Exalted Emperor Chapter 1583

brothers, this month is the last month for Exalted-Emperor to ask for a monthly pass. Exalted-Emperor is estimated to end at the end of the month or early next month.

This month is also the 24th month since Exalted-Emperor was uploaded. It took two full years to finally come to an end.

Thanks to the Fellow Daoists who support Exalted-Emperor, who have accompanied the house pig until now, unconsciously we have gone through two years together again. For these two years, Exalted-Emperor has been recommended by the Xianxia category. On the list, on the monthly ticket list of the Xianxia classification.

Although he has never entered the general list, the pig is also quite proud!

This February, let the house pig be proud again!

Seeking monthly pass! ! !

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