Exalted Emperor Chapter 1579

Ti Xuanwei and Yun Lian looked up and saw a huge galaxy in front of them like a dragon, with countless stars rolling in and out. This is a galaxy bigger than an ordinary silver river galaxy. Hundreds of times the great star system is full of endless Spiritual Energy Spirit Power.

In one after another planet, there are countless Monster Beasts, building one civilization after another.

It is hard to imagine that there is unexpectedly such a magnificent galaxy in such a remote place!

"The Master did not say how Hidden Dragon Star Domain will go next..."

Ti Xuanwei hesitated for a moment and caught a glimpse of the billowing Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos still coming in, like A bottomless mouth wanted to swallow the great treasure carriage and Lupeng, gritted his teeth and said: "Sacred Pavo, rush in!"

Sacred Pavo, Flying Bear and the others immediately pulled the cart and rushed towards the Hidden Dragon Star Domain, And behind the great treasure carriage, Heavenly Monarch Maha and Blood Ancestor stand among the rolling Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos and blood mist, and the two beings stare at Hidden Dragon Star Domain.

"This Star Domain is different from other Star Domains in the border, I'm afraid it's a little weird."

Heavenly Monarch Maha slightly frowned, I feel something wrong in my heart, I don't feel slowed down Footsteps, Blood Ancestor hehe said with a smile: "Maha, there is such a rare treasure as Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, would you still be afraid?"

Heavenly Monarch Maha shook his head and said: "What is Cult Master Mystic Heaven? Exist? Even if my Master Daoist Annihilation wants to deal with him, he needs True Body to be dispatched. Lady of the Floating Dawn must get his guidance before flying all the way here. There may be Cult Master Mystic Heaven in it. He is now Dao Monarch, and he is revered as Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. Even I can’t count any of his actions. You must prevent it."

Today’s Jiang Nan is profoundly unpredictable, Maha Although it is Divine Prediction powerhouse, he can't calculate anything for each and every move of him. In the face of Jiang Nan, if he calculates it, he will only calculate a piece of gray.

Ti Xuanwei and the others escaped here, and Hidden Dragon Star Domain is so different that he can't help but drum.

"The Annihilation Heavenly Wheel of Daoist Annihilation, which contains the aftermath of the Annihilation Tribulation of seventeen eras, is a great treasure that surpasses the Primordial Bell Primordial Tower. What is there to fear?"

Blood Ancestor flew up and flew towards Hidden Dragon Star Domain, said with a smile: "And you and I have an opening heaven merit, even if Cult Master Mystic Heaven takes the shot himself, it can only hurt us. , Can’t take our lives! Maha, why are you afraid of it?"

Heavenly Monarch Maha hesitated for a while, followed him, said with a smile: "It’s true. Cult Master Mystic Heaven has been repeated many times. Against me, haven’t I escaped alive? And, I’m about to completely refining Null-Void Dao Fruit and become Primal Chaos Dao Monarch, and I’m not afraid of anyone!"

The two flew into this piece of Hidden Dragon Star Domain, Heavenly Monarch Maha suddenly complexion slightly changed, I saw Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos unexpectedly being suppressed, constantly collapsing, and constantly shrinking into him!

In this Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos, he practiced with Null-Void Great Dao one after another absolute kill, and now Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos crash, his absolute kill unexpectedly even any Power of Heaven and Earth can’t be borrowed, one after another absolute kill is broken one after another!

However, Blood Ancestor was able to swim unobstructed, did not feel any pressure, and still chased Ti Xuanwei and the others unscrupulously.

"It’s not good, it’s not good! Here you can restrain my absolute kill, now only Annihilation Heavenly Wheel can still activate, but I am refining Null-Void Dao Fruit, I can almost compete. My Dao Fruit is as strong as the Number One Person in Heavenly Monarch. Even some Dao Fruits from Dao Monarch are not equal to me. Although this piece of Star Domain is weird, it can’t keep me!"

Heavenly Monarch Maha is more vigilant. Now Divine Prediction and absolute kill can’t be used. He can only pursue Ti Xuanwei and the others personally. It’s just that the Star Domain is too big and vast. Ti Xuanwei and the others flew in front for ten. For many days, I still haven't reached the center point of Star Domain.

And Heavenly Monarch Maha and Blood Ancestor approached several times, raised the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, repeatedly shot, collided with Ti Xuanwei, Yun Lian and the others, how did the power of Annihilation Heavenly Wheel and Innate Lupeng explode? The horror?

