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Unconsciously, another million years have passed. During this time no one is Proving Dao Dao Monarch, but there are more and more powerhouses in Immortal and Demon Two Realms, and a An unprecedented heyday!

The number of Heavenly Monarchs of Immortal Realm Universe and Demon Realm Universe added together has reached as many as four thousand. The two Great Universes mirror each other. Among them, the number of Immortal Realm Heavenly Monarchs is greater than that of Demon Realm Universe Heavenly. The number of Monarchs is even lower, mainly because Demon Dao's cultivation has just advanced, and the speed of cultivation is faster than that of pure Immortal Dao.

Moreover, the living environment of Demon Realm Universe is more cruel and the competition is fierce, so the high level battle strength is much higher than Immortal Realm.

But in terms of the number of Dao Monarch, Demon Realm Universe is far inferior to Immortal Realm Universe, probably because Demon Dao has just entered the Late Stage Proving Dao is difficult, not as solid as the Immortal Dao powerhouse. Dao Heart is not as good as Dao Heart of Immortal Dao powerhouse, and Dao Heart often falls out of cultivation deviation.

So. Demon Dao powerhouse Early-Stage advances bravely, and when it comes to Heavenly Monarch Boundary, you are often trapped. It takes longer than Immortal Dao powerhouse to polish the own Dao Heart. Proving Dao Dao Monarch takes longer and it is more difficult to Proving. Dao.

So far, Immortal Realm's Three Thousand Immortal Prefectures and Demon Realm's Three Thousand Demon Prefectures have been completely finalized. Each Great Prefecture has countless silver river galaxy and the territory is extremely vast.

Lord of a Prefecture is often Heavenly Monarch or Great Perfection Immortal Monarch. It is attached to Great Cult to establish All Heavens or other lands, under the jurisdiction of Immortal Monarch Immortal King, and Immortal Monarch Immortal King. Administer Empire one by one, ruled by Immortal, propagate their respective doctrines, and Great Cult prevails in the world.

Between cult, Immortal and Demon, there are endless battles.

In the next one million years, another period of Dao Monarch Grand Turmoil will usher in.

Empress Other Shore took the lead in Proving Dao, called Golden Core Cult Master, followed by Purple Blossoming Lotus, Heavenly Desolate, Evilless, Sacred Demon, Ghost Martial, Black Flower, Bullseye Stare, Dao Scripture, Absolute Profoundure , Myriad Curses and other reincarnation Dao Monarch Proving Dao, and Ancient Divinity Rama with 3000 formatíon Great Dao prove the Dao Monarch.

At the end of this million years, there will be New Generation powerhouse Proving Dao Dao Monarch, Zhong Tian, ​​Ding Ling, Fu Ta three New Generation powerhouses, opening heaven destiny and merit, successively Proving Dao.

In the third million years, a reincarnation Dao Monarch in Heavenly Gate has Proving Dao, shocking the world, a 21-door existence, and sixteen Dao Monarch!

It’s just that the leaders of Heavenly Gate can’t escape the world. Although Proving Dao Dao Monarch shocked the world, they were neither sealed nor established Immortal Prefecture. doctrine, just established a Dao Palace, such as Usnea Palace, Heavenly Harmonious Palace and other places.

Immortal and Demon Two Realms' Dao Monarch number has reached 44, if you add Jiang Nan, Everlasting and Daoist Annihilation, it will be 47 Dao Monarch!

At this time, the number of Immortal Realm's Dao Monarch has surpassed any era except Primordial Dao Era, and it is at its peak!

Moreover, there are Yun Lian, Ding Guang, Spirit Bead, Tian Ling, Mo Tian, ​​Long An, etc. The younger generation who have obtained opening heaven destiny and merit have not yet Proving Dao. As for Maha, there has never been The movement of Proving Dao Dao Dao Monarch, his Null-Void Great Dao was erased. Even if the remaining Null-Void Dao Fruit was refining, it did not recover. It is difficult to rely on Null-Void Great Dao Proving Dao Dao Monarch Incomparable.

But he also has the potential of Proving Dao.

