Exalted Emperor Chapter 1580

Heavenly Monarch Maha flew away, but couldn’t escape the attack range of the Great Dragon behind him. The difference in size was too big. One swam of the Great Dragon was enough to make He gave his life to run for an unknown amount of time!

“It’s too far away from Great Overarching Heaven, even if Daoist Annihilation wants to save me, I’m afraid it’s too late!”

Heavenly Monarch Maha secretly regrets, opening heaven destiny and Although merit can be life-saving, it can also survive the danger of overwhelming majority, but under the overwhelming majority situation at that time.

There are a few cases where even opening heaven destiny and merit will fall, such as now!

This Great Dragon is the existence of the Innate Spirit Treasure level, and it is also a living Innate Spirit Treasure, which can give full play to its power.

The opening heaven destiny and merit obtained by Heavenly Monarch Maha is the destiny and merit of Plague Emperor Coffin, the Innate Magical Treasure. Plague Emperor Coffin is still a distance from Innate Spirit Treasure, facing the blow of this Great Dragon , Even if it is opening heaven destiny and merit, I am afraid it will not be of much use!

Opening heaven destiny and merit is just a god’s help. When you are cultivating, many truths are not self-evident. Many Divine Ability will become full mastery without cultivation. When you encounter a chase and kill, you will be killed when you encounter a critical breakthrough. Opponents, when you encounter danger in your experience, you will turn into good fortune. Not only will you jump out of danger, you will get great benefits by coincidence.

It’s just that this Great Dragon is a brute force, which can no longer be affected by opening heaven destiny and merit.

"Null-Void, you can't escape Uncle Dragon's Five Fingers Mountain! hahaha, I really am stronger, I can clearly feel my Dragon Qi soaring when I speak!"

Suddenly, this arrogant barbarian dragon took a breath and fixed Heavenly Monarch Maha together with Annihilation Heavenly Wheel. Heavenly Monarch Maha screamed and spurred the heavenly wheel. Only 17 clanging dong ding, rolling Annihilation were seen. Tribulation poured into the mouth of the Great Dragon, choking this Great Dragon into its nostrils and puffed out smoke, tears streaming down.

The Annihilation Heavenly Wheel is, after all, the Magical Treasure made by Daoist Annihilation collecting the aftermath of Annihilation Tribulation. This Great Dragon is the Innate Spirit Treasure. I rashly inhaled the aftermath of the Annihilation Tribulation, which also suffered a small loss.

At this time, a Lupeng appeared on top of the big dragon head, under Lupeng, Ti Xuanwei took a look, took off the bell and threw it out, when a loud bang hit Heavenly Monarch Maha's forehead.

Heavenly Monarch Maha was knocked to the ground, turned over and jumped up, and was suddenly hit by the tentacles of this Great Dragon in his chest. The dragon horn pierced his Fleshly Body, and Dao Fruit was knocked away from the body by this Great Dragon. !

Heavenly Monarch Maha was horrified, Annihilation Heavenly Wheel hu hu turned to protect the own Dao Fruit, trying to pin Dao Fruit in the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, as long as the own Dao Fruit was pinned in the heavenly wheel, Even this barbarian dragon cannot beat him to death.

I saw the dragon claw stick out, grabbed the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, buckled the heavenly wheel, and the other dragon claw dong dong banged out dozens of times, hitting one of his Dao Fruits. on.

Heavenly Monarch Maha's body trembled, and the Null-Void Great Dao contained in Dao Fruit was all broken up, shocking his main body, eyes, ears, nose and mouth constantly overflowing with blood!

"Not good! Opening heaven destiny and merit can't stop this barbarian dragon at all. You can no longer hide your strength and identity, otherwise you will die if this continues!"

Heavenly Monarch Maha Furiously shouted, an Annihilation Great Dao of heaven shaking earth shattering from his body flew out and flocked to the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel. His attainments on Annihilation Great Dao were unexpectedly more tyrannical than Null-Void Great Dao, and strangely inexplicable, with Energy of Heaven and Human Five Wanings!