But something even stranger happened. It stands to reason that one of the two Magical Treasures is made by Daoist Annihilation and the other is made by Jiang Nan. There are no Star Domain stars in the world that can withstand this. Two pieces of Magical Treasure's power.

But the power of these two Magical Treasures broke out, unexpectedly none of the numerous stars in this Star Domain was broken, and even the trajectory of the stars did not move!

"This piece of Star Domain is too weird...not good!"

Heavenly Monarch Maha suddenly woke up, his face changed drastically, hoarsely said: "This is an Innate Magical Treasure or The Star Domain transformed by Spirit Treasure, these stars are not stars, but divine light! Blood Ancestor, go!"

Blood Ancestor slightly startled, said with a smile: "Maha, what are you talking about, what? Can Innate Magical Treasure Spirit Treasure be so huge? If this is an Innate Magical Treasure Spirit Treasure, aren’t we in its body..."

Before he could say anything, he suddenly just listened to hong, long, The long vibrations kept coming, and I saw the Star River in the entire Hidden Dragon Star Domain speeding, and the huge Star River of Hidden Dragon Star Domain was surging as if it had come alive. But seeing the center of the Star Domain, the quadrillions spewing out, the more The higher you come, the shape is like a big unimaginable dragon head!

The dragon head was slowly raised, and the quadrillions star became extremely bright, like a super galaxy burst, boundless divine light burst out of the two star clusters, Shua!

The divine light in the star cluster shines on the Immortal Realm and penetrates the Demon Realm, just like two terrifying matchless dragon eyes.

Dragon head lifted, dragon eye opened, natural phenomenon heaven shaking earth shattering!

"Who fought in my body and awakened the great imposing me?"

From the huge dragon head came the extremely dull dragon roar, only one after Another Star River is like a dragon whisker hanging under the huge dragon mouth, floating gently, and the brushed Void continues to shatter!


Heavenly Monarch Maha hurriedly set up the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, wrapped the Blood Ancestor and soared into the sky, trying to escape from this Great Dragon before it completely awakened. Fleshly Body!

Blood Ancestor dumbstruck, horrified, saw countless stars surging, gradually becoming extremely dense, blocking the entire Star Domain. Heavenly Monarch Maha furiously shouted and urged the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel with all his strength. The heavenly wheel was spinning with seventeen giant little bells, and it was extremely difficult to stir up the countless divine light stars. The Blood Ancestor quickly stepped forward to help, and the two suffered untold Hardships, finally opened a channel before the divine light stars were completely closed, and escaped from this terrifying Star Domain!

"Null-Void Great Dao...Doaist Null-Void's aura!"

An extremely angry voice came, shaking Maha and Blood Ancestor to qi and blood: "Null-Void, you have appeared again! Petty and low small insect, dare you to offend the great me again!"

The two looked back in horror and inexplicably, only this silver is more unusual The galaxy of the river galaxy thousands of times more is rolling, countless stars become become Spirit light, the entire galaxy is resurrected, and the head of a huge inconceivable Great Dragon comes from the center of the galaxy to the two!

How shocking and terrifying was that situation?

"Small insect, you also brought a helper, hehe, how great would I be afraid of your siege! I want to blow you two petty and low to death!"

The Great Dragon opened his mouth and breathed out, and Maha and Blood Ancestor, who were fleeing quickly, suddenly felt countless divine lights swarming, even the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel was shocked constantly!

This Magical Treasure is made by Daoist Annihilation. If it is sacrificed by Daoist Annihilation, it will not be disadvantageous. However, Heavenly Monarch Maha is still Heavenly Monarch Boundary after all, so it is not easy to bring out the formidable power of the heavenly wheel. How many.

This Great Dragon blows through, and immediately suppresses the power of the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel. The two bones under the heavenly wheel are squeezed, and the mouth and nose are sprayed with blood.

After this breath, the two of them felt relieved. Suddenly they were dumbstruck again, only to see an extremely large dragon claw fiercely falling down and photographed on the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel!

Under the heavenly wheel, the Fleshly Body of the Blood Ancestor was suddenly crushed and exploded with a blast, and Heavenly Monarch Maha shook his body, revealing countless arms, and each palm produced a Null-Void Seal. , Only then did the shock wave of this blow be blocked, but the whole body was also cracked by the shock!