Someone went to Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace, and after they came out, they claimed that there is still the older generation of Proving Dao potential. Only Old Monarch Spontaneity, Grand Truth Heavenly Monarch, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother and Dense are left. Light Heavenly Monarch, East Pole Heavenly Monarch and Xi Heavenly Monarch also do not have the potential of Proving Dao.

However, there are as many as 170 young people who have the potential of Proving Dao Dao Monarch!

The names of more than one hundred and seventy potential Dao Monarch were exposed, and immediately caused a bloody storm in Immortal and Demon Two Realms. As many as thirty people were killed. From Dao Monarch Excluded from Fruition Stone Tablet!

It was not until the birth of Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor, Supreme Oneness Heavenly Sovereign Immortal Emperor, Demon Emperor Rahu and Demon Emperor Ji Du that suppressed the heroes of the two realms, and the bloody battle that killed the potential Dao Monarch was put to rest.

Afterwards, there was news that the two Immortal Emperors and the two Demon Emperors went to Jade Capital and Profound Palace Heaven to beat the Jade Capital Unemotional Immortal Emperor, and the Jade Capital Unemotional Immortal Emperor almost fell. .

Then there was news that the source of this incident was that the Jade Capital Unemotional Immortal Emperor deliberately released the names of these potential Dao Monarchs, which caused a foul wind and bloody rain.

On this day, Ice Soul Profound Maiden and Feng Yi, the two Female Immortal Monarchs, visited Great Overarching Heaven, pay respects to Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate and Lady of the Floating Dawn, and the two Female Immortal Monarchs showed their own Dao Fruit, said to Jiang Nan: "I have the certificate of aptitude of Heavenly Monarch, but I am trapped by love. Please also Heavenly Venerate to teach me."

Ti Xuanwei glared at Jiang Nan, like a smile yet not a smile said: "Master, you are merciful everywhere, now the victim's family is here, and there are two in the first place. This one has to see how Master can solve this!"

Jiang Nan pondered .

Female Monarch Feng Yi and Ice Soul Profound Maiden looked up and looked towards this Dao Mystery infinite Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. The two of them had a love affinity with Jiang Nan, but the concubine had no intention of being a lover, so that they had the aptitude of Heavenly Monarch, but they were bound by love affinity and could not prove Heavenly Monarch.

Female Monarch Feng Yi traveled with Jiang Nan and fought against Myriad Curses Dao Monarch. Ice Soul Profound Maiden was awarded Immortal Monarch because of Jiang Nan’s help. The two women’s emotions are pinned on Jiang Nan. But Jiang Nan did not have this friendship.

Two Female Immortal Monarchs are trapped by love and walked to the Immortal Monarch Perfection Boundary, only to find that love affinity is difficult to cut because one end of the emotions is pinned in the own Dao Fruit and entwined on the Divine Soul, and the other end is Pin it on Jiang Nan.

Jiang Nan is very powerful and formidable to inconceivable, making them impossible even if they want to cut off love affinity. They have not been able to prove Heavenly Monarch for millions of years, and they can only come to see Jiang Nan in the end.

"Two Fellow Daoists, I have two methods, you choose one."

Jiang Nan quietly said: "One, I am refining Three Immortal Souls Essence Seven Mortal Souls Essence, you rebuild Dao Fruit, emotions can’t fetter your Dao Fruit, you can achieve Heavenly Monarch. Second, I let you use dream to enter the Dao, unlock love affinity in your dreams, after waking up, you and I love Affinity is broken, and Heavenly Monarch can be achieved."

Ice Soul Profound Maiden thought for a moment and said: "I choose first."

Jiang Nan nodded, looked towards Female Monarch Feng Yi , Female Monarch Feng Yi looked towards him with complicated eyes. After a while, she said: "This one chooses second."

Jiang Nan was silent and said: "Also."

He When she got up and pointed at the eyebrows of Female Monarch Feng Yi, Female Monarch Feng Yi suddenly fell asleep. Jiang Nan spent a few days refining Three Immortal Souls Essence Seven Mortal Souls Essence and handed it to Ice Soul Profound Maiden.

Ice Soul Profound Maiden self-cut Dao Fruit, the Three Immortal Souls Essence Seven Mortal Souls Essence into Dao Fruit, Jiang Nan asked her to cultivation in Great Overarching Heaven, until she attained Heavenly Monarch will leave afterwards.