It differs from Daoist Annihilation's Annihilation Great Dao to some extent. Daoist Annihilation enters the Annihilation Tribulation, robs others, and destroys the Annihilation Great Dao one by one to improve one's own Annihilation Great Dao.

And Heavenly Monarch Maha is not within tribulation comprehend Annihilation Great Dao, but has cultivated the Great Dao one by one, and then puts its own Great Dao Annihilation into the Annihilation Tribulation of each era. aura, very purest!

Obviously, he also has amazing accomplishments above Annihilation Great Dao, and he is extremely accomplished!

It is also Annihilation Great Dao. He and Daoist Annihilation have embarked on two different roads. He comes from Dao Monarch Palace. He has visited the ancient records in Dao Monarch Palace. Self-cultivation is the Great Dao of each era. , And then Annihilation turned into Annihilation Great Dao, and Annihilation Great Dao was also refined into purest!

Annihilation Heavenly Wheel was urged by his Annihilation Great Dao, and suddenly the power skyrocketed, and the Great Dragon's paws were shaken open. Heavenly Monarch Maha immediately took the opportunity to wrap his own Dao Fruit and escape quickly!

As soon as the Great Dragon blasted away, Heavenly Monarch Maha shook the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel hard, and was shaken to the ground. Annihilation Great Dao, who urged the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, was almost shattered and hurried forward. .

The Great Dragon body is swimming, chasing and killing, suddenly the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel vibrates, the galaxy in front of them collapses, Annihilation, when he rushes past the galaxy of Annihilation, Heavenly Monarch Maha has disappeared. !

"You slipped fast, but your Null-Void Great Dao was destroyed by me, and another Great Dao was also shocked by me. The cultivation base strength was greatly damaged, so I could never think of Null easily. -Void Great Dao is back!" Great Dragon hehe said with a smile.

Ti Xuanwei floated down with Yun Lian, stood in front of this Great Dragon, and smiled and said: "Great Dragon, do you still recognize me?"

The big dragon meat keeps going Compressed, the body keeps shrinking and returns to its normal size, but it is still large and inconceivable, in a low, muffled voice said: "Naturally recognize that you are the woman of Cult Master, petty and low petty and low! Petty and low as you come. Looking for me here, what's the matter?"

Ti Xuanwei was suffocated by him, and it was not easy to attack, said with a smile: "Your memory is restored?"

"This is natural!"

this Great Dragon hehe said with a smile: "With Everlasting's small arms and legs, I want to plot against me? Master Dragon was deliberately plot against by him, deliberately amnesia, let He is happy. By the way, who are you?"

Ti Xuanwei was astonished. This Great Dragon looked at her up and down, and was a little confused. Obviously, he was injured by Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, which damaged memory and memory. Some are confused, sometimes sober and sometimes confused.

"Look at you scared?"

Great Dragon laughed heartily: "I recognize you, you are...Huh? Why am I here?"

Ti Xuanwei is speechless, knowing that he has slept here for so long and his injuries have never completely recovered completely, saying: "my family Master now lives in Great Overarching Heaven, Great Dragon, if you have time, you might as well go with me. Now, let me go. My family Master is extraordinary. It should be nothing difficult to heal your Dao Wound......"

She didn’t finish her words, but she saw this Great Dragon lying down straight, her body scattered from countless divine lights. It was as big as a planet and turned into a huge Star Domain, squeezing them out, but hu hu fell asleep.

On top of the planets, I don’t know how many Monster Beasts popped up. They toiled on the broken planets, but they were repairing the planets transformed by the divine light.

Ti Xuanwei was surprised, wondering where these Monster Beasts came from, Yun Lian whispered: "Godmother, this is the spirit of Master Dragon, repair the divine light, just wait for these broken planets to be repaired. Finished, I'm afraid Master Dragon can return to normal."

Ti Xuanwei gently nodded, she is no longer as good as Yun Lian in terms of knowledge. I didn't see this just now, and Yun Lian is still needed for guidance.