Blood Ancestor was hit hard, and the exploded Fleshly Body turned into blood mist, like a billowing fire beacon, flying out from under the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, whistling away, He ran away and shouted: "Maha, this Wild Dragon is mainly to deal with you. You can resist yourself, I won't accompany you to die!"

He was slippery and went away in an instant. Heavenly Monarch Maha also forge ahead to escape, in a flash is not knowing how many billion miles, but behind him, how big is the Great Dragon?

The Great Dragon swam lightly, and it already came behind him, and continued to grab it, while the tail swept towards the escaped Blood Ancestor.


The blood mist was broken up and flowed around. The strange screams of zhi zhi came from pieces of blood mist. They tried their best to gather together, and then another sharp breath of dragon spurted out. I saw the breath of dragon. It is composed of pure Innate Inextinguishable Divine Light. Wherever it sprays, the blood mist dissipates for unknown reasons.

A few strands of blood mist fled around, drifting away, until they were far away from the Great Dragon. Then did they dare to re-Great Dragon again. The blood mist dimmed and turned into a Blood Ancestor, even vomiting more than a dozen mouthfuls of dirty blood. , This is better, and he flees to the continent of Immortal Realm in the distance. Thought: "Maha is going to be finished. I can't save him. Who knows that Cult Master Mystic Heaven actually buried that Wild Innate Spirit Treasure here? , Waiting for us to get the bait... But Maha is dead, I am the most respected highly person of Daoist Annihilation. I die well, die well!"

Immortal Realm continent is looking ahead, and some can be seen vaguely. Immortal Sacred Land, this is the border of the Immortal Realm continent. It is vast and sparsely populated. It is not as prosperous as the Immortal Realm continent Central Zone, but only a few Sacred Lands and a few Immortal cities.

Blood Ancestor aura is weak, with a fierce light flashing in his eyes, said with a smile: "Go there and eat some Immortal, restore some strength, and then go to the bustling area of ​​Immortal Realm to eat a few Immortal Realm Empire , My cultivation base can be fully restored! Hehe, opening heaven destiny and merit is really extraordinary, even the Wild Dragon like the Innate Spirit Treasure will not take my life..."

It turns into a blood mist and invades an Immortal Sacred Land. The leader of that Immortal Sacred Land is an Immortal King, with a subordinate discíple of one million and a population of nearly one hundred million. It is shrouded by blood mist, and suddenly nearly one hundred million creatures, together with those immortal Human Immortal kings. , All become white bones in one place.

The blood mist flew up, and the Blood Ancestor went to another Immortal Sacred Land, thought: "Too little, too little, but I can barely restore a trace of my cultivation base! Hey, the Sacred Land in front In the middle, there seems to be a big guy!"

"Why did the Master choose this remote and desolate place?"

In the Sacred Land ahead, Xi Yingqing and his wife looked at the yellow-robed in front of you youngster, said with a smile: "Master's Profound Metropolis Sacred Domain in the past is more than a hundred times better than here. Even if we go to this remote place, it is not easy for us to find the Master."

yellow-robed youngster said with a smile: "I didn't take the initiative to come here, but I secretly asked Heavenly Ghost Grandma. Ghost Grandma said that my chance is here, and I can prove the Dao Monarch here. So I came. That’s it."

Mu Wanqing said with a smile: "Cleaning means being clean, but it’s not easy for us to see the Master. By the way, did Ghost Grandma say when the Master’s opportunity will come? "

Profound Metropolis Heavenly Monarch suddenly moved slightly, raised his head to look at Heaven, said with a smile: "Isn't this here? Hehe, Heavenly Ghost Grandma, sure enough, the name is not in vain, I did it today. This time, I can prove Good Fortune Dao Monarch!"

Xi Yingqing and Mu Wanqing looked up and saw the sky full of blood mist blood light rolling in, blood plasma rolling in the fog, There was the sound of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, the smelly and foul air fell, wherever it passed, Sacred Domain withered, immortal plants withered, and Immortal Mountain was smelly.

"The opening heaven merit and destiny of Good Fortune Gate is here."

Profound Metropolis Heavenly Monarch got up and said: "Wait for me, I will go and return."

Xi Yingqing said with a smile: "Does the Master need help?"

Profound Metropolis Heavenly Monarch straightened the placket, flew up to meet the Blood Ancestor, and said: "No, this is My Good Fortune, there can only be one Good Fortune Dao Monarch in the world, so the Blood Ancestor is my destined enemy. Opening heaven destiny and merit are not trivial. If you make a move, his merit and destiny will explode and you will let him escape."

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