Ti Xuanwei looked towards Female Monarch Feng Yi who is still in a dream and said: "Master, Elder Sister Feng Yi dreamed this time, how long will it take to wake up?"

" Will meet me in Dream Realm, fall in love with me, and fall in love together."

Jiang Nan quietly said: "Then I will die, and she will be the only one left, begging for the truth and being alone, until Annihilation Tribulation broke out. In the second generation she retains past life memories, but she still meets me, and so does the third life. She will experience love and goodbye from life to life, until she wakes up in a certain life and automatically forgets this love affinity . I prepared her for her one life is one day, a total of five hundred lives, five hundred days, five hundred Dream Realm."

Ti Xuanwei suddenly said: "If Elder Sister Feng Yi is with you in every life and every life Together?"

Jiang Nan looked at her, shook his head and said: "There is no silly woman who is infatuated with me for the five centuries like you, and Feng Yi will come out. "

After more than a hundred days, Female Monarch Feng Yi woke up from her dream and was stunned for a long time. Tears slipped down her eyes. She and the dream had forgotten her love affinity with Jiang Nan.

On this day, she attained Heavenly Monarch.

It didn't take long for Ice Soul Profound Maiden to prove Heavenly Monarch by himself, and the two women left together.

Jiang Nan sighed in shock, watched the two women leave, and said quietly: "Madam, there really is no silly woman like you."

"Zi Fei Yu How can I know the joy of fish?"

Ti Xuanwei said with a slight smile: "They have gained the Tao, but they also lose a lot. I lose the Tao, but I have gained a lot."

Jiang Nan nodded, summoned Sacred Pavo, Flying Bear and the others, and said: "Take me decree Lesser Realm, summon Dao Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, and come to Great Overarching Heaven ten years later. Master will speak at Great Overarching Heaven , Have a discussion with Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch."

Sacred Pavo, Flying Bear and the others heart startled, led the decree, and hurried away.

Ti Xuanwei looked towards Jiang Nan and whispered: "Master will beat Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch in the world? Or is the Master going to be beaten by Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch in the world?"

" How come?"

Jiang Nan shook his head and said with a smile: "Forty-three Dao Monarchs and more than four thousand Heavenly Monarchs. How can they beat me? If they used to, they would join hands with me. The cost of World War I was just the last time I played against Daoist Annihilation and Everlasting Heavenly Venerate. Primordial Beginning Great Dao went one step further. The boundary of Innate of Primordial Beginning improved. Even if they joined forces, it was difficult for them to enter my eyes."

"What does the Master mean?"

"I just want to borrow their hands to see how far Immortal Dao has developed, and after the resurrection of Emperor and Exalted, what kind of cultivation base strength will be achieved Situation. It is also necessary to spur the world outstanding heroes to make Immortal Dao develop more prosperous and prosperous, that's all."

Jiang Nan sighed, said: "The opponent is rare, the higher I stand, the more It is because I found that I have too few opponents, the less the motivation to push me forward. The stronger the Emperor, Exalted and Dao Void, the greater my motivation."

Ti Xuanwei frowned, his heart faint A little uneasy, said: "Master means..."

"Emperor, Exalted, Dao Void, there will be disputes with me in the future, they will not let me sit down forever in the position of Heavenly Venerate. And if I want to go further, I need them to be stronger, formidable enough to threaten me!"

Jiang Nan said with a smile: "I need pressure."

Ti Xuanwei I don’t understand, shook the head, and said: “Speaking of which, the Master still wants these Dao Monarch Heavenly Mon Arch a beat? Hong'er Jun'er They dare not act on the Master. "

Jiang Nan dumbly, said with a smile: "That's also going to be a fight. "

He has a deep gaze, and silently said in his heart: "The future of the eternal life of the ego, hope will never come, I may not be able to prevent the occurrence of Annihilation Tribulation, but if there are a few who can prove Extremeity of Great The existence of Dao may be able to block the Annihilation Tribulation! Emperor, Exalted, Dao Void, I hope you prove the Dao Monarch and become more formidable! "

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