Suddenly, the star map that Jiang Nan handed over to her flew automatically and became bigger and bigger. Among them, the star map of Hidden Dragon Star Domain became brighter and brighter and gradually filled the entire picture.

In an instant, the star map changed to the same size as the Star Domain transformed by the Great Dragon, and then it was compatible with the Great Dragon. The planet in the star map was the same as the Great Dragon divine light. The transformed planet is closely connected, almost exactly similar.

It's just that the planet in the picture is more complete, without half damage.

"Master's star map has this magical effect?"

Ti Xuanwei felt happy, said with a smile: "Master asked us to take refuge here, mostly to save the star The map is brought to the Great Dragon to heal his injuries and help him restore his memory."

Great Dragon will not wake up in a short time. Ti Xuanwei and Yun Lian board the great treasure carriage and order Sacred Pavo, Nine Dragons and the others pull the cart to Daoist Hong Daoist Jun.

Although Sacred Pavo, Nine Dragons and the others were surrendered by her, they were still unruly. They thought that the method connecting the heavens was just bad luck, but this time I saw that the Great Dragon shot heaven shaking earth. In the case of shattering, I was convinced that there was no disloyalty.

"This barbarian dragon is the former weapon of Great Master Heavenly Venerate, but it is now abandoned. It can be seen how terrifying the Great Master Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate method is now. Where can we catch up with him? I’m afraid that in another trillion years of cultivation, I won’t even be able to catch up with this Great Dragon..."

Heavenly Monarch Maha kept fleeing for half a year, from the southeast corner of Immortal Realm to the northeast corner. Only then dared to stop healing.

He swallowed Dao Fruit and saw that the Null-Void Great Dao in Dao Fruit was wiped out by the Great Dragon and disappeared. Unexpectedly, there was no Null-Void Great Dao. For the rest, I couldn't help but hate.

"Hundreds of millions of years of hard work have all been broken by this dragon! I suffered untold hardships and got the Null-Void Dao Fruit in order to refine the Great Dao of Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity Era to Dao Monarch Peak. , And then Annihilation turned into Annihilation Great Dao! Coupled with the Annihilation Great Dao I got from Dao Monarch Palace seventeen times of Great Dao, I can get the essence of Annihilation Great Dao, even Daoist Annihilation is not equal to me! "

Heavenly Monarch Maha gritted his teeth and said bitterly: "Now that the Null-Void Great Dao is broken, only a half of the Null-Void Dao Fruit remains. The Great Dao of Ancient Divinity Era is probably hard to perfect. ! Bad my future, make my Annihilation Great Dao unable to perfection, this hatred will never end! This hatred, I must repay, in the future I will definitely this Great Dragon Annihilation! By the way, there is also Cult Master Mystic Heaven, if not for him to seduce I go to Hidden Dragon Star Domain, how can my Null-Void Great Dao be broken? In the future, I will be Annihilation of Great Dao Great Accomplishment..."

The anger in his heart is hard to dispel, thought: "I don't know where the Blood Ancestor is? This guy dared to leave me and run away, but now I don't have to worry about too much with him when he is rectifying and employing people. I still summon him to treat my Protector...No! Blood Ancestor died unexpectedly!"

He calculated a little, and his heart felt cold. He calculated the whereabouts of the Blood Ancestor. Unexpectedly, he had been killed by someone. He opened the sky with Good Fortune merit and destiny, all transferred to the person who killed him. !

At this time, Immortal Realm Heaven and Earth Great Dao vibrated, and countless Immortal Dao emerged, swarming to the southeast corner of Immortal Realm continent, and even the Heaven and Earth Great Dao of Demon Realm. To there!

There, a quaint aura of Good Fortune common people shakes Heaven and Earth.

Someone is Proving Dao Dao Monarch!

At the southeast corner of Immortal Realm continent, Profound Metropolis slowly descended and returned to their Immortal Domain. Xi Yingqing and his wife stepped forward and bowed: "pay respects to Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Dao Monarch!"

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