn't tell me, what touching stories do you have? You don't want to tell, so I can only say regret and send Fellow Daoist Annihilation. Heavenly Venerate, Please!"

He got up slowly, and the power of Innate of Annihilation immediately rose to a higher level, crushing Great Overarching Heaven!

The confrontation between Innate of Annihilation and Innate of Primordial Beginning just now shocked Immortal Realm and Primal Chaos, forcing countless Immortal, Ancient Divinity, and even Primordial Raising Immortal Dynasty to move away from the Great Overarching Heaven, but that’s all. The intensity confrontation is just a small test for existences like Daoist Annihilation.

The real confrontation has not yet begun!

Jiang Nan stood up, his eyes brighter and brighter, and said with emotion: "Proving Dao has been so long, this is the first time I have encountered an opponent worthy of my spare no effort. Fellow Daoist, please!"

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